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SAS Optimization Tips (4) Perform the necessary partial where,if, select,if else, Obs firstobs, read in external data when selecting the required Obs (if+input), Keep/drop

gradually widens as the number of conditions increasesFor character variables, if-then/else statements is always more efficient than SELECT STA Tements. The performance gap widens quickly between the techniques as the number of conditions increases.Best case scenario with two optionsUse If-then/else statements when?? 1:the data values are character values?? 2:the data values is not uniformly distributed?? 3:there is few conditions to check.Use SELECT statements when?? 1:you has a long seri

Meego local obs setup steps

References: Http://blog.csdn.net/forestarmy Http://blog.chinaunix.net/space.php? Uid = 25153965 Do = Blog id = 160561 1. Install opensuse 11.4 2. Open some ports of the firewall to enable SSH and so on: View plain CopyTo clipboard Print ? # Vi/ete/sysconfig/susefirewall2 Fw_services_ext_tcp = "ssh 445 139 Telnet 80 81 82" Fw_services_ext_udp = "137 138" # Rcsusefirewall2 restart 3. Set up obs OBS (o

CMake compile win under 64-bit OBS

OBS is an open source coded push-flow tool that is easy to use and very popular.In one project, it was found that 32-bit OBS streaming CPU utilization was 100% under this desktop I3 processor. The third-party device used in 64-bit, the performance is better.Therefore, the 64-bit OBS needs to be compiled and the corresponding 64-bit plugins compiled.Compile the 64

Windows compilation Obs-studio

GitHub Download Source Https://github.com/jp9000/obs-studioAlso need a development package Http://code.fosshub.com/OBS/download/dependencies.zipEnvironment: Windows 7 64-bit systemTools: CMake 2.8.12,vs2013 Latest version, qt5.3.2 (Msvc2013_opengl version)Compilation Description: Https://github.com/jp9000/obs-studio/wiki/Install-Instructions#windowsStart compilin

Bring OBS recording data into your program via RTMP protocol

Recently in window is a platform to do a function to capture audio and video through Obs, and through the RTMP protocol to its encoded compressed data into its own program, since the OBS software with very powerful game recording and desktop recording functions, as well as input, output audio device data acquisition and mixing function , the current fight fish game Live is also used by this software as a re

OBS Source code parsing one

OBS Source code parsing one OBS Overall Engineering Obs OBS Program Interface, program entry, QT based Libobs Core integrated encapsulation of OBS, integrated encapsulation of all third-party libraries Blake2 Hash algorithms are said to be faster and safer than sha-1 Co

Obs could not find OBSApi.dll libx264-146.dll ...

Today all the afternoon is tossing obs, from the official website download the source code compiled a bunch of problems, and then consider not install DirectX, download from the official website after the installation problems ... Always prompt to install, and later found that it is necessary to the original Microsoft Visual C + + x86 redistributable, Microsoft Visual C + + x64 redistributable, such as the first uninstall, Because VS2013 has been inst

Use Red5 and OBS to create your own live platform to challenge Bilibili (b station)

Using Red5 and OBS to develop their own live platform to challenge Bilibili (b station), why the article title called This, in fact, I study red5 and FMS aspect of things is a long time, plus I recently with the help of Flex, to develop a medical remote consultation system (Web-based video chat). So I use the convection media and environmental construction, as well as client development are already familiar. I was in B station for many years (I was pr

How to install OBS Studio 18.04 in Ubuntu 16.04/21.1

How to install OBS Studio 18.04 in Ubuntu 16.04/21.1 OBS Studio is a free open-source live streaming and screen recording software. It has 21.1 versions a day ago. The following describes how to install Ubuntu 18.04, Ubuntu 17.10, Ubuntu 16.04, and/or Ubuntu 14.04. OBS Studio 21.1 changes include: Use some fixes and APNG (animated PNG) image files to update th

Create Debian and RPM packages with Obs

See my blog in English: http://xizhizhu.blogspot.com/2011/04/create-debian-and-rpm-packages-using.html Here is the key translation; If you are not clear about the basics of Debian and RPM packages, please refer to: Http://www.debian.org/doc/maint-guide/index.en.html Or Http://en.opensuse.org/openSUSE:Packaging_guidelines First package your source code, do not have to include any package management information, can be named as obs-sample.

OBS Source Analysis of a

OBS Source Analysis of a Obs Whole Project Obs OBS Program Interface, program entry, QT based Libobs Core integrated encapsulation of OBS, integrated encapsulation of all third party libraries Blake2 hash algorithm, which is said to be faster and safer than sha-1 Coreau

OBS Source Code Analysis (3) Obsapp class Introduction

The Obsapp class has the following features:1. Responsible for profile management2. Version information management3. Main interface Obsbasic Object management4.obs Module InitializationClass Obsapp:public Qapplication {Q_objectPrivatestd::string locale;std::string theme;ConfigFile GlobalConfig;Textlookup Textlookup;Obscontext Obscontext;Qpointerprofiler_name_store_t *profilernamestore = nullptr;os_inhibit_t *sleepinhibitor = nullptr;int sleepinhibitre

The response of OBS in Linux to display only mouse in Wayland environment

This article was written in 2018-02-10. As of the end of this article, there is no known method to allow OBS to function properly in a Wayland environment. Workaround Discard the use of Wayland and switch to x Window To record the screen on Wanyland, you can use Gnome's extended easyscreencast (https://extensions.gnome.org/extension/690/easyscreencast/) There are also some tools you can record on the Wayland screen, you can choos

Mac Obs Live software does not output audio solutions

Search a large number of pages, do not have a practical setup tutorial, it is speechless.Do a tutorial directly, convenient for everyone to use1. Install boom 2Search boom on the App store I installed a genuine, need 128 yuan.You can search the cracked version of Baidu, no pro-test is not good2, after installation, enter the software, will let you install boom extension plug-in, here will not.3. After installation, OBS software, set as followsThe foll

PHP Gets the directory under the specified directory, and then creates the file under the obtained directory, multiplatform _php tutorial

Copy CodeThe code is as follows: Gets the directory name of the specified folder function Get_dir_name ($dir _path, $file) { $dirpath = $dir _path; $dir = Scandir ($dirpath); foreach ($dir as $key = $value) { if (Is_dir ($dirpath. ' /'. $value) &&

PHP to get the directory in the specified directory, and then create files under the directory, multiplatform _php tips

Copy Code code as follows: Gets the directory name of the specified folder function Get_dir_name ($dir _path, $file) { $dirpath = $dir _path; $dir = Scandir ($dirpath); foreach ($dir as $key => $value) { if (Is_dir ($dirpath. ') /'.

OBS Mac System Development (Mac OS X 10.12 based)

Follow the instructions on GitHub, install the supporting software, and track the required librariesIt is recommended to use homebrew to install various dependent libraries.After installing QT, to configure the system variables, this bothered me for

Optical Burst Exchange Technology

Optical Crossover Connector (OXC) and optical divider (OADM) are used to complete the switching function ). After several years of research and experiments, all-optical networks are now developing in an intelligent direction. Automatic Switching Optical Networks (ASON) is the mainstream direction for intelligent development. Strictly speaking, wave splitting switching is different from wavelength routing. Wavelength converter is required for wavelength division switching networks, while wavelen

Development and Application of Optical Burst Exchange Technology

connection persistence time is relatively short, it will cause the channel utilization to deteriorate. Therefore, it is not suitable for continuously increasing and changing Internet traffic, such as web browsing, FTP file transmission, and email.In optical switching, OPS provides better bandwidth utilization, latency, and adaptability. In the long run, OPS seems to be a promising technology, but its implementation is complicated and the current optical logic processing technology is not mature

SQL statements for creating a user in Oracle

Drop user OBS_ZHUJP CASCADE;Create user OBS_ZHUJP profile default identified by OBS_ZHUJP default tablespace users temporary tablespace temp account unlock;Grant delete any table to OBS_ZHUJP;Grant drop any table to OBS_ZHUJP;Grant insert any table to OBS_ZHUJP;Grant select any table to OBS_ZHUJP;Grant unlimited tablespace to OBS_ZHUJP;Grant update any table to OBS_ZHUJP; Exp HO2_CTF/HO2_CTF @ OBS file = c:/t4cdbdata. dmp owner = HO2_CTF full = y Imp

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