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The technique of HP laser printer fault troubleshooting

Laser printer is a good thing, printing speed, Office is also simple. But it can cause a lot of trouble in addition to its problems. After all, we are not experts, in the face of such a aroud things, as if the usual contact is not much, but also do not play, in addition to the problem is really bad whole. Therefore, when there is a problem, there is no alternative but to help. got good luck these days, met the expert guidance Maze, told the solution to the laser printer fault, here and everyon

HP Jetdirect printing server troubleshooting

Print Server Problems HP Jetdirect prints the server's configuration page. The TCP/IP status displays "TCP/IP Initializing" or "55 bootp in progress ", and HP Jetdirect will not be set to an IP address by default. The IP address will use ). Print Server Problem Solution This is not an error. If the LAN connection line is not connected, or the printer server cannot detect the network connection due t

HP ProBook G5 Unable to enter BIOS troubleshooting

A HP ProBook G5, users do not remember what has been done in the BIOS, now want to go in to change the settings, but the power on either ESC, F1-F12 are useless, the machine will go directly to the WINDOWS10 operating system, hit HP 400 phone, no solution. I have not encountered this situation before, but notice that after the boot directly out of the hp+ circle

HP array card troubleshooting example

HP array card troubleshooting example The company uses HP gen8 and p420i array cards. At the other end of the system, the nagios monitoring system works with the nrpe script check_hpasm to regularly check hardware health. Recently, in order to make the machine more energetic, coupled with SSD hard drives, the mechanical hard drive is only used for large-capacity

HP desktop must press F1 to start troubleshooting and solving documentary

Author: fbysssMSN: jameslastchina@hotmail.comBlog: blog.csdn.net/fbysssDisclaimer: This article is original from fbysss. for reprinting, please indicate the sourceKeywords: HP desktop F1 startup Fault background A year ago, a day. The machine suddenly becomes slow and cannot go into the operating system. After a long wait, the network management system also put the BIOS battery. I don't know how to get it. Fault symptom After a serious illness, t

HP D360 G7 on-shelf troubleshooting raid

= "Float:none;" alt= "wkiol1d_vekzpvocaafi2uwzli8441.jpg"/>2.1 Under normal circumstances, wait for this interface. It will want you to press Crtal+s and see the HP Smart array and press F8. 650) this.width=650; "src=" http://s3.51cto.com/wyfs02/M01/83/E6/wKiom1d_VELD5UljAAHvzWq_QAk325.jpg "style=" float: none; "title=" 2.jpg "alt=" Wkiom1d_veld5uljaahvzwq_qak325.jpg "/>3. Successfully entered the RAID interface. The configuration inside is very simp

Troubleshooting of HP superdome2 fault light

Troubleshooting of HP superdome2 fault light Eliminate the yellow alarm. first log on to telnet/ssh to oa (the oa address is the same as the MP address) and then:Admin/Admin # non-default Admin password Step 1. Show hrStep 2. Show indictThe result shows the location of the alarm part. The location of the alarm part is as follows:0x0100ffffffff610x0100FF01FF00FF510x0100FF02FF00FF510x0100FF03FF00FF510x0100F

Troubleshooting HP Server Installation Centos7 x64 unrecognized hard drive

The company has two HP servers, namely HP bl460c G7 SmartArray p410i, HP DL360 G5 SmartArray. For various reasons, the operating system CENTOS7 needs to be reinstalled. However, after a variety of efforts, the CENTOS7 installation program is unable to identify the server hard disk.Workaround:1, enter the installation CD, with the upper and lower keys to select th

HP Print Server troubleshooting 2

Print Server question description Configured based on Novell 3.xand 4. after the HP Jetdirect printing server of x or NetWare 5, HP Jetdirect prints the Novell or IPX/SPX status on the server configuration page as "2B nds err Unable to Log in", "Password Error", or "Unable to Change Password ". Solution: Use NW Admin or PConsole to clear the print server password. In NW Admin, disable intruder detection and

HP RP8420 high-capacity power supply troubleshooting

Customer report: the Attention indicator on the front panel of the server is yellow. 650) this. width = 650; "src =" http://www.bkjia.com/uploads/allimg/131228/0511412951-0.png "title =" Capture. PNG "alt =" 175011666.png"/> Fault Locating: Attention warning. There are two situations: Log Warning for unread temperature being too high, system error reporting, network interruption...), and hardware failure. This fault generates an alarm for a large-capacity power supply.

How does HP printer calibrate? HP HP Designjet Z2100 to do color calibration tutorials

HP HP Designjet Z2100 How to do color calibration 1. Do not use transparent or translucent paper to calibrate colors. It is recommended that you use paper or paint to get the best quality. Make sure that the transparent cover is turned off because if there is a strong light source near the printer during the alignment of the printhead, the alignment will be affected. 2, through color calibrati

What about the paper jam in HP printer? HP HP CLJ2840, 2820 clear Machine internal paper jam method

HP HP CLJ2840, 2820 clear Machine internal paper jam method 1. Open the paper cover behind the machine, then push down the heating assembly lever and release the heating assembly lever to reduce the pressure on the drum, which makes it easier to remove the paper; 2. Push the scanner release button to open the scanner assembly 3. Open the top cover, then remove the imaging drum and put it next to it.

When the hp computer is turned on, it shows that it is preparing for automatic repair. If it cannot enter the system, it cannot be hp.

When the hp computer is turned on, it shows that it is preparing for automatic repair. If it cannot enter the system, it cannot be hp. HP machine solution: When the instance is shut down, press the power button to start the instance. Immediately, click the F11 button multiple times to go to The WinRE page. Select troubleshoo

OSX: HP printer tool program Security Vulnerability (HP Utility. app )?

If you have a new HP Uility model. for HP printers supported by the app, you can easily manage printer configurations from the HP Utility program. This feature is similar to the features provided by HP WebJet Admin, but has fewer features, it is not suitable for batch configuration and management of network environment

Modify BIOS under Windows, install HP hp OEM XP [Graphics Tutorials]_ Other related

Why install HP XP, Hey, HP's SP2 is currently known as the smallest system recovery CD, Only 497M. It's the equivalent of half a lite system. I always use 03, occasionally with XP is also used Lenovo. Can recently changed the machine, with Lenovo Front line 8000A machine, installed Lenovo XP is always a card a card, is Depressed, so decided to try HP XP, after using the feeling very good, no card problems,

New Features of HP qc11 (hp alm)

Full PDF version: Http://files.cnblogs.com/testware/QC11_Whats_New.pdf Qc11 New Features In the next version of qc11, HP has changed its name to HP Application lifecycle management 11.00 (hp alm ). It is a collection of software. In this article, I will call it qc11 for the time being. I. Installation configuration changes 1. First, let's take a look at the re

Hp-ux cluster, Memory note, hp-ux note

Hp-ux cluster, Memory note, hp-ux note ----- View hp Cluster status information # Cmviewcl-v CLUSTER STATUSDbsvr upNODE STATUS STATEDb01 up runningCluster_Lock_LVM:VOLUME_GROUP PHYSICAL_VOLUME STATUS/Dev/vglock/dev/dsk/c6t0d1 upNetwork_Parameters:INTERFACE STATUS PATH NAMEPRIMARY up 0/0/6/1/0 lan3PRIMARY up 0/0/12/1/0 lan4STANDBY up 0/0/14/1/0 lan5 Package status

The issue of unzip when installing oracle database software under hp-ux is hp-uxunzip.

The issue of unzip when installing oracle database software under hp-ux is hp-uxunzip. When you first install the oracle database under hp-ux, you will encounter the Oracle database software medium (*. zip Format) cannot be decompressed, because there is no unzip executable program. At this point, you can go to the https://updates.oracle.com/unzips/unzips.html UR

HP HP printer Install printer driver method and problem in Mac computer

This article applies to HP printers that have drivers installed through Apple software updates and to the OS X 10.11 El Capitan, 10.10 Yosemite, 10.9 Mavericks, 10.8 Mountain Lion, and 10.7 Lio N's Mac computer. Use Apple Software update to install the most appropriate HP print drivers and software on your MAC. Before installing the software, first turn on the printer to make sure that the printer is conne

High Performance Network Communication Framework HP-Socket v5.2.1, hp-socketv5.2.1

High Performance Network Communication Framework HP-Socket v5.2.1, hp-socketv5.2.1 Project home: http://www.oschina.net/p/hp-socket Development Documentation: http://www.docin.com/p-2079016612.html : Https://github.com/ldcsaa/HP-Socket QQ Group: 75375912,446 usd72 HP

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