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[Seo] enables your ASP. NET Website to automatically generate sitemap -- xmlsitemap

First, I want to explain: Asp. net built-in sitemap is completely different from the sitemap mentioned here, Asp. the sitemap in net is mainly used for user navigation, and the sitemap mentioned here is used to guide search engine crawlers. Let's

Using SiteMap and MasterPages to set META Tags in ASP. NET and C #

Using the SiteMap for SEO Purposes in ASP. NET 3.5 and C # IntroductionEspecially since the introduction of Web 2.0, a new emphasis has been made on SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for our web pages. google, amongst others, have managed to organize

Site map ASP. net mvc SiteMap provider for ASP. NET MVC

Developers who have used traditional forms know that provides a sitemap function to conveniently generate navigation menus or navigation links. You only need to configure the function to manage navigation links. For the configuration

Baidu Webmaster Open Sitemap Permissions

It is reported that the May 8 afternoon Baidu Webmaster Platform officially open sitemap permissions, all through the Baidu Webmaster Platform verification site has the opportunity to add a site in Baidu Webmaster Tools sitemap, create and submit

How to use the sitemap file in XML format to do SEO

The general website has the website map file, it has the HTML format and the XML format, the website map may help the search engine crawl, helps the user to find the content which oneself needs, it is the website and the user, the website and the

Make a site sitemap using the Sitemap tool that comes with ASP.

Sitemap very convenient to quickly give us the navigation we want to visit the address, can be categorized according to the hierarchical relationship, to the user a very good user experience, very good to see their current site locationA sitemap,

Compiler error message: CS0716: cannot be converted to static type "System. Web. SiteMap"

Compiler error message: CS0716: cannot be converted to static type "System. Web. SiteMap" A problem encountered today, SiteMap. aspx. an error occurred after page compilation because :. when defining the page class in the CS class, the class name is

Customize sitemapprovider to dynamically load sitemap

I. Theoretical knowledgeInherited from sitemapprovider To implement site navigation, sitemap is the most convenient feature in ASP. NET 2.0. If xmlsitemapprovider is used only, the navigation can only be reflected from the static sitemap file, and

Niu renmo ---- use LINQ to query sitemap in ASP. NET

There is nothing today. I can see on the Internet that using LINQ to XML to operate sitemap. I feel very useful. I will write it out and share it with you. Although it is very simple, I still want to write it, it may be helpful for people to do

Tiger Sitemap builder 0.2

Click here to download Sitemap builder 0.2 Thank you for your support for the tiger Sitemap generator. After several days of hard work, Sitemap 0.2 has finally been completed. compared with the previous version, version 0.2 has made many

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