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How do I collect host logs related to EMC storage or EMC Grab?

Solution: Many of the problems encountered by users using EMC storage are host-related, such as the inability of the host to access back-end disks, a large number of LUN transitions (lun trespass), sudden slow performance of access storage, and so on. By running a software tool on the host, EMC report or

How does VNX storage hard drive calculate the actual user available capacity?

Lenovo/emc vnx storage, after dividing the RAID, found that the available capacity and the actual disk configuration capacity does not match.Solution:1. The first four disks in the VNX series are system disks. The system occupies 300 GB of capacity for each of the first four disks. In the VNX2 generation

Introduction to the new version of VNX to the improvement of Fast VP and storage pool (2)

This article is reproduced in the EMC Chinese support forum. EMC released a new version of the VNX operating environment. The new version of the Block system is v05., and the new version of the File system is v7.1.47.5. The new version released this time has improved many functions and brought many surprising new features. This article will discuss th

EMC Ye Chenghui: Cloud storage is a learning-saving lesson

How does the world's largest information storage enterprise view the "cloud" era, and EMC Greater China President Ye Chenghui will tell you: "Cloud is not a dangerous thing, but a paradise of information security, but also a learning to save money." ” This morning, at the 2009 Annual Conference on Information Services innovation, Ye Chenghui not forget to use old-fashioned information asset management to a

Configuration relationships for VMware storage and EMC

Recently, the company has been experiencing a full pool of EMC storage pools, resulting in the need to remove LUNs from VMware to free up storage space, documenting this process for later learning.First, the idea of storage removal from VMware is to remove the LUN from the VMware plane, remove the LUN from the host gro

EMC Storage Management

battery (SPS) switch at the bottom of the cabinet and wait about 3 minutes until the data in the VNX5100 storage write cache is fully written to the hard disk, you can see that the battery light is completely off, and that the power led on the SPE chassis and the Dae-os disk chassis is off when the battery stops powering. U turn off the power switch of the SPE chassis and the Dae-os disk chassisfrom bottom to top, switch off all DAE disk enclosures (

Storage and retrieval of cases in "original" case-based reasoning (CBR)--EMC-CBR Fault Diagnosis Research (ii) __ Storage

predicate representation, so it has the "EMC-CBR Fault Diagnosis Research (i.)" The results in a paper. But how is the first-order predicate logic stored in the database? On the 122th page of the foundation for Artificial intelligence, the author presents a simple semantic network and a first-order predicate representation of the semantic network, which describes a method of storing predicates as columns of data tables. But there is a problem with t

If it's leovo|, How should EMC storage and hard disk configuration be configured?

Failure phenomenon: If it's leovo|, How should EMC storage and hard disk configuration be configured? What's the note?   Solution: Please refer to the following instructions: 1, VNX series of storage before the four disk is the system disk, the system will occupy the first four disk per 194GB of capacity, i

The source port of AIX is connected to the front port of vnx. The Storage Group is not allocated to the array, causing the LUN space to be unavailable.

Failure phenomenon: AIX is connected to the front of the Vnx, and storage Group,aix is configured on each channel on the array without assigning a lunz device. (Visible using LSDEV-CC disk), causing LUN space to not be used properly. Solution: 1. To configure Storage group/storage View and add Hlu 0, you must manua

EMC FC AX-4 storage crashes, RAID5 hard drive corrupted data recovery process

Fault Description:A hospital in Beijing EMC FC AX-4 storage crashes, due to the failure of 2 hard drives in the RAID5 array, when only one hot spare is successfully activated, resulting in the RAID5 array paralysis, the upper LUN is not working properly, the entire storage space consists of 12 1TB stat of hard disk, Of these, 10 drives form a RAID5 array, and the

IBM minicomputer +oracle Database +EMC storage device, IoE introduction

The 1.IOE IOE are IBM, Oracle, EMC, or, more specifically, the combination of IBM minicomputer, Oracle databases, and EMC storage devices. These troika constitute a complete commercial database system from software to hardware, which can be said to be the best combination of similar products. 2.EMC Company Profile

How to configure EMC storage on HPUX

1. Install EMC host base agentmount-F CDFs-O cdcase on the client /Dev/DSK/c0t0d0/CDROM (only such a mount can read the correct EMC disc) swinstall-S/CDROM 2. Create a raid group (group 3) on the EMC Manager server) 3. Create Lun (Lun 8) on the raid group 4. Create a new storage group (js-wap01) 5. On the

Specific practices for EMC storage configuration on HPUX

Specific practices for EMC storage configuration on HPUX EMC CX installation in HP-UX OS Environment 1.hp-ux 11i 2.EMC HP Tachyon HBA card recommended 3. If you use PowerPath 3.x, you need to install patches; Refer to EMC matrix for download from HP Websit 4. We recommen

How to change the administrative address of the VNX Storage Processsor and control station

Preparatory work A) Lists the new IP address lists for VNX Storage Processsor and control station. b) with the Serial line connection CS0, and through the putty landing. Note: From the back of the control station, the serial port is at the far right. c) Landing putty, configuration parameters are as follows: Bits per second:19200 Data bits:8 Par

EMC-VNX5100 storage device mounted to Linux system

1. Install the software PowerPath:#rpm-IVH emcpower.linux- License Registration:#emcpreg-add xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxCommands are also available:#emcpreg-install (input: y; re-enter key:)3. Restart your computer after registration:#reboot4. Execute the POWERMT command to identify the PowerPath device:#powermt Config#fdisk-L5. Check the disk path, the normal result is that each LUN has 2 path alive Status:#powermt Display Dev=allYou can see devices Em

Ing EMC storage array to Media Server dc02 Server

Document directory 1. Install EMC powerpath Technorati labels: EMC, storage Ing EMC storage array to Media Server dc02 Server1. Install EMC powerpath Install powerpath on dc02. configure the brocade optical fiber switc

Who will be the next EMC? A tour of financing for 32 storage startups!

The storage market has been stable for many years, and the top six vendors in the market are stable. However, in recent years, with flash memory becoming the biggest innovation point in the storage field, A large number of storage start-ups have started to rise and attracted the attention of a large amount of capital. To some extent, the financing event can deter

How to upload PVs ardbp32.bin to EMC storage

EMC storage also has TFTP capabilities, users do not want to use the server TFTP, using storage more reliable, but the project, want to upload files to the EMC directory, study n long, the following methods:by TPTP Command mode:UploadTftp-i IP (storage) put e:\tftp\get\ARDBP

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