pokemon black and white series

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Cocos2d-js Shader Series 2: Using Shader on Cc.sprite (black and white, grayscale, old effects)

); //Cocos will do the initialization workProgram.addattribute (CC. Attribute_name_tex_coord, CC. Vertex_attrib_tex_coords); Program.link (); Program.updateuniforms (); varDegreelocation = Program.getuniformlocationforname ("U_degree"); PROGRAM.SETUNIFORMLOCATIONF32 (degreelocation, degree); filter.programs["Sepia" +degree] =Program ; } gl.useprogram (Program.getprogram ()); Sprite.shaderprogram=Program ; } };Cocos2d-js Shader

Photoshop Channel Application Series 3: Convert black and white with lab lightness channel

The importance of the channel is needless to say, the U.S. PS experts said: "The channel is the core, the mask is the soul", enough to explain the channel in Photoshop important position. Related tutorials: 1, Photoshop Channel Application Series 1: What's in the channel 2, Photoshop Channel Application Series 2: Channel is a constituency 3, Photoshop Channel Application

Graph deduction strategy in FW (4)-for FW beginners (black and white backgrounds with black hair)

The title is a little too long, so there is no way to do it. If you don't know it clearly, someone will say that you write things to harm beginners. The hair deduction series was originally intended to be discussed after the wedding dress is finished. However, since the Wolf said a color order button, we will temporarily disrupt the order, let's take a look at some other methods that may be used for graph deduction, Hair deduction is a headache. To

Graph deduction strategy in FW (6)-send to FW beginners (black and white backgrounds and monochrome backgrounds with non-black hair)

Haha, the title is clear enough, so I will not repeat it again. In the figure deduction tutorial (4), we recommend a filter to convert to Alpha. In fact, for a white background (if it is not white, the color level filter is used to create a white background). Using the "convert to Alpha" filter is really a good way to remove the back, even if the hair is not

Black and white gray low-key atmosphere fan web design

In the classic color, perhaps everyone will not deny the eternal charm of black and white gray. Although people always want to "outstanding", eyeball snatch, attention attracts ... But want to keep the user forever, in addition to first impressions, more needs in the future all aspects of detail. Besides, there are already too many color explosions around us, our color recognition system may be at a certain

White box test method and black box test method

the code, according to the developer's familiarity with the code and the program, the necessary parts are in the software coding stage, and the software test that the developer makes according to their understanding and contact with the code is called the White box test. This phase of testing is dominated by software developers, tested on the JAVA platform using the Xunit series tools, and the Xunit test t

Detailed introduction and difference of the black and white degraded Tablets

shanzhai SSD.We will write a separate article about the chip detection process and technology.After the above technical introduction, we know the differences between the original and white films and the black ones. The source is the best quality NAND granules, followed by the white ones and the black ones. The price o

[CCD Image Detection] 2: Hardware Design for black/white image detection

CCDImage DetectionII> Author: 1.1 drops of beer INSTRUCTOR: Chen Zheng; Unit: whu Ii. Hardware Design for black/white image detection 2.1Power supply. Figure6:CCOfD12vPower Source Because the battery voltage of the car is 7.2 V, and the working voltage of the CCD camera is 12 V, a Boost Circuit needs to be built using a chip, as shown in figure 6. 2.2Video signal field synchronization sign

Delphi Image Processing-image black/white Adjustment

Reading Tips: The C ++ image processing series focuses on code clarity and readability, all using C ++ code. 《Delphi Image ProcessingThe series focuses on efficiency. The general code is Pascal, and the core code is BaSm. Make sure that the two items are consistent and can be compared with each other. The code in this article must include "C ++ Image Processing-data types and common functions"The header fil

The power of black and white in ppt layout design

Black and white, in the PPT layout design is a strange combination. Far from the intricacies of the fancy, but always classic, even if the lack of numerous dazzling decoration, still the most. This is the power of black and white in ppt layout design. Simple and capable enough to laugh at the wind and cloud in the cycl

How to convert barcodes in Codesoft to black and white

CODESOFT label Design software provides unmatched flexibility, functionality, and support, and its users are extremely versatile. For some special users who need to print black-and-white inverted barcodes, such as users with Black label paper, CODESOFT 2015 will be a good choice. The following small series to introduce

How does photography make a superb black-and-white photo?

are some shooting themes. Fatty fade 肷? 憷 blow Twilight Scenery Learn I Zan??? 缡 look at the hiccup diaphragm line edge Milk Liao imitate o howl? The Twilight Scenery Plantronics??? 韫 boaster the paper chant miasma в XI? J Real BI Impressive coal scenery learn the 阒 of 魈, Chaos-⒊-A-and-a-and-a-a-a 龆-a-the-the-the-the-the-the-the-the----------- But not all photos will look good when they are in black and white

Concepts such as regression testing, white-box testing, black-box testing

developers, tested on the JAVA platform using the Xunit series tools, and the Xunit test tool is a class-level test tool that tests each class and the method of that class. Software personnel use white box test method, the main want to do the following check the program module: – Test all independent execution paths of the program module at least once; – For all logic judgments, the two cases of "true" and

Beauty Mito black and white to color Comics palette tutorial

of the right one), you can also choose "other colors" in the deep color, for the screen characters of the eyes, hair, nasal alar plus shaded part. Figure 5 5. Choose a bright color, add light to the screen, you can directly with white in the nose, earrings and other points of high light. Figure 6 6. Check the color of the screen, brightness is satisfied, according to their own meaning to adjust the br

Photoshop's post-processing tutorial on imitating the black and white effects of infrared photography

a mask on the black and white layers, and then use the eraser tool to adjust the appropriate parameters to erase the foreground.Finally, we can adjust the curve, black color, white color, and sharpen to add the HDR effect! Although it is not comparable to taking photos directly using infrared devices, we can achieve a

Black and white photos become lifelike color photos PS can not be done

on a black-and-white photograph. Some of the results are still basically commendable, but this artificial coloring method always gives a person an unreal feeling and lack of some subtle color changes, and can not accurately express some exquisite details. The image below shows the effect of this artificial coloring, which is the intersection of Hollywood and Vine Street in Hollywood. Figure 1 In the 1880

Photoshop for super cool male model with high contrast black and white portrait

   Many photographers like to try black and white portrait creation, can better performance character, and Black-and-white photos for the tone level and texture performance, a unique advantage. PS in black and white

Photoshop call up a post-processing tutorial on black/white photo effects with high texture Skin

't understand the eye modifier. I will draw a diagram later, as shown in the figure:Step 6: Fill in the light and shade of the face, as shown in the figure below:Step 7: modify the nose, which is shown in the figure below:Step 8: Press the dark environment to highlight the environment. As shown in the following figure:Step 9: use gradient ING to convert images into black and white:Step 10: add the local definition, as shown in the following figure

PS make realistic black and white Weiqi

--height: 30--OK, so there will be a three-dimensional effect, so that our chessboard will be made well. Second, the production of pieces. Create a new two layer, named sunspots and white children respectively. Select the black Layer--the ellipse tool--Fixed size--width, height 80. Draw a circle on the picture, select the Paint bucket tool fill--ctrl+d cancel the sele

Photoshop Photos turn black and white ink figure painting Effect tutorial

, using the "brush strokes-reinforced edge", set parameters, to make the sharpness of the higher edge more fluid. 9, use the filter--artistic effect--woodcut; Purpose: The Edge line is soft. 10, Merge layer (original picture and background layer do not fit in). 11, the use of deepening the reduction of light, fuzzy tools, such as local adjustment to achieve the final effect. Final effect: Okay, the above information

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