php guid generator

Want to know php guid generator? we have a huge selection of php guid generator information on

PHP Perfect RSS-generation class

Class Rssgenerator_rss{var $rss _version = ' 2.0 ';var $encoding = ';var $stylesheet = '; function CData ($STR){Return ' ';} function Createfeed ($channel){$SELFURL = (!isset ($_server[' https ') | | | | $_server[' HTTPS ']!= ' on '? ' http://': '

How PHP generates a unique numeric ID

How PHP generates a unique numeric ID, note that it is numeric, do not string the Reply content: How PHP generates a unique numeric ID, note that it is numeric, do not string the Landlord, you are a big problem. Twitter,weibo and so on have

Mysql-php randomly generates 2 million records with many duplicates

During mysql optimization, I created a temporary table to generate million data records. However, I do not understand that the generated records are repeated and there are many records, thank you for choosing {code ...} note: The execution time is

mysql-php randomly generated 2 million records with a lot of duplicate

When I was in the MySQL optimization, casually built a temporary table, generate 200W data, but do not understand, generated records are duplicated, but also more, puzzled Thank you, gentlemen. $conn=new

Symfony Learning 10-minute Introductory Classic Tutorial _php example

Symfony is a powerful PHP based Web development framework, where we use 10 minutes to do a simple deletion and modification procedures, anyone unfamiliar with Symfony can complete their first Symfony program through this tutorial. If you need the

RSS 2.0 specifications

What is RSS? RSS is a Web content sydication format ). Its name is the abbreviation of Really Simple Syndication. RSS is a type of XML. All RSS documents comply with the XML 1.0 specification, which is published on the W3C website. The beginning of

RSS 2.0 specification [translate]

rss| specification Original address: Http:// is RSS? RSS is a syndication format for Web content sydication format. Its name is the abbreviation of Really Simple syndication. RSS is one of the XML. All RSS

For more information on how to avoid some common problems

Background: Coding issues have been plagued by program developers, especially in Java, because Java is a cross-platform language that switches between encodings on different platforms. Next, we will introduce the root causes of Java coding problems,

A PHP class that generates RSS2.0

Rss /****************************************** RSS2.0 Generator* Create by Magicboy (darasion)* Copyright? Magic Boy******************************************/ /*———————————————— How to use:Bring the following array into the corresponding function.

"Go" Linux shell implements random number of methods (DATE,RANDOM,UUID)

In daily life, random numbers are actually often encountered, want to throw dice, lottery, and draw lots. Oh, very simple can be achieved. It's really not easy to design a random number in your own program. Now a lot of the operating system kernel

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