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Moodle mid-grade, class, and Group Discussion

Keywords: moodle groups grouping cohorts group large group   The moodle platform supports grade, class, and group functions and provides easy-to-use grouping tools. The Group supports open and closed attributes. In combination with the teaching

How to view the group rules of the front-end group of pride?

1. The entertainment of network Tools is more than his practicality, many students will not use tools to learn, but with his wasted youth. 2. Many students who like to communicate have no place. 3. Many students who want to study have no

The function and discussion of blog in Information education

IntroductionInformation-based education is a new form of education, which has the characteristics of globalization of resources, learning autonomy, cooperative activities and environmental virtualization, which requires the renewal of teachers '

Server Architecture Analysis of well-known online games

Http:// Similar to QQ games, millions of concurrently online servers are added to favoritesAuthor: sodimethyl this Article Source: Disclaimer: This article can be

Discussion on online preview of PDF and Word documents in forums

Forum Engine: Discuz! 2.5 Tools: Flexpaper1.5.6 secondary development version This article focuses on the general ideas and related technical difficulties. It is a small development in my spare time and only for discussion ,,, Effect Why does the

Cloud collaboration new utility: Microsoft SharePoint online

Sharepoint is a set of products that Microsoft uses to quickly build enterprise information portals, collaborative communication, content management, search, business processes, and Bi. SharePoint online is an online version of SharePoint and a

Which method do you choose for online collaboration?

Let's recall how we work together in the era of no network? First, you need an area that can stay together (we call it an "Office"). Collaboration members can communicate with each other easily, the next step is to write and transmit conversations,

Introduction to blckboard Online Teaching Management Platform complying with SCORM standards

1. "Blackboard" Product Overview The blackboard Online Teaching Management Platform is currently the only support on the marketTeaching Platform for millions of users. With nearly 50% of the market share in the United States. More than 2,800

77 network economy innovation models-11. online community

77 network economy Innovation Models 11. online community ---- The network is a virtual world, and all content in the real world is reflected on the network. In the real world, things are clustered by groups. In the online world, various

Redis Cluster Discussion

One, the production application scenario second, the storage structure evolution three, the application best practice four, the Operation Dimension Experience Summary1th, 2: Introduce the Redis cluster production application scenario, and the

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