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Building. NET Applications on Oracle

The oracle| program understands the basic but essential processes involved in building a. NET application that uses an Oracle database The downloads covered in this article · Sample code · Oracle Data Provider for. NET ( With the growing

Build. NET applications on the Oracle database

As Microsoft's. NET Framework becomes increasingly popular, many developers are eager to learn about applying. net Program The best way to integrate with Oracle-not only in terms of basic connectivity, but also in relation to effective application

Oracle learning path (2) ------ use of array type/record type, oracle ------

Oracle learning path (2) ------ use of array type/record type, oracle ------Oracle record types RECORD: A composite data type consisting of scalar values in multiple columns of a single row, it encapsulates one or more scalar values into one object

Oracle object type (object)

Oracle object type (object)Oracle object types also have attributes and methods.The object creation type is similar to the table creation, but it does not actually allocate space for the stored data: Simple Object Types without methods:Create type

How to create an object type and object type table in Oracle Database

OracleDatabase creationObject TypeThe operation is actually similar to the operation for creating a table, but the object type does not actually allocate space for the stored data. In addition, the object type also has attributes and methods. This

Oracle Learning Path (ii)------use of array type/record type

Introduction to Oracle Record typesRecord: User-defined data type, composed of single-row multi-column scalar composite data type, it is one or more scalar encapsulated into an object for operation records can not be compared to the overall

Analysis of blob type in Oracle Database

The Blob field in Oracle is special. It has much better performance than the long field and can be used to save binary data such as sample slices.Writing Blob fields is very different from writing other types of fields. Because Blob itself has a

Oracle PLSQL collection type

Reprinted: collectionsI. Types of Collections1. associative arrays ArrayIt is a one-dimensional, borderless sparse set of the same type and can only be used for PL/SQL.DeclareType

. Net 2.0 accesses Oracle-differences with SQL Server, precautions, common exceptions

Http:// You can access a database on the. net platform in the following ways:1. OleDB database access program,2. ODBC Database Access Program,3. proprietary database access programs. For example,

Differences between. NET 2.0 access to Oracle and SQL Server

You can access a database on the. NET platform in the following ways: 1. oledb database access program, 2. ODBC Database Access Program, 3. proprietary database access programs. For example, when accessing SQL Server 2000, we generally like to use

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