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Real-time OLAP applications for building commercial systems based on ODS

Abstract: Based on the Data Storage Technology of ODS in the middle layer of DB and DW, a real-time OLAP system for commercial systems is designed from the perspective of application. ODS is used to overcome the problem that DW is too bloated for decision-making and is not suitable for enterprises' real-

Data cube----dimension and OLAP

declare is that the multidimensional data model and OLAP content presented here are basically based on ROLAP, because there are few other types of contact, and there is not much information involved.MOLAP (Multidimensional)  That is, the storage model based on multidimensional array, is also the most primitive OLAP, but need to preprocess data to form multidimensional structure.ROLAP (relational)  More com

Bi Road Learning Note 3--olap Cube Understanding examples

cube:Dimension is equivalent to coordinate system on axis, such as time, department;--dimension tableMetrics are data that can be reflected in a report, such as sales;--Fact sheetSo what do OLAP do with these dimensions and metrics? In fact, it's easy to use different dimensions for different business needs .For example, to show the company's sales in the first quarter of 2009, we need to analyze the measu

Parameter linkage solution Environment Data Warehouse + OLAP (cube) + Reporting Service [original]

The topic of today's blog is: parameter linkage solution. Environment: Data Warehouse + OLAP (cube) + Reporting Service. Effect: multiple parameters (1, 2 ,......) Achieve interaction. First, let's talk about the principle. A data warehouse consists of fact tables and dimensions. I understand that fact tables are actually a table composed of multiple dimensions related to a topic and the values of these dim

The path to genius: real-time environment ing (Real-Time evironmnet mapping)

] = Linear;Magfilter [0] = Linear; Addressu [0] = clamp;Addressv [0] = clamp;Addressw [0] = clamp; Colodrop [0] = selectarg1;Colorarg1 [0] = texture; Texcoordindex [0] = cameraspacereflectionvector;Texturetransformflags [0] = count3;}} >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Note:1. Use static environment textures instead of real-time renderingIn ad

Perfect Space-Time cube engine 3D Engine

According to the perfect official statement, this time the Angelica engine was abandoned and the new-generation cube engine 3D engine was independently developed. The cube engine is specially tailored for 2.5D games to achieve a wide range of layered effects. The intelligent surface graphics system can generate infinite random images, nothing is repeated, and p

Real-time environment ing)

based on the Fixed rendering Pipeline (Fixed Function Pipeline). In addition, you can also use the Programmable Pipeline. TextureCUBE texCubeMap; Matrix matWorld; Matrix matView; Matrix matProject; Technique Cube { Pass P0 { // Vertex state Vertexshader = NULL; Worldtransform [0] = ; Viewtransform = ; Projectiontransform = ; // Pixel state Texture [0] = ; Minfilter [0] = Linear; Magfilter [0] = Linear; Addressu [0] = clamp; Addressv [0] = clamp;

"SIGGRAPH", "Final Fantasy XV", a real-time demonstration of the main points of the battle scene

"SIGGRAPH" Final Fantasy XV" combat scene real-time demo Essentials commentaryOriginal: Nishikawa Good Division HTTP://WWW.4GAMER.NET/GAMES/999/G999902/20160730004/Siggraph is not just a non-real-time CG academic conference. From the 2010starting with SIGGRAPH 2010, there is also a focus on

Unity Shaders and Effects Cookbook (4-6) Stunning real-time reflection dynamic cubic chart System

Yesterday when shopping to see the peace bird inside put a metal Mickey Mouse, so the occupational disease committed, has been thinking about the color of metal is what, this reflection how to write, think not come out ...Today just see the dynamic Reflection Cubic chart System This section, after reading feel very awkward, because the book is introduced in advance casing generate cubemap way instead of real-time

Unity3d Real-time dynamic reflection around the world

(CUBMAP); Curmat.settexture ("_cubemap", Cubmap); }}ShaderShader "Custom/cubmap" {Properties {_maintex ("Base (RGB)", 2D) = "White" {}_maintint ("Diffuse color", Color) = (1, 1, 1, 1) _cubemap ("Cubemap", CUBE) = "" "{}_reflamount (" Reflection Amount ", Range (0.01, 1)) = 0.5}subshader {Tags {" Rendertype " = "Opaque"}lod 200cgprogram#pragma surface surf lambertsampler2d _maintex;samplercube _cubemap;float4 _maintint;float _ Reflamount;str

Druid (quasi) real-time analysis statistics Database--Columnstore + efficient compression

Druid is an open-source, distributed, columnstore system that is especially suitable for real-time analysis statistics on big data. and has good stability (highly Available). It's relatively lightweight, documentation is perfect, and it's easier to get started. Druid vs Other systems Druid vs Impala/sharkThe comparison between Druid and Impala and Shark basically boils down to what kind of system needs to b

Multi-thread collaboration in real-time rendering: Practice

The no-Wait multi-thread collaboration mechanism proposed in "multi-thread collaboration under real-time rendering" can be applied to real-time rendering. This is because there is a correlation between each frame and the next frame in real-

Druid: An open source distributed system for real-time processing of big data

and querying, and a highly fault-tolerant distributed architecture. From the official knowledge, Druid has the following main characteristics: The design of--druid for analysis is built for the exploratory analysis of OLAP workflow, which supports a variety of filtering, aggregation and query classes; Fast Interactive query --druid's low latency data ingestion architecture allows events to be queried within milliseconds after they are cr

3D real-time shooting virtual reality! -Panorama

Dear friends! I have recently discovered a brand new photography technology. The scenes in my photos will not be an image of an ending scene! With this technology, you can display it in three dimensions and 360 degrees in real time on the network! This technology is called virtual reality! Different from the past, this is a virtual reality for real-

Real-time rendering (i)--Graphics rendering pipeline

triangle is interpolated from the triangle vertices, and the data for these fragments includes depth and various shading data from the geometry stage. Pixel coloring : interpolated shaded data input, which performs all pixel-wise shading operations and passes one or more colors to the next stage. Texture technology is also implemented at this stage. Merging : The information for each pixel is stored in the color buffer, which is a rectangular array of colors (each color has three parts

Real-time technology for big data

At present, real-time or quasi-real-time Big data models are more and more, technology is not advanced is not the first reason for popularity, the prosperity of community circles is the most important. Mainly has Redshift-An MPP from Amazon supports PB-level databases Hive-translates SQL into Map-reduce tasks

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