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The main process of OAuth Authentication and storage on Sina Weibo, oauth _ PHP Tutorial-php Tutorial

The main process of OAuth Authentication and storage on Sina Weibo is detailed, and oauth is detailed. The main process of OAuth Authentication and storage on sina Weibo is described in detail. oauth is described in many articles

Details on the OAuth authentication and Storage Processes on Sina Weibo and oauth

Details on the OAuth authentication and Storage Processes on Sina Weibo and oauth There are a lot of articles on OAuth on the Internet, but sina itself is not described in detail, including the verification process and storage of verified data, therefore, I wrote some detailed comments to the Twitter

Resolve Spring Security OAuth when visiting/oauth/token 401 authentication is required

The specific cause of this problem is generally the following two points: 1. In the authorized section we generally authorize by using our own login action HTTP BASIC, while we use spring security only exposed the login interface, which means that the other interfaces are in spring Security protection, including the/oauth interface. 2. Use/oauth/authorize?grant_type=passwordusername=userpassword=pwdclient_i

[Oauth authentication] Use scribe to implement oauth

Access Token!");System.out.println("(if your curious it looks like this: "+ accessToken + " )");System.out.println();// Now let's go and ask for a protected resource!System.out.println("Now we're going to access a protected resource...");OAuthRequest request = new OAuthRequest(Verb.GET, PROTECTED_RESOURCE_URL);service.signRequest(accessToken, request);Response response = request.send();System.out.println("Got it! Lets see what we found...");System.out.println();System.out.println(response.getCo

Translation: WEBAPI Authentication-user authentication OAuth parsing

, and the following code can work (such as a controller or action)[Authorize][Hostauthentication (Defaultauthenticationtypes.externalbearer)]If you want to override the global setting and only accept an application cookies if present (a technique used in the Accou NT Controller–more on, the next post) –you could do this:If you want to overwrite the global configuration and allow only one application cookie, you can do this:[Overrideauthentication][Hostauthentication (Defaultauthenticationtypes.e

Using Java development to implement OAuth security authentication application _java

OAuth IntroductionOAuth was co-sponsored by Blaine Cook, Chris Messina, Larry Halff and David Recordon to provide a safe and open standard for API access authorization.Based on OAuth authentication authorization has the following characteristics:Safety. OAuth differs from other licensing methods:

Oauth authentication for Douban APIs

Douban API allows third-party applications to access user data through oauth. Therefore, oauth is the basis of our entire project. Oauth authentication sounds mysterious, but it is actually quite simple. Currently, most of the open platforms for large websites use oauth,

Web authentication Mode--oauth 2.0 Protocol (1)

IntroducedThe OAuth protocol is used to troubleshoot authentication issues when third-party applications access HTTP service. For example, a video site supports users by logging in and then getting the image information on the user.In this scene.Serves as the HTTP service role.Video sites are third-party applicationsWhile the video site from the acquisition of user images, the need for certification is the

Common security problems in OAuth authentication mechanisms

certificate information to obtain 'Access _ token '. Callback information will be used after user authorization, as shown in the following figure. Site.com/oauth/callback? Code = AQCOtAVov1Cu316rpqPfs-8nDb-jJEiF7aex9n05e2dq3oiXlDwubVoC8VEGNq10rSkyyFb3wKbtZh6xpgG59FsAMMSjIAr613Ly1usZ47jPqADzbDyVuotFaRiQux3g6Ut84nmAf9j-KEvsX0bEPH_aCekLNJ1QAnjpls0SL9ZSK-yw1wPQWQsBhbfMPNJ_LqI2. I would like to remind you that OAuth

Implementation of unified authentication interface for Sina, Tencent, and Netease Weibo oauth

The oauth project has written several public interfaces:Ioauthconfig: this interface is used to obtain the configuration information of Web. config. Namespace oauth {public interface ioauthconfig {// Ioauthmode: The parameter interface for oauth authentication. There are many interfaces here. Namespace

multi-factor authentication (MFA) for Web App authentication with Azure AD

The customer has recently had a need to implement the end user database in a public-facing Web application with Azure AD, and it is hoped that MFA can be used for user authentication. The idea is very good, with Azure's managed service AAD, the time-consuming database operations done by Azure, and the security controls also done by Azure, and development can be integrated as long as the appropriate AAD SDK is called in code and configured accordingly.

Oauth Authentication server written in PHP-PHP source code

, 'X _ auth_username '); $ password = Arr: get ($ _ REQUEST, 'X _ auth_password'); if (Auth :: Instance ()-> login ($ username, $ password )! = TRUE) {throw new Exception ('user name or password error');} $ userid = Auth: instance ()-> get_user () -> id; try {// Generate request token $ provider = new OAuth_Provider (); $ provider-> setRequestTokenQuery (); $ provider-> checkRequest (); $ consumer = $ provider-> getConsumer (); if ($ consumer-> getType ()! = 1) {throw new Exception ('apply for X

Two authentication two-factor authentication on GitHub, how to update and upload code at the command line

Recently, when you manage your code with GitHub, you run into some problems when you manage your code on the git command line.If two validations (Two-factor authentication two feature authentication) are opened, the command line always prompts for a user name and password. Find out the workaround as follows:1. Prepare token information.Login to GitHub, go to the

Explanation of the main process of OAuth Authentication and storage on Sina Weibo _ PHP

This article introduces the main process of OAuth Authentication and storage on sina Weibo based on the Twitter authentication process. many articles on OAuth on the Internet, but sina itself does not have a detailed introduction, this includes the verification process and the storage of verified data, so I wrote some

How to Use OpenVPN and PrivacyIDEA to establish two-factor authentication Remote Access

convenient. However, for small and medium enterprises, the cost of using commercial identity authentication solutions such as RSA is high. The lack of IT budget often limits enterprises' choice of two-factor solutions. The Google Authenticator Project is a software implementation that can be used to generate one-time passwords on multiple mobile platforms, including the implementation of the pluggable ver

Android development Sina Weibo-OAuth authentication error

First, the error is reported because the third-party classes are not found. Solution: Right-click the project Properties -------> Build Path -------> Order And Export to check the third-party jar package. Then Clear your project and re-compile and run it to solve the above problem. For details, see the above steps and then Clear the project and compile and run it. By the way, I posted the source code of Sina OAuth

OAuth 2.0 Authentication Authorization

In fact, before you do the service number of the binding login is also an OAuth authentication authorizationA simple look at the process by which a third party authenticates with OAuth: (taken from the network, with the diagram everyone should like ~)The first step: users log on to third-party websites, such as using QQ login.Second step: After clicking Login, wi

Security Authentication in Asp. Net MVC 4 Web API-use OAuth and mvcoauth

Security Authentication in Asp. Net MVC 4 Web API-use OAuth and mvcoauth Oauth authentication in various languages: http://oauth.net/code/ The previous article introduced how to use basic http authentication to implement cross-platform security

Android development my Sina Weibo client-use webview to replace the original built-in browser in the oauth authentication process

In the previous article, the oauth authentication process obtains the oauth_verifier code by calling the browser in the Android system for user authorization authentication. For details, see: android development my Sina Weibo client-user authorization page function (3.2 ). The original implementation is as follows: 1. First in androidmanifest. add the following c

Security authentication in the ASP. NET MVC 4 Web API-Using OAuth

Security authentication in the ASP. NET MVC 4 Web API-Using OAuthOAuth authentication for various languages: http://oauth.net/code/The previous article describes how to use basic HTTP authentication to implement cross-platform security authentication for ASP. Here's a description of how to use

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