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PHP implementation of a picture to add a watermark effect, _php tutorial

PHP implementation of a picture to add a watermark effect, PHP implementation of a picture to add watermark effect Let's take a look at a support to add a watermark to a picture in two ways: Picture and text. Image support Gif,png,jpg Three

New definition of photo watermark: Design of watermark camera material

Article Description: experience sharing: The key points of watermark camera material design. Watermark Camera (Professional Edition) has been released for nearly half a year, the watermark has more than 130. In the design process of

ASP component AspJpeg (watermark) to generate thumbnails, such as the use of methods _ application techniques

Add a watermark to a picture Copy Code code as follows: Dim Jpeg ' '//Declaration variable Set Jpeg = Server.CreateObject ("persits.jpeg") '//Calling Component Jpeg.open Server.MapPath ("AAA"). JPG ")"//Source Picture location

C # Add watermark code to picture

Using System;Using System.IO;Using System.Collections;Using System.Drawing;Using System.Drawing.Drawing2D;Using System.Drawing.Imaging; Namespace Imag_writer{Type of watermarkpublic enum Watermarktype{Text watermarkTextmark,Picture

How to add a watermark to a file picture with Word

Today blue1000.com is sharing a tutorial on how to use Word to add a watermark to a file picture. To facilitate those original authors for their own articles and pictures stamped with their own imprint. Children's shoes in need, come and leave your

10 recommended articles about watermark pictures

This article mainly for you to introduce the PHP generated random watermark image of the relevant data, with a certain reference value, interested in the small partners can refer to the PHP-based GD Graphics library, generate a picture themselves.

PHP to add a watermark instance function to the picture

The realization of watermark function is mainly depend on these function function operation 1.imagecreatefromjpeg//Open JPG picture 2.imagecreatefromgif//Open GIF picture3.imagecreatefrompng//Open PNG picture4.imagecreatefromwbmp//Open wbmp picture

ASP component AspJpeg (watermark) generate thumbnails and other usage methods

ASP component AspJpeg (watermark) generate thumbnails and other usage methodsFont: [Increase decrease] Type: Reprint time: 2012-12-17 I want to commentAspJpeg is a fairly powerful image processing component that makes it easy to make thumbnails of

Using Aspjpg to make a picture watermark

Last done a picture watermark, the effect is very poor, no way to make the picture background transparent, with the background transparent GIF will automatically fill into white. With the function of removing a certain color, the picture color is

Java implementation of tilt watermark full picture _java

Today encountered a demand for the upload map covered with watermarks, on the internet to find a long time is set in the specified location watermark, the following code is I find the code online, and then transformed into. Let's look at the effect

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