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Play more than one song code

first or local test it. 3, Save the modified Notepad file, such as save for 11.txt 4, modify the file name of the Notepad file just saved, and change the file's extension. mp3, that is, change 11.txt to 11.mp3, then determine 5, the modified MP3 file uploaded to the network, And get uploaded after the network address, such as: Http:// introduce a good upload space: 999KB random Biography,, after uploading he will automatically generate file address; 6,

How to Write elegant code (4) -- simple and effective play with the thread

// ================================================ ========================================// Title:// How to Write elegant code (4) -- simple and effective play with the thread// Author:// Norains// Date:// Monday 23-November-2009// Environment:// The Windows CE 5.0// ================================================ ========================================The use of threads is complicated, but there are o

"Old code said programming to play the Swift Lake" a book finally published

understand, worth buying ". Think about a group of unknown yards of farmers, in addition to the wedding day firecrackers, a sea of people, a little star-like existence, what achievements can be compared with this? And the editor chatted about the sales of the feedback, I like her conclusion: " believe the reader, the reader's eyes are discerning, do you have the heart they see!" ". And I just want to say: " painstaking people, the days are not negative, there are volunteers, things have become

Play Android anti-compilation and code obfuscation

This time to prepare the system to play the android from the export apk to Anti-compilation to code confusion and then re-compile the process, there is a picture of the truth of the record ~ ~The first step is to export the non-confusing normal apkFirst create a Fuckcode project, there is a basic activity:mainactivity one, the other class one, the code is very si

PHP remote DOS Vulnerability in-depth analysis fast three red black play and Protection program source Code Building

PHP Remote DOS VulnerabilityPHP remote DOS Vulnerability in-depth analysis fast three red and black Play (Penguin: 212303635) and Protection Program source Building ( 3, someone on the PHP website to submit PHP remote DOS Vulnerability (PHP multipart/form-data remote DOS Vulnerability), code 69364. Due to the vulnerability involved in all versions of PHP, it has a large impact, once releas

Play Code First with a text database over the weekend

structure in the address directory based on the table name and link address based on the attribute name, and stores data in json or xml format. 2: where supports SQL?Supported. However, for txt and xml, the most basic SQL parsing can be implemented with built-in functions>, >=, 3: application scenarios Sometimes, the data is not big. It is too difficult to use access. It is not allowed to use sqlite server security settings. If you use mssql, you feel that you do not need to use the txt and xml

Cocos2d-x's Android Play video C + + code

Onvideofinish () {Group.removeview (videoview); videoview = Null;group.removeview (BTN); btn = null;}}HelloWorldScene.cpp#include "HelloWorldScene.h" #include "layer\loginlayer.h" #include "layer\registerlayer.h" #include "base\ LayerManager.h "USING_NS_CC; helloworldscene* helloworldscene::create () {Helloworldscene *pret = new Helloworldscene (); if (PRet pret->init ()) {pret->autorelease (); return pRet; } else {cc_safe_delete (pRet); return NULL; }}//on "Init" need t

KTV Play Important Code parsing

KTV play important code parsing the first step:Set up the KTV song interface, and then to achieve is the singer song, click on the form of the Load event to write the following code:private void Frmzhu_load (object sender, EventArgs e){Read the picture path in the MyResource table and put it into the ImagePath variableString sql = "Select Resource_path from Resource_path where resource_id=1";SqlConnection c

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