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Excellent courseware notes-Human Resource Development for employee training organizations

Chapter 5 Employee Training Organization's human resource development ( Human Resource Development ) Indicates that an organization (enterprise) passes training. Publish projects to promote organizations or members to acquire learning skills. Management activities that improve personal competence and overall performance. Drucker, a management scientist, believes that the goal of an organization is To make o

Continuous improvement of waterfall Flow

Html file: ANBO zhongcheng enterprise training, enterprise internal training, focuses on html5 development training, android training, ios training, soft test training, embedded, uidesign, reconstruction, architecture and other IT

Why is swift so popular?

have created www. chinaswift. Me. What's even more exaggerated is that Liang Bing and others translated Chinese documents within nine days. Http://numbbbbb.gitbooks.io/-the-swift-programming-language -/ Now someone has recorded 101 sets of videos... Middle school swift language programming training video tutorial 01 xcode6 basic use Middle School swift language programming training video tutorial 02 da

Why is swift so popular ?, Swift fire?

than 20 websites in China, and so far I have created www. chinaswift. me. What's even more exaggerated is that Liang Jie and others translated Chinese documents within nine days. Http://numbbbbb.gitbooks.io/-the-swift-programming-language -/ Now someone has recorded 101 sets of videos... Middle school swift language programming training video tutorial 01 xcode6 basic use Middle School swift language programming

How to back up Japanese words

Japanese tips (1) It is difficult for people who learn Japanese to remember words. Japanese words are hard to remember because they are difficult to find. To learn the Hindi and European languages, you can use the phoneme Analysis Method to separate the words into stem and affixes and sort them out, even if they are easy to remember. Japanese words are not composed of stem and affixes in this way, and the word element analysis method is not used. The sources of Japanese words are different, and

Build a lifelong career training system for employees

Focusing on the Modern Enterprise Employee Education and Training System Build a lifelong career training system for employees Feng guomei With the establishment and improvement of modern enterprise systems in China, the position of employee education and training in enterprises has become the foundation of enterprises' core competitiveness. The Group Company

Android Official document training Chinese and English translation directory Daquan: 29 translated, 45 not translated

Android Official document training Chinese and English translation directory Daquan: 29 translated, 45 not translated1. Getting StartedBuilding Your First App:Original:https://developer.android.com/training/basics/firstapp/index.htmlTranslation:http://wiki.eoeandroid.com/Building_Your_First_AppAdding the Action Bar:Original:https://developer.android.com/training/

Heterogeneous distributed depth learning platform based on spark

other business logic, the data path between paddle and other business logic becomes the bottleneck of performance. In order to allow more business use of in-depth learning technology, we developed the spark on paddle platform, so that paddle into a Baidu spark ecosystem of a functional module. After the first version of the completion, we found that CPU computing capacity has not been able to meet the huge data requirements of Baidu, so we spark on the paddle on the basis of increased support f

Visual machine Learning reading notes--------BP learning

in the compute nodes, corresponding to different computational functions, expressed as Δ (x), commonly used nonlinear functions, such as the sigmoid and Tanh functions:1, the sigmoid and Tanh functions corresponding to the graph are the S shape, the main difference is that the function value range is not the same, the Sigmoid function value range is (0,1), and the Tanh function value range is ( -1,1).As shown in 2, the nodes between adjacent layers are all connected, and the connection strength

R-cnn,spp-net, FAST-R-CNN,FASTER-R-CNN, YOLO, SSD series deep learning detection method combing

1. R-cnn:rich feature hierarchies for accurate object detection and semantic segmentationTechnical route: Selective search + CNN + SVMsSTEP1: Candidate Box extraction (selective search)Training: Given a picture, use the Seletive search method to extract 2000 candidate boxes from it. Due to the size of the candidate boxes, considering that the subsequent CNN requires a uniform image size, the 2000 candidate boxes all resize to the 227*227 resolution (i

Stanford University public Class machine learning: Advice for applying machines learning | Learning curves (Improved learning algorithm: the relationship between high and high variance and learning curve)

Drawing a learning curve is useful, for example, if you want to check your learning algorithm and run normally. Or you want to improve the performance or effect of the algorithm. Then the learning curve is a good tool. The learning curve can judge a learning algorithm, which is the problem of deviation, variance, or both.In order to draw a learning curve, the average error squared sum (jtrain) of the training set data is plotted first, or the mean err

Three Kingdoms 9 strategy: practice, military strategy

Three Kingdoms 9 strategy: practice, military strategy Urban skill practice DetailsThe city that can be practiced isSouth PI infantry fought 100Wuwei cavalry exceeded 100Xiangping bow riding and riding shot 150JianningHui yuan, Shui Jun, Jun 150Xicheng siege Jing Yi 150Runan smart creation 50North Sea Strategy chaos 50Security Policy abuse 50 The following number indicates the minimum skill value required for the skill. The city and time of practice are as follows:January 1, April: xiangping jia

ES6 Stereotypes Array

Previous wordsThe training array is a dedicated array for processing numeric types (as its name, not all types) of data, originally used in WebGL, a ported version of OpenGL ES 2.0, which is presented in a Web page through the OverviewIn JS, numbers are stored in 64-bit floating-point format and converted to 32-bit integers on demand, so arithmetic operations are slow enough to meet the needs of WEBGL. Therefore, the

Machine learning Notes (ii) model evaluation and selection

2. Model evaluation and Selection 2.1 experience error and overfittingDifferent learning algorithms and different models of different parameters are related to the problem of model selection, which is related to two indicators, which is empirical error and overfitting.1) Experience ErrorError Rate (errorrate): The number of samples that are categorized incorrectly is the proportion of the total number of samples. If there is a sample classification error in M samples, then the error rate e=a/m,

How to exercise

The best exercise time per day has been revealed by many foreign scholars: the body's ability changes around the clock. Am-Am, am-17 am is the time when the chicken speed, strength, and endurance are relatively optimal. If you perform fitness and sports training during this time, it will receive better results. When-and-14 are in the relatively lowest state, if you are engaged in sports during this time, it is prone to fatigue and the "LOAD" is too la

Paper List about Deep learning

Deep learning part of the direction of Paper, for personal use.a RNN1 Recurrent neural network based language modelThe RNN used in the language model2 statistical Language Models Based on neural NetworksMikolov's doctoral dissertation, which focuses his work on the language model of RNN in tandem3 Extensions of recurrent neural Network Language ModelContinuation of the RNN, some improvements in the network, such as the use of category information to reduce the parameters of the model4 A Guide to

Deep learning direction of paper

ReproducedHttp://hi.baidu.com/chb_seaok/item/6307c0d0363170e73cc2cb65Personal reading of the deep learning direction of paper finishing, divided a few parts of it, but some parts are overlapping or content overlap, do not have to struggle with this belongs to DNN or CNN, individuals just roughly divided a class. Currently only parts are sorted out, and the remainder will continue to be updated.A RNN1 Recurrent neural network based language modelThe RNN used in the language model2 statistical Lan

Research progress and prospect of deep learning in image recognition

research progress and prospect of deep learning in image recognitionDeep learning is one of the most important breakthroughs in the field of artificial intelligence in the past ten years. It has been a great success in speech recognition, natural language processing, computer vision, image and video analysis, multimedia and many other fields. This paper focuses on the latest research progress of deep learning in object recognition, object detection and video analysis, and discusses its developme

Notes of machine Learning (Stanford), Week 6, Advice for applying machine learning

This paper uses the regularization linear regression model pre-flow (water flowing out of dam) according to the water storage line (water level) of the reservoir, then the Debug Learning Algorithm and discusses the influence of deviation and variance on the linear regression model.① visualizing datasetsThe data set for this job is divided into three parts:Training set (training set), sample matrix (Training

Implementation costs can also be DIY-getting out of the software Workshop: how to become a regular army for development with a dozen guns (9)

seat. No one dares to take this risk. Of course, today is not a FAQ for the previous article. Today, we will continue to answer the above questions and share with you the implementation cost calculation. A project implementation team consists of project managers and training specialists. Usually a Project Implementation Team is headed by a project manager and composed of several training specialists. Sever

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