nc port number invalid

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Only less than 65535 port programming can be used to see which ports are open NETSTAT-ANP,NC command, Nmap command

1024 The following is reserved for the system, and from 1024-65535 is used by the userFor personal writing applications, try not to use a port number between 0 and 1024.1024 to 65535 we can program with. This is not a Linux rule, it is the socket

Flume environment Deployment and configuration detailed and case book _linux

One, what is flume?As a real-time log collection system developed by Cloudera, Flume is recognized and widely used by the industry. The initial release version of Flume is currently known collectively as Flume OG (original Generation), which belongs

Net use command set ()

Net use \ IP \ IPC $ ""/User: "" Create an empty IPC LinkNet use \ IP \ IPC $ "password"/User: "User Name" Create an IPC non-empty LinkNet use H: \ IP \ C $ "password"/User: "User Name" directly log on and map to the other Party C: to the local

Lan command collection

Net view can see all the machines in the LAN, and then PING it to know, This method may be stupid, but very useful.Lan doscommand setNet use \ ip \ ipc $ ""/user: "" Create an empty IPC LinkNet use \ ip \ ipc $ "password"/user: "user Name" Create an

Introduction to Zookeeper working principle, installation configuration, tool commands

1 Zookeeper IntroductionZookeeper is a distributed service framework, which is mainly used to solve some data management problems commonly encountered in distributed applications, such as: Unified Naming Service, State Synchronization service,

Memcached detailed introduction, installation, high availability, distributed cases, monitoring

Memcached is a set of memory cache system or software, used in dynamic application system to cache database data, reduce database access pressure, achieve performance improvement purposes1, commonly used in the enterprise database cache2, as a

DEBUG Command Detailed _dos/bat

DEBUG:A (Compendium) Merges the 8086/8087/8088 memory code directly into memory. This command creates the executable machine code from the assembly language statement. All values are in hexadecimal format and must be entered in one to four

My linux FAQ

Query whether the system is 32-bit or 64-bit by using commandsGetconf LONG_BIT or getconf WORD_BITFor example:[Root @ sy02/] # getconf LONG_BIT64File commandFor example:[Root @ sy02/] # file/bin/ls/Bin/ls: ELF 64-bit LSB executable, AMD x86-64,

NMAP User Guide (1)

NMAP is an open-source free network discovery and security auditing tool. The software name NMAP is short for network mapper. NMAP was initially created by Fyodor in 1997. Later, with the participation of many volunteers in the open-source community,

Linux command Help

Linux command format:command [options] [arguments]Command: CommandsOptions: Parameters[] the expression is optional;<> the expression is changeable;X|y|z that only one can be selected;-ABC represents a mixed use of three parameters (or any

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