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"Pokemon Sun/Moon" officially announced Simplified Chinese confirmation

Pokémon (the mainland is usually a free translation of February 26, 2016 night's "Pokemon" exclusive meeting, Nintendo officially released the 20 anniversary of the latest work, "Pokemon Sun/Moon" (Chinese translated as "Fairy Treasure Can Dream")! The game will be landing on the 3DS platform, the most important thing

Flash makes lifelike sun Earth Moon Movement Beautiful animation

  First look at two different effects: First effect: Second effect: (The second effect I did not follow the sun, the Earth, the moon between the true rotation of the law to do, it is said that the earth around the sun, itself should turn 365 laps, the moon should revolve around the Earth 13.04 laps, here mainly to spe

Algorithm series (19) Using astronomical method to calculate Sun Moon (Crescent)

The synodic of the Chinese lunar calendar is the basis of lunar calendars, and synodic is strictly to the sun and Moon, the day of the beginning of the month as the first, so the moon and sun time calculation is the key to make the lunar calendar. This paper will introduce the theory of ELP-2000/82

How to simulate the sports relationship of the Sun and moon

In learning celestial knowledge, teachers often do not know what software to choose to depict the movement of the Sun and Moon. The following small part to teach you how to use the geometric drawing board to simulate this movement relationship.More templates:http://www.jihehuaban.com.cn/template.html  The geometric drawing board simulates the motion relation of the sun

The Sun and the moon in the book--Hu Hongxia

Books, can be the sun in life, can also be the moon in life. Such a thought, we can easily distinguish between two categories of scholars.Most of the people who use books as the Sun are reading in the daytime. They want to have a book to shine, the hardships of survival on the road can be as fast as ice melting, obstacles, traps can jump over or escape. With the

How to use pure CSS to animate the sun and the Earth and the moon's motion model

This article brings you to the content is about how to use pure CSS to achieve the sun and the Earth and the moon's running model animation, there is a certain reference value, the need for friends can refer to, I hope to help you. Effect Preview Source code Download Https://github.com/comehope/front-end-daily-challenges Code interpretation To define the DOM, the container contains 3 elements: Center display: body { margin:0; HEIGHT:100VH;

OpenGL Learning Note III (simple example Sun Moon Earth)

#include //the Sun, the Earth and the moon//let's say every month is 30 days .//12 months a year, a total of 360 daysStatic intDay = Max; changes in//day: from 0 to 359 voidMydisplay (void) {gldepthfunc (gl_lequal);//set depth Glenable (gl_depth_test);//Depth DetectionGlclear (Gl_color_buffer_bit |gl_depth_buffer_bit); Glmatrixmode (gl_projection);//The matrix is the projection transformation modeGlloadiden

Sun and Moon

This morning, the beautiful sun So bright in my heart In my heart, there is a dream I always want to tell you You are the sun, I am the moon Every day around you Whether it's spring or autumn You are my goal forever I remember, that nightThe moon in the sky hangs on the treasureUnder the willow treesBeautiful

CSS Sun Moon Earth triangle love rotation effect

Pure play, as if there is no actual eggs, but, pure play can not buy fooled, pure play can not buy deceived ...Moon rotation of a CSS effect, boring play, you can copy to Notepad tryCSS Sun Moon Earth triangle love rotation effect

Algorithm: QQ grade converted into Crown Sun Star Moon

//////Level conversion to Icon distribution///In the form of QQ calculation///2^ (2*0)/1///2^ (2*1)/4///2^ (2*2)/16///2^ (2*3)/64//////" Target "> target level ///> calculate base ///> The maximum number of powers /// Public ienumerableThe idea is to reduce each of the iconic levels (4,16,64 ...). The product of the integral. Then record the total level/each iconic level, the result is how many patterns (Crown, sun ...). From the largest to the

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