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9-4 Eraser/Background color eraser/Magic Eraser

Http:// eraser in Photoshop is used to erase pixels, and the erased area will be transparent.You can choose to erase with a brush or pencil brush in the pattern, except that the brush's edge is soft with feathering and the pencil brush has noReview the course #07: Using the history brush.The background Color eraser tool uses the same effect as the normal

Tutorial on Photoshop Eraser and Background eraser drawing

Black background of the pull map, often using Layer mode method, but this is not true to pull the map, Triple recommended: photoshop7.0 Mini version free download | Photoshop CS5 Chinese free Download | Photoshop free Download View more PS Tutorials Today, I'm going to introduce you to a new way of using the background eraser to really pull the map. This method of online search Will search a lot, this article is just for beginners to learn more abo

Photoshop Eraser Tool

The extension tool that pops up When you open the Toolbar Eraser tool has three tools: the Eraser tool, the background eraser tool, and the Magic Eraser tool.   One, PS tool bar in the "eraser Tool" 1, select "Eraser Tool" in t

Development of eraser function for Android artboard

Record the development of the eraser function.Explain the principle:The eraser function uses a property of the paint class:Paint.setxfermode (New Porterduffxfermode (PorterDuff.Mode.DST_IN));The meaning of this code is:Draw the target image only where the source image and the target image intersectIt doesn't matter, first draw the line with a paint, then use another paint as the

Excellent XP Of The Year, 32/64 bits Win7, 32/64 bits Win8, 32/64 bits Win10 system downloads, and win7win8

Excellent XP Of The Year, 32/64 bits Win7, 32/64 bits Win8, 32/64 bits Win10 system downloads, and win7win8 The system is the latest and complete windows 10 installation version image in October 5. The official win10 version updates important patches to accelerate application loading. Microsoft and Baidu announced a cooperation today, baidu became the default hom

Notepad for Android Project (9)-----eraser, brush size, and brush color for artboard features

The previous section has implemented the drawing in the artboard, delete, restore into the empty function, as well as the eraser, set the brush size and brush color is not implemented, this section will be implemented one by one.Look first:In, the first shows the ability to set the color of the brush, the second shows the color of the set brush size, and the third shows the function of the eraser, carefully

The method of drawing out the PS background eraser

1,90%, the drawing is replaced by other more effective methods, and it is a matter of necessity. 2, never the best way to pull the map, only in the current situation, the more appropriate method. 3, in a variety of situations, the PS command can be combined with hundreds of ideas to pull the map. 4, with Lasso, the magnetic lasso is often the most stupid selection. In view of this, I will not talk about using lasso as a constituency. This tutorial first explains the background

PS Eraser Simple Pull diagram

There are a number of ways to use PS to pull up a map tutorial, such as: masks, extraction filters, external filters, channel cutout and so on. However, these pull-through methods have their own difficulties, beginners are often difficult to master. Today, the editor for the vast number of beginners to dig a simple operation, the effect of the ideal method-"background eraser tool" to pull the map method. Original Effect chart Today, the edi

PS Basic Tutorial: Eraser tool to wipe the effect of different layers

Photoshop eraser tool in different layers to wipe the effect of the tutorial is very basic, together to learn! Method/Step 1, will download from the picture of Baidu dragged to the Baidu interface and then click on the right layer navigation bar to drag the background layer to create a new layer 2, at this time will create a copy of the background layer and is selected and then click on the toolbar left mouse button pop-up menu click

Eraser unused space failure cause analysis!

Today, I want to talk to my host about eraser, scan the green eraser button, and just click the small white button on the suction pipe, And I stretched my hand in without knowing it. You see, so, it's funny to burn some waste paper. Error:Eraser unused space Cause Analysis of Failure: Let's have a rest and say to me, there are not only exhaust pipes at the end of the car, but he has endured it. I am a pow

Cocos2dx implements erasure, I .e., eraser Effect

Cocos2dx implements the eraser Effect Dionysoslai ([email protected]) 2014/8/25 In the previous project, I was playing a picture book game and demanded an erasure effect. For details about the effect, see picture book "I Am a Tyrannosaurus". At that time, due to the tight project, is to take online Code directly to use (thanks to the younger brother introduction, specific blog, see the address, ). At that time,

Directory eraser-quick Delete

The Vista Home Basic system is installed on the mobile device, but the replication and deletion functions of the Vista Resource Manager are not so satisfactory. Especially when copying or deleting large files (folders), it is fast and slow. Sometimes, after ten minutes, the system prompts "computing the remaining time", and finally failed to click "cancel". This may lead to an error. It will take another ten minutes to wait for the cancellation. So this time I will introduce a software:Directory

Use the background eraser tool to quickly pull out a single flower in the background

Use the background rubber tool to pull out the picture has certain limits, the background part should not be too complex, preferably is a more single color, but also has the main body and the background part chromatic aberration value is bigger. This will only take a few short steps to pull out the desired picture. Original Final effect 1, open the picture, ctrl+j get Layer 1, click Red Circle, create Layer 2, placed in layer 1 and background layer, fill white as check effect and ne

Use Photoshop background eraser to pick hair for beauty

Original Effect chart Tools to use: Open the original image, duplicate a layer, with the tool to select most of the background Add a mask. Then open a piece of material dragged in and put under the copy layer. Select the Background Eraser tool, set as follows: Set front/Background color (foreground is the color of hair, background color is near hair) Then use th

Cocos2d-x 3.x eraser function

1.helloworldscene.hCocos2d::D rawnode* _eraser;cocos2d::rendertexture*_rendertexture;In the Init method of 2.helloworldscene.cppSize visiblesize = Director::getinstance ()getvisiblesize (); VEC2 Center=VEC2 (visiblesize.width*0.5f+origin.x,visiblesize.height*0.5f+origin.y); _eraser=drawnode::create (); _eraser->drawdot (Vec2::zero,Ten, color4f (0,0,0,0)); _eraser-retain (); _rendertexture=rendertexture::create ((int) Visiblesize.width, (int) visiblesize.height); _rendertexture-setposition (cente

Scratch (eraser) function under WP8

* (ioriginalwidth) + j]; }}After we touch the gesture, we're going to deal with the pixels.: Suppose we length=1 (referring to the size of the touch after it)If we select the red position, I'm going to make the square ( Green position) of the pixel with a distance of 1 on the edge of the red pixel transparentWe can get the start end row and column to the Green range.Then just change the color of that pixel.0; // gets the subscript of a neighboring pixel (i * l) + jAssign a value to the pictu

Photoshop Eraser Drawing Tutorial

Effect Chart (top) Original image open picture, first look at this picture (image from the network), the background is more complex, especially with a lot of hair floating outside, is to pull out the map with the filter, it is quite difficult, but we now have to do without any other tools, only use the eraser to pull the map. One: Copy the background layer Second, select the background e

Use the PS Eraser tool to pull the picture

We can use many of Photoshop's tools to eliminate the background, which is what we normally call the PS cutout. Although there are many PS pull tools, but if you use the PS Eraser tool, it will be easier to eliminate the background. The PS Eraser Tool makes it easy to automatically identify edges and select them. In this PS tutorial, you will learn how to use the background

The eraser brush size and brush color of the Android artboard feature

The first display sets the color of the brush, the second shows the color of the brush size, and the third shows the eraser function, which sets the icon color to blue, and adds the leftmost button (in fact, adds an item to the GridView).Here are the main ideas for the eraser, setting the brush size, setting the brush color, respectively:1. Eraser function:Ration

Using the PS eraser to pull the drawing method efficiently

There are a variety of ways to use Photoshop to pull the map, such as: masking the map, pulling out the filter screen, outside the filter to dig up the map, channel, and so on. However, these pull-through methods have their own difficulties, beginners are often difficult to master. Today, the editor for the vast number of Photoshop to pull the map of beginners to introduce a simple operation, the effect of the ideal method-"background eraser tool" pu

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