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Programmer-why I have both Apache and PHP installed on the D disk, in Phpinfo () found the configuration file inside the C:windows

Why I have both Apache and PHP installed on the D disk, in Phpinfo () but found that the configuration file inside the C:\Windows Reply content: Why I have both Apache and PHP installed on the D disk, in Phpinfo () but found that the

Configuration of the PHP development environment (Apache and PHP installed on Linux platforms)

Label:configuration of the PHP development environment ( Apache and php installed on Linux platforms ): Download apache  (httpd-2.4.12.tar.gz) , download php (php-5.6.9.tar.gz) , download and php Installation related LIBXML2 (libxml2-2.7.

PCNTL Extension of PHP installed under Linux system

Tags: fork phpize text Directory module 3.1 figure color. Net First look at the directory where the Phpize command is located (ps: my directory/usr/bin/phpize)If not found, perform the installationYum Install Php53_devel (PS: Please note your

View PHP installed extensions command

View PHP installed extensions commandPhp-m

Build a fault with PHP installed in lamp

Tags: Installing the lamp in the installation of PHP encountered failureApache encounters a fault with PHPAn error occurred while starting Apache:/usr/local/apache2/bin/apachectl-tah00526:syntax error on line 367 Of/usr/local/apache2/conf/httpd.conf:

MONGO extensions for MongoDB and PHP installed under CentOS

Tags: title down res replace until child tar process extensionInstalling MongoDB1, the following to install MongoDB, first download: cd/usr/src wget download is slow, you can

PHP installed extension hint undefined

Label:The following error is still indicated after installing the curl extension:Call to undefined function curl_init ()Use the statement output noecho function_exists (' Curl_init ')? ' YES ': ' No ';Reference

Detailed solution for Zendguardloader extensions of PHP installed in Linux

1.ZendGuardLoader Introduction From PHP5.3 start Zend Guard will replace Zend optimizer~ download installation Zend Guard, in fact, do not install Zend Guard directly download loader on it, after the good throw into the usr/local/zend/ Modify php.i

php-installed GD Library error, seek guidance ...

Phplinux ./configure--prefix=/usr/local/gd2/--with-zlib=/usr/local/zlib/--with-jpeg=/usr/local/jpeg6/--with-png=/usr/ local/libpng/--with-freetype=/usr/local/freetype Configure:WARNING:unrecognized Options:--with-zlibThere is a warning, how

The APC extension of PHP installed under win

Introduction to APC APC (alternative PHP cache) is a PHP buffer. It stores PHP pages in memory and reduces the I/O to the hard drive. This is obvious for performance improvement. You can even improve the performance of system 50% with a 50% reductio

Extensions for PHP installed under IIS

This article mainly introduces the method of installing PHP extension under IIS, very simple, with reference value, the need for friends can refer to the following Many online articles in the introduction of IIS under the installation of PHP will

MongoDB driver ____php with PHP installed under Windows

Turn from: 1. Download MONGO PHP driver Download Address: Http:// Github-mongo-php-driver Determine your PHP version (the phpinfo () function can list your PHP

PHP installed in configuration

Tags: PHP installation Download a PHP installation package from the official website To configureIIS7 Configuring PHP plots Security alert!Change the cgi.force_redirect=1

LAMPP have PHP installed there? I want to add PHP to the system path

Reply content: /opt/lampp/* to this directory to find and then add a symbolic link to/usr/bin or/usr/local/bin or/usr/sbin which phpIn fact, when the installation should be added a soft /usr/bin link /usr/local/bin to or. 

html-php installed extension php-m can see, but phpinfo () do not see, php-fpm turned off reopen or not?

ICBC's PHP payment extension,Php-m can see, but the phpinfo () page is not found, php.ini file is correct. has been restarted or httpd, PHP-FPM also closed, and then open or not,System: CENTOS7php:5.4.0 Do you need any special settings for PHP-FPM?

PHP installation for Apache DSO specific method parsing _php tutorial

We are usingBecause it is easy to maintain and upgrade, we need to implement PHP installed as Apache DSO. For example, if you installed PHP to support only the database at initial installation, and then you want to install a module that supports

37, lamp architecture, MYSQL-MARIADB Introduction, MySQL installation,

Tags: LAMP MariaDB mysql Installation37, lamp architecture, MYSQL-MARIADB Introduction, MySQL installation,First, lamp architectureLamp=linux+apache (httpd) +mysql+phpThat is, Apache, MySQL, PHP installed on Linux, an environment to run the PHP

RPM How to configure apache_php tutorial after installing PHP

Q: I have PHP installed with RPM, but Apache cannot handle PHP files. Why?A: If you use RPM to properly install PHP, then you have to either counter-note or add the following lines to the httpd.conf file:#Extra ModulesAddmodule mod_php.cAddmodule

The evolution of the Grass roots PHP language development history

PHP inherits from an old project called Php/fi. Php/fi was created by Rasmus Lerdorf in 1995, initially as a simple Perl script to track the information of people visiting his home page. It named this set of scripts "Personal home Page Tools." As mor

Request an Apache suffix exe install version download address

Apache PHP exe 64-bit PHP Apache download address do not compress the version of the 1 64-bit Win7 2 suffix is the kind of EXE installed directly Prawn Send Download URL address Reply to discussion (solution) Directly loaded XAMPP without

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