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Oracle GoldenGate Security Configuration series: Use the golden sec file to control the user access permissions of the GoldenGate command

. ■ To install on Windows, the person who installoracle GoldenGate must login asAdministrator. ■ To install on UNIX, the person who installoracle GoldenGate must havereadandwrite privileges on the Oracle GoldenGate installation directory. ■ The Oracle

Introduction of Oracle Goldengate learning goldengate ____oracle

automatically retransmitted only after the confirmation message is received, which ensures that all the extracted data can be sent to the backup end. 128-bit encryption and data compression are supported during data transfer. Oracle's goldengate product, which enables data capture, conversion, and delivery of a large amount of data between heterogeneous IT infrastructures. Goldengate can support almost all

Install Oracle goldengate under Windows (difference between dual standby and master-slave replication) __oracle

Oracle goldengate Test Documentation 1. Oracle Goldengate Introduction 1 2. Oracle Goldengate for Oracle (Windows platform) installation 5

Turn: Oracle goldengate Learning goldengate Introduction

database and submitted in the same transactional environment, ensuring the integrity and read consistency of the data on the target system, creating conditions for real-time query and transaction processing.Checkpoint mechanism ensures no loss of data.The GoldenGate TDM extraction and replication process uses a checkpoint mechanism to record where the replication has completed. For the extraction process, its checkpoint records the location of the cu

Oracle Goldengate Learning Goldengate Introduction

Introduction to Oracle Goldengate Learning goldengate (2012-10-02-17:07:27) Tags: checkpoint data transfer Queue process Category: Goldengate Goldengate IntroductionGoldenGate TDM (transaction data management) software is a log-based structure

Goldengate configuration instance: one-way synchronization from Oracle 10g RAC in RHEL 4.7 to a single instance (2)

Install DDL objects Log on to sqlplus as an oracle user at the source end and execute the following script: Run marker_setup Make sure that the related process of goldengate is closed. Any application using Oracle is closed and no new session is generated. Run the following command: [Goldengate @ gg1 ~] $ CD/opt/Gg/

Explanation of a piece of Oracle GoldenGate (OGG) Transfer Process log (. rpt file), goldengate. rpt

Explanation of a piece of Oracle GoldenGate (OGG) Transfer Process log (. rpt file), goldengate. rpt This article is original. For more information, see the source. Note: /U02/ggs/dirdat/sb is the name of the trail file formed by the source extraction process. /U02/ggs/dirdat/tb is the file name of the trail file formed by the source transmission process to the t

Build a GoldenGate bidirectional replication environment from Oracle to Oracle

Build a GoldenGate bidirectional replication environment from Oracle to Oracle Objective: To build a Goldengate two-way replication environment (DDL + DML supported) from Oracle to Oracle ). Environment: OS: Red Hat Enterprise Li

Preparing the database for Oracle Goldengate

Learn how to prepare a database for Oracle GoldenGate, including how to configure connectivity and logging, how to enable Oracle GoldenGate in a database, how to set up a flashback query, and how to manage server resources. Configure the connection for the integration process Configure logging Properties

Build a Goldengate bidirectional replication environment from Oracle to Oracle

Build a Goldengate bidirectional replication environment from Oracle to Oracle Objective: To build a Goldengate two-way replication environment (DDL + DML supported) from Oracle to Oracle ). The database redo log is analyzed to ap

Oracle goldengate Backup Software

Reprinted: I. PrefaceGoldengate is a log-Based Structured Data replication software. It parses online logs of the source database or archives logs to obtain incremental data changes and then applies these changes to the target database, to synchronize the source and target databases. Goldengate can achieve sub-second-level real-time replication of large amounts of data between heterogeneous IT infrastruc

GoldenGate for Oracle System Requirements

Supported platforms Supported Oracle Database versions The following Oracle Database versions are supported in the current Oracle GoldenGate 10.4 Oracle 8i (DML support only) Oracle 9.1 and 9.2 (DML and DDL support)

Oracle GoldenGate ctor configuration Manual

Oracle GoldenGate ctor configuration Manual 1. Introduction to GoldenGate ctor GoldenGate ctor simplifies the monitoring and management of GoldenGate. You can use a graphical interface or a web browser to conveniently and quickly maintain the

Oracle GoldenGate (OGG) diagnostics

important than diagnosis. There are a large number of knowledge base documents in this regard. You can find them by searching for GoldenGate upload uption. Submit SRs in good formatWhen a service request is made to Oracle, providing accurate and conclusive information will greatly accelerate the process of analysis and resolution. Sometimes, when collecting relevant information, you will have a better unde

Oracle GoldenGate series: ora-01031 error when using Oracle ASM API DBLOGREADER

Oracle GoldenGate series: ora-01031 errors when using Oracle asm api dblogreader today test GoldenGate on your new Oracle ACFS file system, the following error is reported when the extract process is started: 14:58:39 ERROR OGG-00446 Opening ASM file + FRA/rac/archivelog/201

Oracle GoldenGate Real Madrid's first play: to master a tool, you must first master its principles

The best way to master and use a tool is to master its principles first, understand its architecture, and then use it handy, or else use it, and don't know why this step does this, not to quickly locate the problem, let alone solve the problem quickly.Ogg Architecture and principles:the principle of Oracle GoldenGate is quite simple, that is, by extracting the source-side redo log or archive log, and then t

Oracle GoldenGate 12c Classic Architecture Installation

This chapter includes instructions for installing the classic Oracle Goldengate for the first time. Installing Oracle Goldengate installs all the components required to run and manage processing (excluding any components provided by other vendors, such as drivers or libraries) and installs the

Oracle foreign key reference and goldengate

= 'foreign _ main' and owner = 'Scott ');Create table foreign_sub as select object_id, object_name from user_objects;Create table foreign_main as select object_id from foreign_sub;Alter table foreign_main add constraint pk_foreign_main_object_id primary key (object_id );Alter table foreign_sub add constraint fr_foreign_sub_object_id foreign key (object_id) references foreign_main (object_id) on delete cascade;Alter table foreign_sub drop constraint fr_foreign_sub_object_id;Alter table foreign_s

Oracle GoldenGate installation Configuration

Oracle GoldenGate installation Configuration Oracle GoldenGate can be used to migrate and synchronize data on heterogeneous platforms. It is based on database log structure changes and obtains data increments by parsing source-end online logs or archiving logs, then, these changes are applied to the target database to

Oracle GoldenGate monitoring tool: ggserr. log error logs cannot be ignored

After the Oracle manufacturer recently installed the monitoring plug-in for OEM 12C in the primary database in the production environment, an exception occurred to the Oracle GoldenGate instance that has been synchronized to more than a dozen external databases, frantically Go To The ggserr in the GoldenGate root direc

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