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"From translator MOS article" in Oracle DB 11GR2 version number is enabled for Oracle NUMA support

Label:Oracle NUMA support is enabled on Oracle DB 11GR2 version numberReference Original:Enable Oracle NUMA Support with Oracle Server Version 11gR2 (file ID 864633.1)Application:Oracle database-enterprise edition-version and laterOracle Database-standard edition-ve

[Oracle Support] PeopleSoft support in Fixes,patches,bundles,packs?

number of fixes that need to be included.Other Terms:Feature Pack -A Feature pack contains all the code in a standard major release, as well as features and updates that were previously delivered in bundles and maintenance packs.Update ID Report ID- This is how the patch/fix, package, or maintenance package is provided to customers on the Oracle Support portal.

Go Oracle DB Use Support workbench

Using the Support Workbench Using the Enterprise Manager Support Workbench with the Support Workbench, you can investigate, report, and (some cases) to resolve the issue:1. On the Database home page of Enterprise Manager, review critical Error alerts. Choosean early warning to view detailed information. 2. Analyze the problem details and view a list of all t

Mysql support for GIS & amp; oracle Spatial Database description

function, that is, to convert data from an internal format to WKT; the corresponding ASBINARY function can be converted to WKB. The built-in gis functions of mysql provide powerful spatial analysis capabilities for mysql databases. As the fastest open source database, mysql can be widely used in the gis field. I personally think that it is very meaningful to fully explore the features of mysql in gis space data storage through php scripts or c # program development with distinctive storage meth

Will Oracle close the Metalink support website?

far, I am very disappointed. I certainly won't support MOs, and I guarantee 100% ". An Oracle user in Europe emailed that the mos website is currently trying to modify to meet the access speed of low-bandwidth users, but this may not be necessary, but it may be counterproductive. An engineer who has been working as an oracle consultant for a long time said tha

Goodbye oracle! Dell Resource Transfer tool starts to support SAP HANA

because of the two of them.Dell's new capabilities, coupled with the SAP project's no longer allowing its own ERP system to support Oracle or other brand repositories since 2025, have made the entire repository market more detrimental to Oracle.Shareplex was made in 2012 when Dell purchased Quest Software, where the product has been able to move the material between Or

MySQL support for GIS & Oracle Spatial Database description

-dimen1_polygonNull,Null,Sdo_elem_info_array (1,1003, 4), -- one circleSdo_ordinate_array (8, 7, 10, 9, 8, 11))); Update view: user_sdo_geom_metadataInsert into user_sdo_geom_metadata(Table_name,Column_name,Diminfo,SRID)Values ('Cola _ markets ','Shape ',Sdo_dim_array (-- 20x20 GridSdo_dim_element ('x', 0, 20, 0.005 ),Sdo_dim_element ('y', 0, 20, 0.005)),Null -- SRID); Create a spatial index:Create index cola_spatial_idxOn cola_markets (SHAPE)Indextype is MDSYS. spatial_index;-- Preceding statem

DATAUML Design Introduction 11-DATAUML version 1.5 features-No Oracle client Support

File_cataloguemetadata Catalogueid Catalog number Varchar2 50 Whether Is Is {Catalog number} {}{} File_catalogue Id Catalog Meta Data File_cataloguemetadata Metadataid Meta Data number Nvarchar2 50 Whether Is Is {

DATAUML Design Introduction 11-DATAUML 1.5 version features (support for no Oracle client connection, there is a picture of the truth)

" sysdate {data record creation date}{}{} catalog metadata file_cataloguemetadata catalogueid catalog number varchar2 50 no Yes {catalog number}{}{} file_catalogue id catalog metadata file_cataloguemetadata metadataid

The Oracle SYS user object does not support deferred segments

A table that attempted to establish a deferred segment property in 11.2 encountered a ORA-14223 error: Sql> SELECT * from V$version; BANNER -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Oracle Database 11g Enterprise Edition release Pl/sql Release CORE Production TNS for 32-bit windows:version Nlsrtl Version Sq

BI test Tool cross-database data comparison, support Oracle,sqlserver

Tags: style blog http io ar using for SP dataApplication Scenarios:this week in the SIT, I help one of the only Test sisters. Data quality verification for some tables, the first step is to compare the table definition of the source and stage tables with the Consistency of data content. This project uses Oracle as the DW,source is oracle,sqlserver and xls.Without permission to set up the database link, the

Oracle SQL statements do not support the boolean Type (decode & amp; case)

not support the boolean Type (there is no other database at hand, and you do not know whether mysql and sqlserver support it ):SQL> create or replace function is_true return booleanIsBeginReturn true;End;/ Function created. SQL> select is_true from dual;Select is_true from dual*ERROR at line 1:ORA-06552: PL/SQL: Statement ignoredORA-06553: PLS-382: expression is of wrong type It cannot be put directly in t

Performance Tuning and optimization principles for Oracle Decision support systems

The characteristics of a DSS system are to produce meaningful reports from a large number of data. DSS applications may often be used with OLTP, but because their design requirements vary widely, it is not a good idea to use OLTP systems for decision support. OLTP users are generally many, while the DSS system has fewer users. Examples of decision support systems

Multi-language Oracle Database Support

1. NLS Parameter Oracle called globalization support National Language Support (NLS ),You can set the NLS parameter at the Session, Instance, and Database levels.Session-level settings overwrite Instance-level settings, and Instance-level settings overwrite Database-level settings.Correspondingly, Oracle provides the N

Serial isolation in Oracle support for deferred and interval partitions

Two days ago, it was mentioned that the serializable isolation does not support the ability to delay segment creation and interval partitioning, and it is thought that because both of these methods are recursively generating DDL operations in DML, they can cause problems in serial isolation. However, when validating this point of view, unexpectedly found that the phenomenon is inconsistent with the document description. The description on the documen

Oracle-provided package support for developers [important] (vii)

,'report:generated on' ||Sysdate);--Write Content AUtl_file.new_line (FILE);--New Row - forEmp_recinchEMPC LOOP--Cycle Employee Records - IFemp_rec.department_idOlddeptno Then --Record Department value theUtl_file.put_line (FILE,'Department:' ||EMP_REC.DEPARTMENT_ID);--New Append Row - END IF; -Utl_file.put_line (FILE,'Employee:' ||Emp_rec.last_name|| 'earns:' ||Emp_rec.salary);--Append Log -Olddeptno:=emp_rec.department_id;--Old Department Value update + ENDLOOP; -Utl_fi

Multi-language Oracle Database Support

You can set the NLS parameter at the Session, Instance, and Database levels. Session-level settings overwrite Instance-level settings. You can set the NLS parameter at the Session, Instance, and Database levels. Session-level settings overwrite Instance-level settings. 1. NLS Parameter Oracle called globalization support National Language Support (NLS ),You c

Small user experience (2)-Oracle uses a cursor to support result sets

Oracle stored procedures support result sets,There is no research yet. For large data volume queries, this method is used to directly return oracledatareader,Is it faster than using other methods (such as views. The following describes how to use datareader to access the result set returned by the Stored Procedure select_job_history.The following are package specifications: Create or new package select_

Use Oracle's dynamic SQL support

Oracle dynamic SQL Dbms_ SQL built-in package Native dynamic SQL Three common functions of native dynamic SQL Execute dynamic DDL or DML statements that do not contain Bound variables. Execute dynamic DDL or DML containing Bound variables Dql support, Data Query Language Scenario/simple process Code Declare tmpstr varchar2 (4000): = NULL; tmpi number (1

Quick query of patch numbers PatchID/Number in the Oracle Patch Set

Oracle has released a large number of Patchset patch sets from 8i to 11gr2. Sometimes, when we want to download these patch sets from MyOracleSupport, we may not be able to find the patch number (patchidnumber) at once ), the following describes the Patchset and PSU PatchNumber indexes up to PatchsetPSUPa Oracle

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