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Data cube----dimension and OLAP

One of the previous articles-the Data warehouse multidimensional data model already provides a brief description of the definition and structure of an overly-dimensional model, as well as the concept of the fact table and the dimension table (Dimension table). Multidimensional data model, as a new logical model, gives the new organization and storage form of data, and the advantage of the analysis is the effective operation and processing based on the model, which is

Bi Road Learning Note 3--olap Cube Understanding examples

analysis, and is of high performance (still dependent on design).The SQL Server integration Service, which is used primarily to extract data incrementally from the original database (SQL Server/oracle/mysql/xml/excel, etc.), is cleaned, consolidated, and evaluated and loaded into the Data warehouse. The integration project can run as a job on a regular basis in SQL Server agent.SQL Server Analysis Service, which is used primarily to analyze data in a data warehouse. The analysis development is

Parameter linkage solution Environment Data Warehouse + OLAP (cube) + Reporting Service [original]

The topic of today's blog is: parameter linkage solution. Environment: Data Warehouse + OLAP (cube) + Reporting Service. Effect: multiple parameters (1, 2 ,......) Achieve interaction. First, let's talk about the principle. A data warehouse consists of fact tables and dimensions. I understand that fact tables are actually a table composed of multiple dimensions related to a topic and the values of these dim

Photoshop Cube Cube Tutorial

This Photoshop tutorial is designed to illustrate how to use images to get the right sense of space in the cube skin. Here is the effect chart. 1. Open the picture, create a new layer, use the rectangular marquee tool to pull a 250*250px selection, fill in a different color, here fill in black. 2. Add each new layer to the additional two block area, covering the image as large

BI's SSAS full combat Tutorial 3--Create the first cube. docx

EmployeesDrag the reseller attribute from the Attributes pane and drop it below the number employees level in the hierarchies paneRename the hierarchy to annual revenue–number of Employees, asDim Employee.dimThis dimension has the 3 key attributes created by the Cube Wizard, and in contrast, other dimensions create a key attribute. This is because the wizard detects a parent-child relationship within the Dim employee dimension (Follow-up

A simple cube-making tutorial in PPT

A simple cube-making tutorial in PPT Steps "Insert Cube" Open a random piece of software in our Word or PowerPoint, click on the "Shape" tab in the "Insert" menu, locate and select the "cube" inside the base shape, and click it to insert. "No Fill Color" Insert the

iOS tutorial three--nvisionxr rendering a cube

similar, and you can try them yourself. Code:Create a cubeNvboxwidget *cube = [[Nvboxwidget alloc] initwithsceneplay:self widgetname:@ "Cube"];Set coordinates[Cube setposition:nvposition (0, 0, 0)];Set the zoom ratio[Cube Setscale:nvposition (1.0, 1.0, 1.0)];Add an object to a scene[Self addwidget:cube]; 5,run the pro

Photoshop designs refreshing water cube effects-PS tutorial

This tutorial mainly uses Photoshop to design the refreshing style of water cube effect. before making Water Cube, we need to collect some related materials and then draw the cube. other three-dimensional images can be used, paste the water material into each area of the cube

Tutorial on designing cube in Illustrator

I will give you a detailed analysis of the Illustrator software and share with you the tutorial on designing the cube.Tutorial sharing:1. Select the cube drawn in the previous example, select tool or Type V, click and drag on the graphic board, and include the three quadrants. Release the mouse button, select all images; hold down the Shift key and drag the corner points of the strokes to scale down the ima

Photoshop uses a single pixel image copy to create a color cube-PS tutorial

Source: Photoshop resources author: jenny this tutorial describes how to use a single pixel graphic copy to obtain a color, and then combine the color copy and deformation into a cube. The production method is relatively simple. you can try it. Final result 1: Create a document with a random size (500*152935 PX here) and fill the background with Blue ). 2. this tutorial

PS creates a beautiful landscape cube-PS tutorial

This tutorial is to share with a friend of the footman's house PS how to create a super beautiful landscape cube. the three-dimensional structure produced by the tutorial is very beautiful and difficult. we recommend it to the footman's house, if you like it, come and learn it. we usually have many beautiful pictures and want to combine them. for example, making

Illustrator draw transparent Texture cube tutorial

To the users of the illustrator software to explain the detailed interpretation of the cube to draw a transparent texture of the tutorial. Tutorial Sharing: Well, the above information is small make up to you illustrator of this software users to bring the detailed drawing of transparent texture cubes of the full content of the

Directx11 tutorial (7) Draw a color cube

In the previous tutorial, we drew a triangle through d3d11. In this chapter, we will draw a color cube with a stronger three-dimensional effect. The main change is the modelclass class, which defines the vertex information required by a cube in modelclass, and then creates vertex buffering and index buffering. In modelclass. H, we define some macros to represent

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