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Data cube----dimension and OLAP

), specifically to open the Wikipedia explanation--olap.Basic operations for OLAPWe already know that OLAP operations are based on query-that is, the database's select operation, but the query can be very complex, such as a relational database-based query can be multi-table association, you can use the count, SUM, AVG and other aggregate functions. OLAP is based on a multidimensional model that defines some

Bi Road Learning Note 3--olap Cube Understanding examples

cube:Dimension is equivalent to coordinate system on axis, such as time, department;--dimension tableMetrics are data that can be reflected in a report, such as sales;--Fact sheetSo what do OLAP do with these dimensions and metrics? In fact, it's easy to use different dimensions for different business needs .For example, to show the company's sales in the first quarter of 2009, we need to analyze the measu

Parameter linkage solution Environment Data Warehouse + OLAP (cube) + Reporting Service [original]

The topic of today's blog is: parameter linkage solution. Environment: Data Warehouse + OLAP (cube) + Reporting Service. Effect: multiple parameters (1, 2 ,......) Achieve interaction. First, let's talk about the principle. A data warehouse consists of fact tables and dimensions. I understand that fact tables are actually a table composed of multiple dimensions related to a topic and the values of these dim

CSS3 Transform Properties 3D Cube Effect Example

Example Tutorial: Mainly through a 3D cube effect example to in-depth understanding of the CSS3 transform properties, the following is a screenshot of the example, coupled with animation can also rotate Yo, is it cool? Put on a picture of the girl you like, you can be bold sister, haha! First knowledge of transform As

HTML5 CSS3 attractive example: 3D cube rotation Animation

Reprinted please indicate the source: http://blog.csdn.net/lmj623565791/article/details/34120047 Creative from: http://www.html5tricks.com/demo/html5-3d-cube/index.html, students send me an example, I feel very good, but really don't want to come out of the practical use, but the effect is very dazzling ~ : Knowledge point: 1. perspective and transform Review 2. css3 backgroud implements the lattice backgr

HTML5 CSS3 Tempting Example: 3D cube rotation animation

CSS3 separately after w3cschool~.Well, the final effect is over.For the original site look, there is a slight difference:Since it adds a radial gradient to each of the polygons, we add: . Cube *:before { display:block; Background:-webkit-radial-gradient (center, Ellipse, RGBA (0, 0, 0, 0) 30%, rgba (0, +, 0, 0.2) 100%); Background:radial-gradient (ellipse at center, RGBA (0, 0, 0, 0) 30%, rgba (0,, 0, 0.2) 1

HTML5 CSS3 Tempting Example: 3D cube Rotation Animation demo

Creative from: http://www.html5tricks.com/demo/html5-3d-cube/index.html, students give me an example, feel very good, but I really can't think of the actual use, but the effect is very dazzling ~:Knowledge Points:1, perspective, Transform's review2, CSS3 backgroud realization of the background, that is, the small princess on the surface3, @-webkit-keyframes realization AnimationHtml:In front of the 3D produ

Example 1.8 Color Cube UVa1352

1. Title Description: Click to open the link2. Problem-solving ideas: The subject requires re-coating as few faces as possible, making n cubes exactly the same. A problem that seems to be tricky. The first method to think of is violent search. But one of the first things to figure out is: how many different ways does a cube rotate? If we choose a face as the top, there are 6 kinds of selection method, then choose a face as the front, there are 4 kinds

CSS3 example code sharing using 3D environment to achieve cube effect

CSS3 example code sharing using 3D environment to achieve cube effect

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