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Battle of Kings: Outlook vs. Windows Mail

Windows Mail is fundamentally a new application. Although it is easy for people to understand the successor of Outlook Express, even though it is to retain some appearance, but the things that are almost completely different. Microsoft has converted

Mac Outlook Settings Auto Reply

Outlook is the company's essential software, developed under the Mac, of course, with the Mac version of Outlook, today describes how to set up an automatic reply to Outlook under your Mac.There are two ways of accounts, one is Exchange account, and

Set automatic reply for Mac outlook

  Outlook is an essential software for the company. It is developed on mac. Of course, it uses the mac version of outlook. Today we will introduce how to set up automatic reply for outlook on mac. There are two types of accounts: Exchange account

Some known issues with Outlook 2016 connecting to an Exchange server

Office 2016 has been released for some time, as an important mail client, Outlook 2016 supports a number of new features while also bringing some headaches to older users. Now let's look at what's worth watching. 1. First, Outlook 2016 no longer

8 Best for Mac junk Mail Filter

Is there a filter that works well for Mac systems and can efficiently filter spam? Do you believe that? The following is a nice email filter for Mac OS X, with free and commercially available Jingun options. 1. Spamsieve Spamsieve gives the Mac

How to save a message when Mac Outlook identity is corrupted

The user's outlook is fixed, the entire window interface is frozen to do anything, and then try to fix the identity, the hint cannot be repaired, so that only a new identity is created. Hold down the option key, and then click Outlook until you pop

Use Windows Server 2003来 to build a Simple mail server

This to say with WindowsServer2003 build mail server, in fact, nothing to prepare, Microsoft has helped us to do all the preparation, as long as the mouse, you can complete all the necessary operation. What, listen to the heartbeat? Then follow

Office 365 on MacOS series--outlook configuration Items

IntroductionIn the previous article, you described how to use Outlook for Mac to link O365 subscriptions and other mail services. This article will delve into the outlook for MAC configuration item and describe how to tune Outlook to suit your usage

How MAC Outlook sets the message signature

1. Open Outlook for Mac 2. Open the system settings for Outlook, as shown in figure: 3. The following interface appears. 4. Select one of the signatures, the following interface appears. (Click on the plus in the lower

Change the default mail client method on Mac

The default mail client on Mac OS X is "mail", which is a great app. But what if you want to change to other mail clients such as Outlook? How do you change the default mail client for the system? Open Mail ("/Application/mail"). From the

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