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Perl-Chapter 8-regular expression-Exercises

1. Question 2. Code and Output1 #-----------------------------------------------------------# 2 # Source: Learning Perl, chapter8, exercise-1 3 # Date: 2012-01-18 4 # Author: xiaodongrush 5 #-----------------------------------------------------------# 6 Use 5.010; 7 while (8 chomp; 9 if ($ _ = ~ M | match | ){ 10 say "11} 12} 13 #-------------------------------

Beginning Perl Reading Notes ~ Chapter 5

Chapter 2: List and array list (): Empty list, false when used as a condition judgment Two non-empty list examples: ("hello", "world", "\ n") (123,456,789) Different types of elements can be contained in the same list. The list in Perl is only one-dimensional. (3, 8, 5, 15), (3, 8), (

UTF-8 encoding in Perl

. You can add time before the command to count the time spent. To avoid Perl interference, use open in => ": Raw", out => ": Raw" at the beginning of the program. The default input and output are not interpreted. These six methods are tested to get the correct results, but the running speed is different under my Perl 5.8.0, as shown below: AAA 0m0. 376 sBbb 0m5. 263 sCCC 0m0. 432 sDdd 0m2. 668 sEee 0m0. 784

Chapter 5 using Perl for CGI programming

Chapter 5 using Perl for CGIProgramming• This chapter introduces the commonGateway Interface (CGI) and discussesHow Perl can be used as a CGIProgramming Language. It begins withOverview of CGI, how CGI programs areLiked to web clients, and how resultsAre returned to clients from CGI programs.• You'll also learn in this chapter aboutCGI. PM module, which provides

How to Implement frontend and backend interconnection with 5-perl in the Age of small


Perl Study Notes No. 8

Application of Regular Expressions 1. // is short for M //./http: // is not easy to read. You can write m {http: //} or M % http: // % 2. The forward slash is not a metacharacter. If it is not a separator, you do not need to use a backslash before it. 3./Fred/I, indicating that the case sensitivity is ignored. It can match Fred, etc. 4 .. line breaks cannot be matched, but after S is added, all characters, such as/f. */s, can be matched to all strings starting with F

Little age-perl 5 to 6 (complete)

The "Perl 5 to 6 translated version" issued in this post for three consecutive weeks has been completed. Thanks to the support of Py (ask him if he cannot understand English in many places ). if there is something wrong with the translation, please reply and I will correct it.To view only all translations, click"View the author only"Try to install the RPM package. Rpm-IVH

Use Perl to create the implementation code of a specified encoding format (such as UTF-8) File

So that some characters (especially wide characters) cannot be correctly displayed, that is, they are no longer in UTF-8 format. Solution:When the output file is opened, the encoding format is specified, so no garbled characters will occur after the output file is opened. Common default open output files: Copy codeThe Code is as follows: open (OUTPUT, '> output.txt') | die "can not open the file: $! "; Define the specified encoding format file (or

Perl-Chapter 5-input and output-Exercises

1. Exercise 2. Code and Output Cat_reverse.pl1 #-----------------------------------------------------------# 2 # Source: Learning Perl, chapter5, exercise-1 3 # Date: 2012-01-15 4 # Author: xiaodongrush 5 #-----------------------------------------------------------# 6 use 5.010; 7 while (8 foreach (@ array) {say $ _;} 9 10 # @ _ indicates the parameter list of s

Perl Learning 5 Hash, perllearninghash

Perl Learning 5 Hash, perllearninghash [This article is original. Do not reprint it without permission] Hash is a data structure. It is similar to an array in that it can accommodate any number of values and can be used as needed. The difference between hash and array lies in the indexing method, arrays are indexed by numbers, while hash is indexed by names. That is to say, the hash index value, which is c

Perl Learning 8 processing Text with Regular Expression

hash as a to-do list, and remove the file that already contains the copyright notice line. The name of the file currently being read is available $ARGV , so it can be taken directly as a hash key. This section gives me a more in-depth look at how to manipulate files in perl . At the same time, I am continuing to see my vtr-to-bitstream project, which is changing Virtex-6 to ZYNQ Have encountered a lot of problems. But we are discussing with the teac

Analysis on the INC settings of 5-perl in the Age of small


Use Perl to create the implementation code for the specified encoding format (such as utf-8) file _perl

This allows some characters (especially wide characters) to be displayed incorrectly, which is no longer utf-8 format. Solution:When you open the output file, you specify the encoding format, and there is no garbled situation after the output file is opened. The normal default open output file: Copy Code code as follows: Open (OUTPUT, ' >>output.txt ') | | Die "Can not open the file: $!"; Defines the specified encoding format file (o

Install the perl module in CentOS 5 to support IPV6

Install the perl module in CentOS 5 to support IPV6 LWP: UserAgent is used in our product for http requests in perl code. The test shows that the following error is returned in a pure V6 environment: Can't connect to [2001: db8: 0: 1: 10: 208: 135: 232]: 8002 (Bad hostname '[2001: db8: 0: 1: 10: 208: 135: 232] ') After investigation, we found that some

Introduction to the usage of 5-perl hash in the Age of small


Perl Learning 5 Hash

the hash, you can use the Exists function, which returns TRUE or false, indicating whether the key exists or not, regardless of the value corresponding to the key. The delete function removes the specified key from the hash and corresponds to the value. Without such a key, it would end directly without any warning or error message. This is not the same as "depositing undef into a hash element". In both cases,theexists ($book {"Betty"}) will produce the opposite result. after the delete , the ke

Perl Study Notes No. 5

1.> clear file data and overwrite;> append at the end of the file2. It is recommended that you close a file handle immediately, regardless of whether the program ends immediately.3. $! Indicates some readable information generated by the system, such as insufficient permissions and the file does not exist. The information contained in it is only valid when the system request fails.4. As a general rule (die statement), if a usage error occurs, a line break is added to the message. If it is anothe

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Obtain the fractional sequence: 2/1, 3/2, 5/3, 8/5, 13/8, 21/13... The sum of the first 20 items

/***//** * Fractionserial. Java * There is a fractional sequence: 2/1, 3/2, 5/3, 8/5, 13/8, 21/13... * Calculate the sum of the first 20 items of the series. * @ Author Deng Chao (codingmouse) * @ Version 0.2 * Development/test environment: jdk1.6 + eclipse SDK 3.3.2 */ Public class fractionserial ...{ Public static

There is a fractional sequence: 2/1, 3/2, 5/3, 8/5, 13/8, 21/13... find the sum of the first 20 items of this series

# Include }/* The numerator behind the score is equal to the numerator plus the denominator of the previous score, and the denominator of the subsequent score is equal to the numerator with the previous score */ There is a fractional sequence: 2/1, 3/2, 5/3, 8/5, 13/8, 21/13... find the sum of the first 20 items of

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