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2015 new MacBook Air and MacBook Pro detailed evaluation

Although the new 12-inch retinal MacBook will have to wait until April 10, Apple's new MacBook Air and MacBook Pro were unveiled to Apple's website yesterday. Their configurations are u

New MacBook Air Detailed test

New Apple MacBook Air evaluation Apple has officially released the new MacBook Air in its recent WWDC 2013, although it has almost no change in appearance compared to the old model, but the intrinsic improvement is not small. The

What about the 12-inch MacBook Air parameter configuration?

What about the 12-inch MacBook Air? About 12-inch MacBook Air is coming again, the original said 12-inch MacBook

The difference between a new MacBook and air

accustomed to the chocolate keyboard of a regular notebook, it may take some time to adapt. The MacBook Air keyboard is unchanged and still feels good.   Battery Endurance The average battery life of a MacBook is about 9-10 hours, while the MacBook Air (13 inches) is abou

What time is the MacBook Air 12 inches out?

What time is the MacBook Air 12 inches out? The following will introduce you to the MacBook Air12 inch release time, before there are rumors that Apple will release 12-inch MacBook Air,

12-inch MacBook Air or switch to USB3.1 standard

Apple is poised to start producing a new 12-inch MacBook Air from the first quarter of next year, according to reports from Taiwan's technology media digitimes earlier in the day. Incoming, nature is also a variety of rumors of the explosive material. Now a new piece of news

New MacBook Air Issues summary

Apple unveiled its new MacBook Air at the WWDC conference in June. However, after the listing, users found that the new MacBook Air in the screen, network connectivity and other aspects of the problems, and the normal use of a cer

New MacBook Air is cheaper and faster

Apple quietly released a new version of the MacBook Air, the main upgrade of the processor and provide a lower price, but the design has not changed, there is no expectations of the retina screen, then it is worth buying it? together to explore. The new MacBook

National Bank 2015 new MacBook Air/pro officially open for sale

In addition to the launch of Apple Watch and the new MacBook at the spring launch, the company has also made regular updates for the existing MacBook Air and Pro series computers. Apple's China website store has officially sold 2015 MacBook

New MacBook Air will cancel headphone port?

From foreign media reports, a new generation of MacBook Air in 2015 will streamline the device interface, and even the 3.5-millimeter headphone tones will be canceled. It is reported that the next generation of MacBook Air may be reduced to just a USB port and a MagSafe powe

Direct liter Win8 new MacBook Air/pro stop support Win7

Apple recently updated the existing MacBook product line, and Retina MacBook Pro and MacBook Air are all configured to be updated accordingly. In addition to being more robust, an updated MacBook product has a "feature" that seems to be overlooked: no longer supports the Boo

New MacBook Air installation Windows8.1 black screen Solution Tutorial

Apple unveiled its new MacBook Air at the spring launch, with its ultra-thin fuselage and new designs that make the fruit powder crazy. I believe many users have now started this device. However, installing Windows for the new MacBook

Apple's new MacBook Pro/air will no longer support running through boot camp Win7

Apple's Boot camp technical support documentation shows that new MacBook Air and 13-inch MacBook Pro will no longer support running Windows 7 through boot Camp .   Book camp in the new Apple notebook only supports Windows 8 or later versions of Windows , so users will no l

New MacBook Air 2015 installation Win8.1 black screen solution

Apple unveiled its new MacBook Air at its launch in the early hours of March 10, a new notebook with a 14nm-process core M processor, with memory up to 8GB and screen resolution up to 2 K levels. Despite the high-end configuration, many people are not as proficient as Windows systems to operate the OS X system that is

Ten questions about the new 12-inch MacBook Apple Computer

▌1. What's the volume? Comparing it to a 13-inch MacBook Air notebook, you can see that it is one-third smaller than the latter, and that its measurements is 285x195x13.1 millimeter, even if compared to the 11-inch MacBook Air, it's not downwind. The fuselage is only 0.92 kg, less than two kg, placed in the lady's bag

is the Apple 12-inch new MacBook worth buying?

There is no doubt that the MacBook is expensive. Starting at a price of 9288 yuan, for a very low performance of the super portable originally said, is really not cheap. More importantly, the same brand of MacBook Air with a higher price/performance ratio, in addition to a slightly lower screen resolution, performance, endurance performance are more

New 12-inch MacBook High-end custom edition run announcement

In last week's high-end custom version of the 1.3GHz version of the 12-inch MacBook shipped, Geekbench 3 also quickly to the new device ran the test, and the external release, the following is its specific test results:   MacBook 1.1GHz 32 digits: Single core average 2212, multi-core average 4070 64 digits: Single

12-inch new MacBook's force Touch usage tips Daquan

If you have more force Touch skills, you are welcome to share the comments with everyone, so that we can better and more fully play the Force Touch on the Macbook convenience and efficiency. Users who have Apple Watch on their hands have more knowledge of the Force Touch feature, or users who have purchased the new Macbook experience this feature. Force To

New 12-inch Hong Kong version of the MacBook buying strategy

The new 12-inch MacBook will be on the market early tomorrow morning, and users will be able to buy it online or directly from Apple stores. Because the Hong Kong version of the MacBook is 1000 dollars cheaper than the national MacBook, for many users, they are more likely t

Lenovo small New air 12 Lou set sedan notebook evaluation

  The small new series is Lenovo's creative crystallization in recent years, the small fresh style more in line with the younger generation of taste, thin fuselage and narrow border with the trend, but also in line with the trend of the times. The product we will be evaluating today is Lenovo's newest small new air 12

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