operating system server

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Operating system Daquan

Operating system An operating system is a collection of system software that manages the hardware resources of a computer, controls the operation of other programs, and provides the user with an interactive interface. The operating system is a key

Operating system Overview-Summary of the operating system

I. Basic concepts of the Operating System 1. Computer System Resources In computer systems, there are two types of resources: hardware resources and software resources. Software resources are the soul of computers, mainly including various programs

Real-time system or timeshare operating system

Whether Linux is a real-time system or a timeshare operating systemHttp://www.cnblogs.com/xiawen/p/3317302.html1. Real-time operating system definitionA real-time operating system (RTOS) is when external events or data are generated that can accept

Introduction-Operating System overview

ComputerComputer is the great creation of mankind in the the 1940s, it has great effect on the progress and development of human society. Widely used in scientific computing, Process control, information transmission and data processing, has

Operating system and operating system kernel

First, preface Recently read a UNIX and Linux history of the post, although a bit of water, but still put a link to spend a day, and finally the UNIX, Linux, iOS, Android, the difference between the roughly clear, it seems very complex, this post

Management of Linux operating system (operating system and server) II

Why are there some operating systems that stand out from many operating systems? Many people do not know that these operating systems are not just for us to install on the computer, then play games, movies, office use. Every kind of control system

Windows Server R2 uses the WDS service to implement a bulk-install operating system demo

Yesterday in the 51cto circle of friends saw a demonstration of the WDS deployment, I refer to the above step to discover a lot of problems, in how to capture the packaged Windows Server 2003 has encountered a problem, that is, the production of

Client operating system virtualization enhances server security

A new technology to enhance server security is "client operating system virtualization"---its rationale is to use a special virtualization engine to run a virtualized guest instance, or to run an operating system client instance on a top-level

Lab 0: Understanding and familiarity with operating system experiments

First, Experimental Purpose(1) Master the definition and concept of the operating system;(2) Understand the development history of various types of operating systems;Second, experimental content and requirementsUse Web search to learn about various

Computer Operating System learning notes _ 1 _ Operating System Overview

Operating System Overview 1. Concepts, features, functions, and services of the Operating System 1. concepts of the Operating System The operating system is the most important and basic system software in computer systems. The operating system is

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