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Android 4.3 system cropping-remove unused apps and add apps

/envsetup.shChoosecombo (select default Direct carriage return)Make-j2 There are also said direct so that I have no test: Make cleanMakeWhen the compilation is complete, start the virtual machine:./EMULATOR-AVD Androidname-system Out/target/product/generic/system.img Methods for compiling individual modules $.build/envsetup.shMMM packages/apps/contacts/sample Compile ContactThis generatesout/target/product/generic/data/app/

picturecutting picture Batch cropping (cropping) tool

picturecutting picture Batch cropping (cropping) toolThe reason to write this tool is because in the acquisition of a software skin package in the picture of the need to do a lot of cutting work, and there is no easy to find in the Linux tool, simply QT write a.Project Address Https://git.oschina.net/oloroso/PictureCut

Create material Design-style Android apps-custom shadows and cropping views

the outline of a view usingView.setClipToOutLine()Method, orandroid:clipToOutlineProperty. There is only a rectangle, rounded rectangle, and the outline of the circle is clipped and can be usedOutline.canClip()The method detects if the crop is supported.Crop the view to a drawable shape. Sets drawable as the background for the view (the view is displayed on it), and the method is called View.setClipToOutline() .Cropping a view is an expensive operati

Tips for defining shadows and cropping views for Android apps

that can override the default view Shadow shape.Customize a profile in your own code:1. Inheriting the Viewoutlineprovider class2. Overriding the Getoutline () method3. Set the outline in the view, using the View.setoutlineprovider () methodYou can create ellipses and rounded rectangle outlines using methods in the outline class. The default outline provider of the view generates outlines based on the background of the view. You can set the outline provider of the view to NULL to prevent castin

Android 4.3 system cropping-delete unused apps and add your own app

compilingcommand line to the project root folder, run: SOURCE build/envsetup.shChoosecombo (select default Direct carriage return)Make-j2 There are also those who say this directly. I don't have a test: Make cleanMakeWhen the compilation is complete, start the virtual machine:./EMULATOR-AVD Androidname-system Out/target/product/generic/system.img Methods for compiling individual modules $.build/envsetup.shMMM packages/ap

Jcrop plugin +canvas realize picture upload preview + picture cropping upload

reasons Baidu has said. Gets the canvas picture stream (which is actually a string), and the form submits the picture stream. The background uses BASE64 to parse the picture stream into a byte array, and then create an input stream based on the byte array, and with the input stream, you can write a picture. part of th

PHP implementation of the picture is not variant crop and picture by proportional cropping method _php skills

The example of this article describes the implementation of the graphics of the PHP picture is not variant cropping and picture scaling method. Share to everyone for your reference, specific as follows: Picture No variant cropping

CSS "cropping" the picture (showing part of the picture)

Background: A friend has a need, that is, the list page display of the picture to do the crop, or do not proportionally reduce the picture looks distorted. Originally think of a good solution is to use PHP to generate thumbnails, but tried several open source thumbnail class are not a satisfactory, suddenly think why not directly with CSS?For example, if you have a pict

[Turn]ionic or Angularjs picture display compression problem resolution or display an area of a larger picture, cropping the display

We know that displaying images in HTML is usually tagged with an img control, and of course resizing is easy.However, a specific IMG size will appear, showing a larger size and a length-to-width ratio that does not match the specific IMG size. and caused the compression problem, the picture squeeze is very serious, looks very uncomfortable.This time can be used in CSS background-image this property to solve. Use the div tag instead of the IMG tag and

PHP plus nginx to implement dynamic cropping picture scheme

This article mainly introduces PHP plus nginx implementation of dynamic cropping picture scheme, using Imagick component implementation, need friends can refer to the following Wrote a long time ago is also about high-performance PHP picture dynamic cropping scheme article, the article is used Nginx cache and rewrite

Use the JQuery plugin Croppic + intervention image in Laravel 5 for picture uploading and cropping

1. Overview We often need to write the image upload component for the user's picture and implement the cropping function, and each site layout has its own custom size, which causes the picture to be cropped on the server, which is why I prefer to edit the picture on the client, And lately I've found a jquery plugin th

Picture cropping and asynchronous upload plugin--one step (record)

= $ ("#dataHeight"), $dataWidth = $ ("#dataWidth"),//console = Window.console | | {log: $.noop}, Cropper; $image. Cropper ({aspectratio:1,//aspect ratio string/number, the default auto,1 represents a square, and 16/4 represents the number of rectangles autocroparea:0.3,//0 and 1. Define the size of the auto crop area (percentage) zoomlevel:1,//zoom level//data: {//Only four properties are supported: "X", "Y", "width" and "height", by default the c

Javaweb to implement the full code of cropping picture upload _java

, "UTF-8"); restring = Restring.replace ("%0a", ""); restring = Restring.replace ("%0d", ""); catch (Exception e) {e.printstacktrace (); return restring; /** * Upload cropped picture * Zxiao 2016/09/01 * * @param fileid/public static String Submitcutedwebimage (Multip Artfile file,string fileid,string x,string y,string w,string h) throws Unsupportedencodingexception {String FileId=fi Leid; String[] cropwidths=new string[]{"50"};Cut

Java implementation of picture Zoom compression cropping tool! Looking for a long time, the market can no longer find a better than its scaling effect of the code

Original: Java implementation of the picture Zoom compression cropping tool! Looking for a long time, the market can no longer find a better than its scaling effect of the codeSource code: Http://www.zuidaima.com/share/1550463380458496.htmPure Java implementation of Picture Zoom compression cropping tool! Do not rely o

Simple JS cropping the picture and storing it

As far as I am concerned, the design of the page on the more flexible parts, in fact, not many, such as sliding verification code, image cutting and other good interactive design.From the beginning of the work, I want to understand these things, helpless has not this demand, riding on today's idle, studied the afternoon, during the encounter of large and small problems, has been tortured, which actually reflects a problem, myis still relatively weak.Words not much to say, first about the effect:

Use ImageMagick for picture scaling, compositing, and cropping (Js+python) _javascript tips

pointing to the upper right corner If the request is in the middle, the argument is center If required in the lower-right corner, the parameter is southeast Others follow the directions After the synthesis effect is as follows: Finally, the picture is cropped, the picture is divided into two parts, shaded parts left.png and other parts Right.png: Copy Code code as follows: Left:convert

Smartcrop.js Smart Picture Cropping library

Today we will introduce a very good open Source Library –smartcrop.js on GitHub recently. It is an intelligent cropping library for image processing. In many project development, often meet upload picture scene, it may be user photo information, may also be a product picture. However, in a Web page layout, they often require some width and height restrictions for

_php example of dynamic cropping picture scheme with PHP plus nginx implementation

Wrote a long time ago is also about high-performance PHP picture dynamic cropping scheme article, the article is used Nginx cache and rewrite implementation, of course, plus CDN, the solution exists a problem is that the picture is not actually generated, but in the form of a binary cache. If the cache fails then you will need to request PHP to generate it again.

Xcode cropping a picture

Goal: crop a circular pictureSteps:1. Load the picture you want to intercept2. Set the Circle clipping area2.1 Creating a circular path2.2 Set the path to the cropping area3. Drawing pictures4. Get the picture from the context5. Close the contextCode:-(void) viewdidload { [super viewdidload]; Self.view.backgroundColor = [Uicolor colorwithwhite:0.819 alp

Jquery. Jcrop combining Java background to achieve picture cropping upload instance _jquery

This article introduces the avatar cutting upload function, the technology used has JQUERY,SPRINGMVC, the cutting plug-in uses is Jcrop (in the middle encounters many pits, finally crosses). Picture upload step: 1. User Select picture 2. The picture into the background: the user chooses the picture when the choice i

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