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Django Official Document--Manager (Database operation interface) __ Database

Manager ¶Class Manager¶ The manager is the database operation interface for the Django model. The model in each Django application has at least one manager. The way the manager class works is described in detail in constructing queries. This article

Django Official documentation--Manager (Database operations interface) __ Database

Manager ¶Class Manager¶ Manager is the database operation interface of the Django model. The model in each Django app has at least one manager. The way the manager class works is described in detail in constructing the query. This article focuses on

SSIS package establishment-Connection Manager

In the previous article, we used an example to introduce SSIS package development. next we will learn how to use the tabs in the package. such as the Connection Manager tab, control flow tab, data flow tab, and event processing tab. This article

Analysis of the difference between long connection and short connection in database

What is a long connection? In fact, long connection is relative to the usual short connection, that is, long time to maintain the client and server connection state. The usual short connection procedure is: Connection-"data transfer-" close

Database "persistent connection" and "short connection"

What is persistent connection?In fact, persistent connections are relative to common short connections, that is, to maintain the connection between the client and the server for a long time.The common short connection procedure is as

Database development-Database Connection Pool

Use connection pool Let's take a look at the sqlconnection string parameters of We have set the maximum and minimum pools. How can we see the differences between Windows app and web appp? We can create a web application or Windows app.

Understanding the database connection pool in. net

Summary:     The connection pool can improve database access performance to a certain extent. This article discusses what is a connection pool, how it improves database access performance, and how. NetCreate a connection pool and add or

Some personal insights from C # connection pool (Connection pool)

Original title: Some personal insights on the connection pool (Connection pool)Here is the original:Establishing a pool connection can significantly improve the performance and scalability of your application. The SQL Server. NET Framework

Summary of ASP. NET database connection and data retrieval methods, Database

Summary of ASP. NET database connection and data retrieval methods, Database This article describes how ASP. NET connects to the database and obtains data. We will share this with you for your reference. The details are as follows: *

Database basics-database connection pool problems

In JDBC-based database application development, database connection management is a difficult issue, because it is an important factor that determines the performance of the application.Based on a thorough analysis of database connections, this

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