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Oracle 11g for Ubuntu installation a __oracle

The Oracle 11g database provides a Linux x86 version, but the supported Linux versions are only red Hat,novell and Solaris, Debian and Ubuntu are not supported, so installing under Ubuntu is relatively cumbersome, Please follow the method

Parsing Oracle 11g: Enhancing management functionality reusing XML

Oracle's latest database products began to enter beta status at the end of last year, with Oracle releasing hundreds of feature improvements in the initial beta release. As one of the world's largest market share database products suppliers,

Test whether the 11G Oracle Restart can automatically start the killed component.

Test whether 11G Oracle Restart can automatically start the killed component. The main story is oralce 11g restartOracle Restartis another component of Oracle Grid Infrastructure for a Standalone Server that will be used in this guide. starting with

Install Oracle 11g in ubuntu 8.04

Although the oracle 11g Database provides the linux x86 version, only Red Hat, Novell and Solaris versions are supported. debian and ubuntu are not supported, therefore, it is relatively troublesome to install ubuntu. Please follow the steps below

New features of Oracle 11g

Oracle 11g on July 11, 2007 11 O'Clock (Beijing time 11th 22 o'clock) officially released, 11g is Oracle 30 years to release the most important version of the database, according to the needs of users to achieve information lifecycle management

Oracle 10g/11g password policy user password case sensitive description

 1. Oracle 10g1. 1 Description In Oracle 10 Gb, passwords are case-insensitive by default. This is due to the default parameters of the password file.   C: \ Users \ administrator. David Dai> orapwd Usage: orapwd file = entries = force =

In-depth Oracle 11g partitioning

Database partitioning is one of the key functions required by each database. Almost all Oracle databases use the Partition Function to improve query performance. The Oracle 11g Partition Function simplifies the daily management and maintenance of

Oracle 11g Silent Installation Software + manual database creation

Oracle 11g Silent Installation Software + manual database creation Because it is a secondary jump + remote operation, the GUI cannot be used and cannot be directly installed on the GUI. Use silent software installation + manual database creation to

New Features of Oracle ASM 11g

1. What is ASM? ASM is called Automatic Storage Management (Automatic Storage Management). It is a new feature launched by Oracle 10 Gb. This is a volume manager provided by Oracle to replace the LVM provided by the operating system. It not only

Oracle Cluster "Oracle DATABASE 11G RAC Knowledge graphic Detailed tutorial" Oracle Cluster Concepts and principles (ii)

Oracle Cluster Concepts and principles (ii) Overview: write down the original intent and motivation of this document, derived from the Oracle Basic operating Manual of the previous article. The Oracle Basic Operations Manual is a summary

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