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Super-Yi Dual Opteron rack-type Server evaluation

, which uses the AMD-8131 hypertransport pci-x tunnel+amd-8111 I/O hub chipset, with the largest support for 2 AMD Opteron processor (UPGA 940-pin). Because the Opteron processor consolidates the memory controller, the memory DIMMs on the motherboard are divided into two groups, each of which is controlled by a single processor memory controller. 4. Two Opteron 2

HP said opteron performance is 57% higher than Xeon

HP released an AMD opteron processor server a few days ago. Today, HP compares its opteron server with an Intel Xeon processor server, although amd once declared that opteron is much better than Xeon, it is indeed a little surpris

Eight server in the future a few big points

Server With the advent of the AMD Opteron processor, the 8-way server based on the x86 architecture has greatly reduced the OEM's entry threshold. On the eve of the advent of the dual-core server processor, both the old 8-way server vendors withdrew and more new players wer

Dual-core ERA test Pentium D Server application evaluation

533MHz memory modules, Dual Xeon 3.0 is configured with 4 512MB ddrii 400MHz memory modules. Different memory types, timing, and capacity can have a significant impact on memory bandwidth and latency. Webbench v5.0 Test Webbench is designed to test the performance of the server as a Web server, we have installed the IIS6.0 component on the tested server to provi

Server hardware Knowledge Popular article (need to configure the server's friends can refer to) 1th 7 page _ Server Other

greatly improve the data processing capacity of the server. Departmental, enterprise-level servers should support CPU parallel processing technology. In other words, the architecture in the same frequency, the use of RISC architecture CPU than the CISC architecture of the CPU performance is much higher, which is determined by the technical characteristics of the CPU. At present in the high-end server commo

Ubuntu10.04 server version is ready for upgrading to the operating system of the server

the names of other versions, but we all know that it refers to Red Hat, Novell, extended CentOS, and Oracle ). Zimmerman also said that the difference between another Ubuntu Server Edition and its competitors is that from development to final release, canonical opened the source code for earlier versions, test versions, and product versions, and gradually released the compiled binary files and the AMI images of Amazon EC2 cloud computing. Ubuntu 10.0

Server processor Parameters

example that the 1 GHz itanium chip can behave almost as fast as the 2.66 GHz Xeon/opteron chip, or 1.5 GHz itanium 2 is about as fast as 4 GHz Xeon/opteron. The computing speed of the CPU depends on the performance indicators of the CPU pipeline. Of course, the clock speed is related to the actual computing speed. It can only be said that the clock speed is only one aspect of the CPU performance, not the

Domestic professional server rental hosted chess server game Server video Server open area hang-on server

Domestic Professional Server rental hosting Chess Server game Server video server open area Hang -up serverWonderful solution! Ignore the attack!High-protection Special: website, game, chess best choiceHengyang Telecom (30G single-defense) 8h/8g/1t/exclusive 20M-800 yuanHengyang Double Line (30G single defense) 8h/8g/1

The IIS Server Load balancer ARR routes requests to the ARR server and the processing server. The Server Load balancer arr

The IIS Server Load balancer ARR routes requests to the ARR server and the processing server. The Server Load balancer arr . Net web uses the iis arr (Application Request Route) technology to achieve high web performance, high reliability, scalability, and load balancing. For more information about how to use ARR, seeI

Is it necessary for the server to perform its duties in the cluster architecture? It is divided into database server, memory server, picture server, etc.

Project background: Read more than write, about 4:1 of the proportion bar, the user is more than million, concurrent 4000 or so (can be high can be low, high to 10K, low 1K) the performance of several servers is similar, and load balancing can be evenly divided to each server I'm letting them face the user directly from one to the other through load balancing (that is, ABCD can be accessed directly). or let them do their own thing. (

2007 Server market and Technology trend forecast

existing Core 2 Quad Q6600 at the end of the second quarter of 2007, Down from $851 per thousand to $530 trillion, there are indications that the price of dual-core processors will also fall sharply. Both Intel and AMD have made further explicit their "dual-core" products, including Intel's Xeon Dempsey and dual-core Itanium Montecito, AMD's 4-core OPTERON,IBM Power6 and Sun's Niagara II have all appeared in succession, Formed a dual-core-led, to mul

How to deploy Rstudio server on a linux server, configure SQL Server on the ODBC Remote Access win server

Label:How to deploy Rstudio server on a Linux server, configure ODBC after you remotely access SQL Server through the RODBC package background: before writing an article that mentions the recent deployment of Rstudio server (building the analytics environment for the data Analysis Team), it took one weeks to set it up.

06 Years development trend of Server Core technology

Multi-core server server processors in 2005 by AMD Dual-core Opteron, Intel Corporation dual-core Xeon Paxville, Sun Company 8 nuclear UltraSPARC T1 kicked off, in 2006, The further support and optimization of the operating system and application software for multi-core processors, the maturity of the 65 nanometer chip manufacturing process, the development of l

The http post method connects to the server, sends data to the server, and obtains data from the server. The post Server

The http post method connects to the server, sends data to the server, and obtains data from the server. The post Server The general process is: the client fills in the user name and password and makes a judgment on the server. If the verification password is correct, the lo

Nginx Server Set up the reverse proxy full Raiders _nginx

Nginx Reverse proxy has a lot of problems that we need to solve, many of them are based on the installation of the problem, after the installation of the relevant debugging also let a lot of people headaches unceasingly. Here is a brief introduction to the installation and commissioning. Because the server Apache cannot withstand the current concurrency. Plus the front-end squid configuration, The problem still cannot be solved. And the page program

PHP 54 built-in Web Server Web server ranking Web server principle Simple Web server

PHP is a scripting language that requires the PHP interpreter to parse and run PHP files. When PHP is used as a CGI service Web request, it needs to be embedded in some kind of Web server, most commonly integrated into Apache or IIS, that is, before using PHP, you need to install Apache or IIS, and correctly configure them and PHP integrated parameters. Although this configuration is already very prescriptive and the documentation is very rich, we oft

Migrating SVN from one server to another server (Windows Server VISUALSVN server)

Ext.: http://blog.sina.com.cn/s/blog_855a24030102xp9q.htmlServer environment: Windows Server 2012 software version: Visualsvn-server-3.4.2-x64.msi old svn installation path: D:\Program files\visualsvn server\bin old SVN warehouse path : D:\Repositories old SVN repository backup path: D:\VisualSVN_bak new SVN installation path: C:\Program files\visualsvn

Teach you how to copy data from one SQL Server server to another SQL Server server

Platform Description: Two SQL SERVER2005 servers with two identical databases installed on top of each otherRecently, because of the project needs, you need to copy the database on one of the servers on a database on another server, after a lot of Google has finally finished, here to do a detailed record, hoping to help everyone and themselves.One, the first step: SQL Add serverFirst, we need to connect to another

Using the server log monitoring software, server log analysis tool software to teach you how to view the server log? _ Server Other

Many corporate LANs now have their own file servers for storing or sharing files for use by local area network users. However, in the process of setting up shared file access, it is common for shared files to be randomly copied, modified, or even deleted, which makes the security management of shared files face a greater risk. How can you make it possible for users to access shared files and prevent improper operation of shared files? I think that can be achieved through the following two ways:

Windows Server server's Linux server differs from Windows Server

The difference between Linux server and Windows ServerWhat are the advantages of using Linux as a server versus Windows Server?First, the average failure time is less, and as long as it is configured and used properly, the average failure of Linux (which requires shutdown or restart) is more than a year,Restarting maintenance once a year isn't too much, is it? Ca

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