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Where does the micro-letter book recharge? Micro-letter Reading Recharge Tutorial

Note: Micro-letter reading recharge can only use micro-letter payment is also the need to open micro-letter payment can give micro-letter reading recharge. As shown in the following picture, we go to "micro-letter reading" and click on "my" personal interface; Then c

Template class friend template function template class friend Template Function

Template Class youyuan template function-Zookeeper second-blog Template class friend Template Function ? 123456789101112131415161718192021222324252627282930313233343536 # Include # Include Using Namespace STD; Template Class T> C

Using batch to implement the mapped disk network disk as a fixed letter, change the conflicting hard drive letter _dos/bat

Previously submitted on the CSDN FAQ, not through the search engine to search the CSDN FAQ, find a good time to find. Now CSDN FAQ only CSDN users to normal access, solid to blog.http://faq.csdn.net/FAQUnfurl.aspx?id=216232 Q: The existing 50 computers need to map a network drive, the network mapping disk must be F disk. The problem is that some computers already have a local f disk, the need to replace the local F disk Letter J, and then map the net

[Reprint] Tongda letter Plug-in stock (based on the Access letter plug-in programming code simple Analysis)

[Reprint] Tongda letter Plug-in stock (based on the Access letter plug-in programming code simple Analysis)Original Address:Access letter Plug-in stock selection (based on the Access letter plug-in programming code simple Analysis)Harbin Cat CatFirst of all, I am a programmer, not a shareholder. There is little underst

How to send micro-letter article Micro-letter long article method detailed

To the users of micro-credit software to detailed analysis to share the micro-letter long article method. Method Sharing: Micro-letter Hair Long article method 1, on how to send micro-letter article, open micro-letter, in the micro-letter interfa

Dedecms to get the first letter or Pinyin method, and to achieve a list of articles by the first letter classification

Method One, the dream of weaving by default has this function, in include/inc/inc_fun_funadmin.php. That is, Spgetpinyin ()But he can only get the whole spell, can't get the first letter, it should be a bug. If you want to call this function on the whole station, it is suggested to copy this function to the include/extend.func.php file, which can be called at the whole station.Examples of usage$pingyin =spgetpinyin ($row [' title '],0,1), $a =substr (

Micro-letter was reported how to release the micro-letter was reported release tutorial share

For users of micro-credit software to detailed analysis to share the micro-letter was reported to release the tutorial. Tutorial Sharing: Step 1, open Tencent Customer service-product area website. Step 2, click to enter the "micro-letter lifting restrictions." Step 3, write the various options, click "Send Verification Code". Step 4, enter the phone verification code, grap

How does the Win7 system change the letter? Win7 Modify System Letter Tutorial

Sometimes, we have to partition the computer, but found that the disk letter number is wrong, want to repartition in order to restore the letter number sequence, but feel trouble, then what to do, Win7 how to change the letter? Do not understand a friend to see the small Win7 to modify the system disk Tutorial!   Method/Step: 1, change the

Micro-letter Computer version How to send friends circle micro-letter Computer Edition Friend Circle method detailed

To the users of micro-credit software to explain the detailed analysis of the micro-trust computer version of the method of sending friends circle. Method Sharing: Step 1, Login micro-letter Web version, such as figure, Baidu Micro-letter Web version, click Open. Step 2, after entering, see a micro-letter web version of the two

Cmpp send long letter, I can achieve the CMPP2 long letter implementation (Java version)

cmpp Send long letter, I can achieve the CMPP2 long letter implementation (Java version) I resigned after the Yidong engaged in text messaging and mass work, from Beijing experts where learned to send text messages, the beginning can only send a short letter, is not more than 140 characters, if more than I will split and then divided into short send. has not bee

6.1 Micro-letter red envelopes How to send micro-letter to distribute red Envelopes tutorial detailed

  "Micro-letter 6.1 Red Envelope Tutorial" 1, first open the new version of micro-letter, and then enter the micro-letter "Address Book", and then find the need to send a red envelope friend Click on the pop-up in the details of the interface, click "Send Message." 2, open the micro-trust Friends Chat interface, and then click the text input box "+ icon", in th

How to mention the micro-letter red envelopes? The method of quick-raise of micro-letter red Envelopes

1 in the mobile phone, we click on "My bank card"-"micro-letter Red envelopes" as shown in the following figure. 2 to enter the "micro-letter Red Envelopes" after the click "Embodiment", you can see the "setting reflects the bank card" and "transfer function." You can see a new "card without bank cards, remittances to friends and relatives" option, which is deliberately set for users who do not

How to use the micro-letter frame? The use of micro-letter frame Tutorial

What is a micro-letter frame? An electronic album that can be shared on a WiFi or a network to share a photo on a micro-letter frame. The use of micro-letter frame Tutorial 1, first you can find the rear of the fuselage of a switch button, press to open the micro-letter frame. 2, after opening you need to connec

Micro-letter can not recharge the phone, micro-letter can not give mobile phone recharge reason is what

Recently, a netizen encountered with micro-letter to the mobile phone recharge will show "out of stock", or "current recharge is not stable, please try again later" situation? What's going on? For such a situation, there is news that the micro-letter can not give mobile phone recharge is mainly an operator and Third-party Internet channel cooperation demand is inconsistent, the latter payment prepaid i

A tutorial on the method of enterprise micro-letter synchronization to micro-letter Address Book

1, we in their own mobile phone login Enterprise Micro-letter, and then we use mobile phone login or micro-signal login; 2, and then use the enterprise-bound account to bind it, as shown in the following figure. 3, into the Enterprise interface, click on the upper right corner of the sync Address Book, and then you can sync micro-letter Address book to your business micro-

Java micro-letter payment-micro-letter Red Envelope _java

The use of micro-letter red envelopes has been very extensive, this article introduces the case of micro-letter red envelopes, the need to have a certified public number, and opened a micro-letter payment, merchant platform and opened the cash red envelopes the right to. Https://pay.weixin.qq.com Merchant Landing address. Choose to view the cash bonus in the mar

Template parameters of the imitation function and template, template Template

Template parameters of the imitation function and template, template Template After finishing the sorting, I will extract the types in this article. I am still full and easy to confuse and often cannot tell clearly, Template parameters are mainly used when the class members

Micro-letter name How to add facial expression micro-letter name Add expression method to share

To the users of micro-credit software to detailed analysis to share the micro-letter name of the method of expression. Method Sharing: 1, open the micro-letter; 2, click "I"; 3, click the "I" Avatar that place; 4, micro-letter name How to add facial expression? Click on the "Name" column; 5, enter the typing, Sogou input

How to quickly change the Win7 letter icon or restore the win7 letter icon

Now a lot of people in the personalized computer, often will be the icon of the letter to change to their own want, but many people do not know how to change, or issue too much trouble to change, and today to share is a very good use of the replacement of the letter icon software--drive icons Changer 1 Drive Icon Changer This software is in English, it is not specifically introduced, of course, although

Culture: A Historic love letter Culture: A Historical love letter

The lives of Henry and Anne have been dramatised frequently timesThe 16th century English King Henry VIII is best known for his prodigious appetite and habit of executing wives he was unhappy with, but a love letter written by Henry shows a softer side to his character.The letter, which has been hidden in the Vatican for nearly 500 years, is to go on display at the British Library in London in memory L. H

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