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Workaround for Linux to ping IP but not ping host domain name vim/etc/nsswitch.conf hosts:files DNS wins

Linux can ping IP but cannot ping host domain name resolution reprinted December 25, 2013 10:24:27 Dnsnetworks:files changed to: hos Ts:files DNS Winsnetworks:files if not the same, in the hosts: the original

Linux under ping command to use the introduction

The principle and working mechanism of the ping command ping commands are commonly used to detect network communication and impassability, also called time delay, the greater the value, the slower the ping (packetinternetgrope), the Internet Packet

Java internal DNS query implementation and parameter settings

Java internal DNS query implementation and parameter settings1. Java internal DNS query Java uses its own internal domain name implementation mechanism for domain name query, and finally submits it to InetAddress for DNS resolution. Source code

Linux ping command to use the detailed

ping commands are commonly used to detect network communication and impassability, also called time delay, the greater the value, the slower the ping (packetinternetgrope), the Internet Packet Explorer, used to test the amount of network

Workaround for Ubuntu to ping IP but not to ping host domain name

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Vi/etc/nsswitch.confHosts:files DNSNetworks:filesChange to:Hosts:files DNS

Summary of nslookup command and its accompanying DNS noun explanation

read the basic requirements of this article:1. The use of the cmd command has a certain basis2. The basic principles of DNS and common concepts have a certain understanding, such as host, alias, forward lookup zone, reverse lookup zone, and so on.3.

DNS Service delegation

DNS Service delegation Environment: Two DNS servers (one parent domain, one table domain), one client Objective: To facilitate maintenance when there are too many subdomains Steps: 1. Open "Start" → "Administrative Tools" → "Server Manager" in the

Network DNS server to form a full introduction

Whether on the LAN or the Internet, people also face another confusion: the computer on the network can only identify such as "" such as digital address, then why when we open the browser, in the address bar input such as

Linux could not ping the gateway and could not ping the other IP address reason lookup __linux

background Server reboot once, every time there will be a little problem, this time the problem is not normal access to the extranet (because the server needs to pass the Campus network certification), so began to toss. ProcessFirst look at

Ping the specified port with the tcping command

Ping is a simple tool to test network connectivity, useful for the general user, but Ping has a disadvantage is that it can not specify the port, and if the source address ban Ping, the ping command on the same name. --Preface tcping command is for

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