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Exchange Server 2013 series 12: Basic mailbox Management

Exchange Server 2013 series 12: Basic mailbox Management Du Fei Mailbox is the most common recipient type for information staff in exchange organizations. Each mailbox is associated with an active directory user account. You can use your mailbox to

The content of the message is analyzed: Is your enterprise mailbox secure?

"Often received a group of strangers to buy promotional messages, sales calls and even QQ, net silver password stolen ... Who the hell betrayed our message? ” "The company's financial mailbox has always received some financing, corporate loans,

Exchange Server 2010 Learning (v) talking about the basic management of the mailbox

In day-to-day management, Exchange administrators, taking into account storage pressures, typically limit the capacity of the user's mailbox, which allows administrators to control the size of mailboxes and manage the growth of mailbox databases

Delete and re-create the default discovery mailbox in Exchange

We can use the Exchange Management Shell to remove the default discovery mailbox, recreate it, and then assign permissions to it.Why do you want to do this?In Exchange Server 2013 and Exchange Online, the maximum size for a default discovery mailbox

Difference between Web mailbox and client

1. Usage: the mail client must be used by a Web mailbox and can only be fixed on one computer (for example, Foxmail can be stored on a mobile device ), the Web version can be directly logged on as long as it has a network. The client needs to

Manage exchange recipients

In order to facilitate the management of the established exchange mail server for better enterprise or user use, it needs to be fully set. This article briefly describes some operations on the recipient part. This article is also published in http://

13 Cloud storage Service Competition

Today, cloud storage has already moved from a concept into the life of ordinary consumers, while the cloud storage services market is a mixed bag, with uneven quality. In this paper, according to the user's different consumer needs to organize some

Mailbox: supports performance tuning and cluster migration of the Yixin database on a daily basis

During the rapid expansion of Mailbox, one of the performance problems is the MongoDB database-level write lock. the time consumed during the lock wait process directly reflects the latency during the user's service usage. To solve this

Talking about Exchange Server mail storage System---Tips

talking about Exchange Server Mail Storage System --- Skill ArticleAuthor/Frank Yu analystGuide:After understanding how the Exchange Server store works and what it does, let's look at some of the management tips for messaging storage systems. After

Win 2003 Configure mail server _windows2003

As you know, the mail server system consists of three components, the POP3 service, the Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) service, and the e-mail client. The POP3 service is used in conjunction with the SMTP service, POP3 provides the user with a

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