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Beijing automobile Futian orling factory SRM took the lead in the SAAs Model

risk of downtimeWin-win cooperation, and SRM is highly trusted by both parties As of September 10, 2014, the srm system of the orling plant had been operating stably for nearly eight years. There were 2174 System Management suppliers and 1409 account users, resulting in a total of nearly 100 GB of business data, nearly 0.15 billion pieces of core business data are generated, and more than 80 thousand piece

Virtual Combat: Two VR vs SRM for disaster-tolerant design

first data synchronization is completed (baselinesynchronization), transmits only the data that changes later to the offsite. Factors to consider: The following virtual machines are not suitable for using VR for disaster tolerance: Ad,dns, LDAP and other virtual machines shared by two places Vcenter RPO Required Physical RDM Scenario Two: A large company has a more complex virtualized environment, running 1500 virtual machines on 50 ESXi servers. With Sans. There are 100 virtual machin

Topcoder SRM 643 Div1 250<peter_pan>

Topcoder SRM 643 DIV1 250ProblemGive an integer n, and then give a VectorLimitsTime Limit (MS): 2000Memory Limit (MB): 256N: [2,10^18]Solutionn is continuously removed from the number of V (N/=v[i];) and a new n is obtained, which is recorded as N1. The N1 is then decomposed factorization. In [1,10^6] scanning, will N1 decomposition, to obtain a new N1, recorded as N2. If the N2 is not 1, it can be proved that N2 must be a prime number, add ans. The A

Topcoder SRM 634 div.2 [ABC]

Topcoder SRM 634 div.2 [ABC] ACM Topcoder SRM 634 After the game, I felt that orz could not be done at the scene. I can't say much about it. Level one-mountainranges] Question:Several of the Q A sequences are completely greater than the adjacent peaks. Analysis:Not much. Code: /** Author: illuz Level Two-ShoppingSurveyDiv2 (Mathematics] Question:In a survey, N people participated in the survey.

SRM 631 div1

SRM 631 div1 A: A maximum of two steps are required. The two rows in the middle are black and one line is white. In this case, you only need to consider the first step, and enumerate a row to dye the satisfied situation, just brute force. B: greedy. A record records the current location of a cat and the current location of more than one cat, and then sorts the positions from left to right. If the current location can be moved to more than two position

SRM 653 Countrygrouphard

SRM 653 CountrygrouphardTest instructionsn the individual sits in a row, sitting with the people of the same country, the reporter asks some people how many people they have in their country, and they all answer the right message. There is an AI person in the country where each message is known as the Pi position, and it is known whether the information can infer the situation of the country in which all people belong.Analysis:F[i] Indicates the numbe

Topcoder SRM 688 Div2

Topcoder SRM 688 Div2250:#include #include #include #include #include #include #include #include #include #include #include #include #include #include #include #include #include #include using namespace STD;classParenthesesdiv2easy { Public:intGetdepth (string);};intParenthesesdiv2easy::getdepth (strings) {intn = s.size ();if(n = =0)return 0;intCNT =0;intPre =0;intres =0; for(inti =0; I if(S[i] = =' ) ') cnt--;Else if(S[i] = =' (') cnt++;if(CNT = =0)

Topcoder SRM 687 Div2

Topcoder SRM 687 Div2By number: 2250:#include #include #include #include #include #include #include #include #include #include #include #include #include #include #include #include #include #include using namespace STD;classQuorum { Public:intCount vector int>,int);};intQuorum::count ( vector int>Arrintk) {sort (Arr.begin (), Arr.end ());intres =0; for(inti =0; I int) arr.size ()); i++) Res + = Arr[i];returnRes;} //powered by [Kawigiedit] 2.0!500:Plus

TC SRM 673 Div1

TC srm.673 300Time Limit:20 SecMemory limit:256 MBTopic ConnectionDescriptionGive you n (nInputOutputSample InputSample OutputHINTTest instructionsExercisesProbably on the violence enumeration which horse and the No. 0 match, the cavalry behind us according to the combat effectiveness from the big to the small after the order, for each cavalry two points (or violence) to find the maximum number of horses can be selected, and then can be a little bit t

CF/SRM's mouth record.

  Feel the whole bzoj do not have a future, a few Uncle Gan SRM, I will open a pit to mouth Hu Yipo cf/srm in order to quickly roll thick. (because it is the mouth of the Hu do not set the counter, in fact, I am lazy.)"SRM645" easy to sort by the sorting line directly to sweep it again."SRM645" Medium if the direction vector of each point is the same then it may be able to reach otherwise certainly not. ① I

[TopCoder] SRM 633 DIV 2

First question, simulation is ready.#include The second question, thought for a long time. Finally, we find that the a+b>=c of the triangle, a push, can introduce the distance range of the polygon (opening) composed of n edges. Http:// are detailed illustrations.#include The third question, did not do. Later see the puzzle,

[TopCoder] SRM 646 DIV 2

The first question: K equals 1 or 2, very simple. Slightly. K more situations,, worth thinking about.Question two: and DFS can, note that when writing, you can go to que a few things together, you do not have to set up objects. Blocked and visited can also be recorded directly using a two-dimensional matrix.Pruning what, the most basic is to find the actual step limit of the case, the chessboard is bou

SRM 630 div2

SRM 630 div2 For the first time tc, I thought it was AK. The result was 1000 points and the system dropped the result, but it was also cha. Others made a lot of money. A: the string length is only 50, which can be directly simulated.B: The number of nodes is only 10. First, use Floyd to find the path between two or two nodes. Then, use brute force enumeration to determine which nodes are required. If yes, record the maximum number.C: In the beginning,

Topcoder SRM 623 solution report

See: We recommend that you use the plug-in greed 2.0, which is very useful. But I don't know how to add test data by myself. I will study it next time.Greed 2.0 are n trees on the ring runway, marked as 1 -- N. Some trees are recorded when Alice is running. The number is used to calculate the minimum number of laps.Question: If you think ab

SRM 664 Div2 hard:bearsortsdiv2 (merge sort)

each N and for each permutation p of 1 through N the probability that p appears as the output of L Imak ' s program is strictly positive. Constraints - sortedsequence would contain exactly N elements. - N would be between 1 and inclusive. - Elements of Sortedsequence would be between 1 and N, inclusive. - Elements of sortedsequence would be pairwise distinct. Main topic:In the merge sort process,

SRM 638 div2

Label: blog ar OS for SP Div 2014 Log Code 2333... Due to the small number of TC entries and the constant FST, I dropped to div2. It's okay to go back to div1 .. 250 Question 500 Question .. Just extend the BFS directly. Pay attention to the heavy judgment. I also launched it with Kanto .. 1000 This question is understood as incorrect .. I told you why someone else's code looks wrong. However, it is very easy to answer a question. Which leaf nodes are burned by binary e

SRM 400 div1

flipped to the substring whose start length is k in position J in string B. steps int n = a.size(); memset(dp, 0x3f, sizeof(dp)); for(int j = 0; j 1000 The formula is simple. N * (1/n + 1/(n-1) + 1/(n-2) +... + 1/(n-k + 1 )) The key issue is coming. N and K are huge. Then we found that this is a harmonic series sum. When the number is large, only the approximate formula is used. Try it. (1/n + 1/(n-1) + 1/(n-2) +... + 1/(n-k + 1) is approximately equal to log (n + 1) + R R i

Topcoder SRM 633 div.2 500 jumping

Question: Give a vertex (x, y), give some step delta1, delta2... deltan: Can I reach the (x, y) point after completing n steps in strict accordance with the step (0, 0. Solution: in fact, it is to determine whether these line segments and (0, 0)-(x, y) can constitute a multilateral (angle ?) You only need to judge whether the longest side is less than half of the length of all sides. Code: #include View code Topcoder SRM 633 div.2 500 jumping


{ Public: #defineMAXN 1005inthead[maxn],cnt; structedge{intTo,next; }E[MAXN*2]; InlinevoidInsertintAintb) {e[++cnt].next=head[a];head[a]=cnt;e[cnt].to=b; e[++cnt].next=head[b];head[b]=cnt;e[cnt].to=A; } intTOT[MAXN],DEP[MAXN][MAXN],ALL[MAXN]; voidDfsintSintVintFaintd) {Dep[s][d]++; for(intI=head[v];i;i=e[i].next)if(E[I].TO!=FA) DFS (s,e[i].to,v,d+1); } intAns,n; voidWorkintv) {memset (tot,0,sizeof(tot)); tot[0]=1; memset (All,0,sizeof(All)); for(intI=head[v];i;i=E[i].

SRM 624 D2L3: GameOfSegments, game theory, SD-Grundy theorem, Nimber, spraguegrundy

SRM 624 D2L3: GameOfSegments, game theory, SD-Grundy theorem, Nimber, spraguegrundy Question: C = problem_statement pm = 13204 rd = 15857 This topic needs to use the classic theory in game theory. The following is a summary of relevant theories: Impartial Game: a fair Game. The two sides are the same except who starts the Game first. Nim: a classic Impartial Game. Many games can be equivalent to Nim. Nimber (Grun

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