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Internet port knowledge

Computers communicate with each other through ports. For example, when accessing a website, Windows opens a port (such as port 1025) on the local machine and connects to a port of the remote website server, this is also true when others access you.

Kerio MailServer settings

Now we will use a practical example to briefly introduce the setting of Kerio MailServer and the application of POP3DOWNLOA D. These are For Windows. Linux fans should stop. For non-small mail systems, Kerio MailServer is not a good choice. Use

Windows 2003 server Security Settings Graphics Tutorial _win server

First, the system installation 1, according to the WINDOWS2003 installation CD-ROM prompts installation, by default, 2003 did not install IIS6.0 installed in the system.2, the installation of IIS6.0Start Menu-> Control Panel-> Add or Remove

Windows Server Security-website Server Security Settings

In addition to patches provided by security vendors, website server security is more important to set some common security problems that can withstand attacks by some cainiao tools. Basic Security Settings 1. Adjust the testing environment (set

Windows Server detailed security settings

1), System security basic settings1. Installation instructions: System all NTFS format, reinstall the system (using the original win2003), install anti-virus software (Mcafee), and the anti-virus software update, install SP2 patch, install IIS (only

Build a personal Web Server

Add your own online materials ====================================== 1. Apache configuration (available) The core configuration file of Apache is "httpd. conf ", which is located in the Apache installation path/CONF/on the computer. If it is

How to Use winmail to set up a virus-free email system

I. PrefaceIi. Basic Knowledge1. What is an IP address?2. What is a fixed IP address?3. What is a dynamic IP address?4. What is a domain name? What makes a domain name?5. What are subdomain names and second-level domain names?6. What is DNS?7. What

Detailed Method for installing partition servers

The Domino server partition allows multiple Domino servers to run on one computer. Using the partition server will reduce hardware fees andManagementThe number of computers is minimized. Each partition server has its own Domino data directory And

Study with me in linux 15

Learn linux with me 15-Linux Enterprise Application-Linux server application information. The following is a detailed description. We will continue to learn the content of Lesson 14. Sorry, it's really slow to update things recently, but I won't be

Parsing the basic concepts of e-mail and JavaMail API messaging features using _java

Introduction to Basic concepts of e-maile-mail is used for online confidence delivery and communication, and it is one of the most important Internet services. According to statistics, 30% of the business of the Internet is email related. At the

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