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PHP extension-oauth

I. Overview and Installation This extension provides a binding between the OAuth consumer and the provider. OAuth is an authorization protocol built on HTTP that allows applications to securely access data without having to store user names and

Simplifying OAuth2.0 authentication Integration in PHP Applications: OAuth 2.0 Client

Label:Simplifying OAuth2.0 authentication Integration in PHP Applications: OAuth 2.0 ClientRead Catalogue Validation code Flow Refreshing a Token Built-in Providers This package allows you to integrate OAuth2.0 authentication

PHP OAuth v1.0 detailed client and server process and implementation _php Tutorial

PHP OAuth client and server process and implementation Introduced: 1, mainly for third-party access to user resources commonly used for third-party login authorization to obtain user information 2, is a protocol RFC-5849 (not software or

QQ Login PHP OAuth Sample Code _php instance

Written according to official documents Copy Code code as follows: <?php /** * Apply for Http://connect.opensns.qq.com/apply * List http://connect.opensns.qq.com/my */ Session_Start (); $QQ _oauth_config = Array ( ' Oauth_consu

8. Laravel5 study notes: Using OAuth authorization in Laravel5

Tags: oauth oauth2-0 laravel authorization oauth+l5 OAuth Protocol UsageOAuth2.0 IntroductionAbout its introduction, give the following two articles, believe that after reading, it should have a certain degree of understanding:[1] Understanding

PHP OAuth 2.0 Server

Tags: onload BSP War License lease Framework RDS EXT LOBPHP OAuth 2.0 server PHP OAuth 2.0 server???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? ???? Security noticeplease Upgrade to

PHP version QQ interconnect OAuth sample code share, OAuth sample code _php Tutorial

PHP version QQ interconnect OAuth sample code share, OAuth sample code Because of the popularity of domestic QQ users, so now the major sites are as far as possible to provide QQ landing, the following we look at the PHP version, for everyone to

Sina Weibo OAuth certification and storage of the main process detailed _php tutorial

The main process of Sina Weibo OAuth authentication and storage This article introduces the main process of Sina Weibo OAuth authentication and storage based on Twitter's certification process. There are many articles on OAuth on the web, but

Third-party interface-QQ PHP SDK Fatal error:cannot redeclare class OAuth problem

PHP SDK for download from official website http://wiki.connect.qq.com/sdk%E4%B8%8B%E8%BD%BD# Then install the configuration and click on the demo will appear below this error, what code I have not changed. Is my development environment a problem?

What does OAuth2 $oAuth mean in the Sina micro-disk SDK?

Public function __construct (OAuth2 $oAuth, $root = ' sandbox ') There's a OAuth2 class in front. Reply content: Public function __construct (OAuth2 $oAuth, $root = ' sandbox ')There's a OAuth2 class in front. OAuth2 $oAuth means that the

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