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The--nslookup of penetration testing in DNS detection

1 DNS IntroductionDNS (domain Name System) can provide valuable data during the detection process, the basic function of DNS is to convert the domain name to an IP address. (If you don't know much about DNS, it's going to take a lot of effort!) Now

The ping result of the intranet domain name in Linux is inconsistent with the nslookup result

Today, under the Linux server encountered a strange problem: The network domain name ping results and nslookup results inconsistent, the resolution process is recorded as follows. Confirm that the/etc/resolv.conf configuration is correct:

Google's free DNS Service

Zhou haihan/Wen Google launched two well-remembered DNS servers after receiving a message from Gu O. That is Tested and available by myself. Some people say that 4.4.4 and are the same. After my test, the two IP addresses

Nslookup to check whether the Changed dns record takes effect

Check whether the dns server change takes effect.First, let's take a look at the domain name resolution sequence priority:  1. Local DNS Cache2. Local Hosts file3. DNS Server  View the local DNS Cache: ipconfig/displaydns  Clear local DNS Cache:

Farewell to .com.hk's method of searching Google's Beijing IP Address

As a dog powder .. I have been very resistant to du Niang ..... But Google is getting farther and farther away. And google.com.hk is slow as a tortoise... You can only find a solution. Google is said to have data centers in mainland China,

Share Google's HTTPS search

Share with you Google's HTTPS search 1. Get the Google IP Address: There is such a website that can regularly refresh Google https ip http://coldplains.com/tools/getip.php This website sometimes fails, and there are more direct methods (for

Investigation Report on DNS Pollution Prevention Solution

What should I do if my website is hijacked? Whether the domain name is walled. How to detect DNS pollution. Website hijacking Detection Website opening speed detection. Checks whether a website is hacked, hacked, changed its title, or hacked.   I

How to open a Google domain mailbox?

Goole launched the enterprise Application Suite service, the function is very powerful, below to show you how to open Google's enterprise Application suite service First to register, register the page:

How to correctly bind a domain name to Google Apps in China

After registering your own domain name, if you bind it to Google Apps, you can get free email, documents, sites, and other good features. For example, I bound the domain name www. Lixin. Me to the blog of Google appengine and bound the Lixin at

How to distinguish the different artificial network faults in the domestic Internet environment

Add by Zhj: Learning, the original GFW available means so much ah, of course, I guess the real means should be more than this. And GFW are constantly escalating.Author Twitter: @davidsky2012 Posting to Moonlight blog post http://www.williamlong.info/

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