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Nginx Memory Pool Management

Tags: nginx memory poolOverviewNginx uses memory pool to manage memory, memory management implementation is similar to the previous article introduced the "STL Source analysis-Space Configurator", the memory allocation to large memory allocation and

nginx--Memory Pool Chapter

Tags: current nginx images Call type node + + focus on Tcmallocnginx--Memory Pool ChapterFirst, Memory pool overviewA memory pool is a pre-applied allocation of a certain number of memory blocks of equal size (in general) to be reserved before the

Nginx Memory Pool

Tags: table header generation using message csdn Close function size_t startFirst, the use of nginx memory poolNginx uses a memory pool to manage memory. That is to open up a memory pool space, and then get the memory from the memory pool, avoid

Primary knowledge nginx--Memory Pool Chapter

Tags: scenario data malloc Efficiency object size printf Turn locationFirst, Memory pool overviewA memory pool is a pre-applied allocation of a certain number of memory blocks of equal size (in general) to be reserved before the memory is actually

Nginx High-level data structure source analysis (iv)-----memory pool

the use of memory pools brings many benefits to nginx, such as ease of use of memory, simplification of logic code, and improvement of program performance. Several key points of knowledge are listed below: (1) function Ngx_palloc () when trying to

Nginx Architecture Analysis

Nginx (pronounced "engine X") is a free open source Web server software developed by Russian software engineer Igor Sysoev. Nginx was released in 2004, focusing on high performance, high concurrency, and low memory consumption issues. And with a vari

Nginx Source code Analysis--thread pool

Tags: Apply condition variable save CAs end own initialization also nginxSource: Nginx 1.13.0-releaseFirst, prefaceNginx is a multi-process model, master and worker mainly through pipe pipeline communication, the advantage of multi-process is that

The thread pool mechanism increases nginx performance by 9 times times

Label:Original title: Thread Pools in NGINX Boost performance 9x!Original Official address: article is a translation, non-literal translation.First, the questionIn general, Nginx is

Memory Pool in Nginx

Transferred from: 1. Why a memory pool is required Why a memory pool is required. A. Faster memory allocation (vs. malloc and free) in the application and release of a large amount of

Nginx Source parsing Memory pool

Tags: nginx source codeNginx itself implements the memory pool, and all memory allocations are based on the memory pool. The basic idea is to pre-apply a memory space, lower than the specified size of memory (small segment of memory) directly from

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