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Migrating the WIN Server 2003 DHCP role to win server R2

The process of migrating the WIN Server 2003 DHCP role to win server R2 and from the win server 2008r2 to 2012R2 are very different because the framework of the win Server 2003 and the framework of the win server 2012r2 There have been some

Win 7 command line Overview

I. Win + (X) WIN won't know, right? X is the code! (1) Win + l lock the current user. (2) Win + e Resource Manager. (3) run Windows + R. (4) Win + g (gadgets) switch the sidebar gadgets in sequence. (5) Win + u easy access center. (6) Win + X


Win-getwindows-tip -- Debian information of the Linux release, which is described below. Debian/GNU should be the longest Linux release I have used, and Debian/GNU has the most obvious feature of apt-get/aptitude, A command can basically install the

Use the shortcut keys under win to improve work efficiency

Common shortcut keys: Win+d: Display Desktop, and then click Restore Desktop; Win+r: Open Run, enter the command can do the corresponding action, enter the path can open the corresponding path, enter the program name can open the

200 to win "algorithm & Code explanation + Resources Package Download" __ Data structure

One, what is tictactoe (well word chess) This game for the next with lufylegend development of the second game. This game is everyone must have played as a child, because playing it is very simple, only need a draft paper and a pen can start the

Improve customer relationships and establish a win-win customer cooperation system-discussion from the Project Management Group

Pharos [Gu Yulin]-CTO-Beijing [recruiting Java engineers] said:It is a theme of the eighth annual meeting of the China Association for system and software process improvement.Sharing by a boss of yonyouWhy do we need to improve the customer

Win-tc graphics library programming, win-tc graphics programming

Win-tc graphics library programming, win-tc graphics programming Link: Recently, a program is required to display some graphics in the fractal ry, such as the Koch curve. I feel that the

Win under the SSH server set up and through the command line SSH jump to another SSH server

Normal situation we are to SSH client directly connected to the service side of SSH, even if the jump is also in Linux or other Unix system through Ssh-server to other open SSH services on the host, because Openssh-server, Ssh-client such software

How to Use powershell to manage 100 win servers (Sharing Experience + free command line tools)

Someone in the group asked: how to manage 100 win servers. This is a realistic problem. Take 100win2003 as an example. Secure Connection with IP + port + User Name + password, mature. It seems that only VPN and SSL are supported. SSL is

Programmer-Talk about the differences, feelings, and inner thoughts of developing PHP under Win and Linux. Reviews

I have always been under win to write PHP code, but many times to see the recruitment information to recruit PHP programmers are talking about being able to develop PHP in Linux, and then I myself have to go to Linux (CentOS) to develop PHP. Say a

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