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Based on the. net core microservice framework and the. netcore framework

Based on the. net core microservice framework and the. netcore framework1Preface Surging uses high-performance RPC remote service calling. If is used for serialization, the performance will not reach the optimal level. Therefore, protobuf and messagepack serialization components are extended to support RPC binary transmission. Thanks to the White Paper and wordless Zonciu, messagepack serialization

Comparison and Analysis of Express and Koa2 in nodejs, and comparison and analysis of nodejskoa2

Comparison and Analysis of Express and Koa2 in nodejs, and comparison and analysis of nodejskoa2 I can see a question: will Express be replaced by Koa2? . Just a little research on Express and koa, so I gave a simple answer. 1. Conclusion At present, there are no signs that Express will be replaced by koa2. At present, the Express ecosystem is more mature and

Understanding the front-end framework from a Java perspective, Nodejs,reactjs,angularjs,requirejs,seajs

have how many JS file, this time JS Modularization is sent on the use,When someone and you say JS modularity how how, feel oneself very hanging of time, dump him a sentence, not is Java import?Yes, although the front-end seems JS modular how cow x, how to hang, but in Java is import.Take a look at the following two images to see the comparison between Requirejs (AMD) and Java Guide pack:But JS in the modular, there are many specifications, such as CO

10 Comparison challenges between PHP and Nodejs

: This article mainly introduces 10 comparison challenges between PHP and Nodejs. For more information about PHP tutorials, see. In the recent SitePoint PHP vs Node. js Smackdown article, Craig Buckler compared the two languages to determine which one is better in terms of coping with a series of 10 challenges. Craig mentioned in his book that these comparisons always have some contradictions. As an intere

10 comparison challenges for PHP and Nodejs

sensible decision to choose the best tool for your project. Now that Bruno and James have made their point, what do you think of this problem? Bruno Skvorc The Croatian programmer Bruno has three master's degrees in computer science, English and literature. He is a PHP columnist for the SitePoint website, or a development evangelist. He avoids the legacy code like the plague, the selection project is despite the use of the latest technology, he is also a treadmill desk enthusiast an

Introduction to NodeJS testing framework mocha

This article briefly introduces the mocha installation and simple usage of the most common testing framework in NodeJS, and supports Javascript code testing directly on the browser, this article briefly introduces the most common testing framework in NodeJS-mocha installation and simple usage. It supports Javascript co

Spore Framework-Interface access layer, ESB, microservices API Gateway Comparison

rather than databases. But at first the idea was inspired by Shenli's article, "Micro-SOA: Principles of Service design and practices", which was thought of in conjunction with other ideas. The idea is only a utility model at present, the specific use of the effect also needs further verification, but only for the small and medium-sized development team, in the early implementation of the micro-service can completely replace the API gateway. is a comparison

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