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QT Internationalization related classes (not previously seen codec->tounicode,qtextcodec,qlocale.tostring and Qlocale::setdefault,qinputmethod::locale ())

QtextcodecQtextcodec provides a conversion between text encodings.QT uses Unicode to store, draw, and manipulate strings. In many cases, you may want to manipulate different encoded data. For example, most Japanese documents are stored in Shift-jis

List of supported locale identifiers in Word

This article contains a list of currently available locale ID (LCID) language codes. ProfileThis article contains a list of currently available locale ID (LCID) language codes. locale ID (LCID): A 32-bit value consisting of the language ID of

Parse special locale Date Format

It is still a problem encountered at work. Generally, a date Widget is provided on the UI to allow users to select a date. The general logic is the short date mode of DateFormatter. However, on the UI, some locale formats (such as Polish) are Medium:

The setlocale function of Win32 API configures the localized information function

Setlocale:Function prototype: char * setlocale (INT category, const char * locale );Header file: Supported Operating Systems: ANSI, Win 95, Win NTYou can use the following settings for simplified Chinese: setlocale (lc_all, "CHS "); Why must I call

Script for DVD Development _ Other

As if the inclusion of forms can not be published, only the first copy to the Notepad can be, so the format is lost, sorry This is also a long time ago, the wrong place also please forgive me. Hey, my book has not been published, put it here (the

C + + cout, wcout, printf, wprintf do not display Chinese characters or encounter Chinese characters that interrupt the display of the reason

Cause: Machine local cause, cout output, it does not know your output character encoding is what the language, so will be determined according to your computer's regional settings, but my computer is set in English, so the character encoding in

The wcout output cannot display Chinese characters.

The wcout output cannot display Chinese characters. Just Add the following sentence. STD: wcout. imbue (STD: locale ("CHS "));   Primary language Sublanguage Language string Chinese Chinese "Chinese"

When the "Go" Android app is packaged, an error occurs: "XXX" is not translated in "AF" (Afrikaans), "AM" (Amharic), "Ar" (Arabic) .....

"App_name" is not translated in "AF" (Afrikaans), "AM" (Amharic), "Ar" (Arabic), "BG" (Bulgarian), "Ca" (Catalan), "CS" (C Zech), "Da" (Danish), "de" (German), "El" (Greek), "En-rgb" (English:united Kingdom), "En-rin" (English:india), "Es" (Sp Anish)

Vim encoding and font

Generally, garbled characters may occur when Vim opens a Chinese file. The reason is complicated and it is not so cool. Direct SolutionSet fileencoding = gb18030Set fileencodings = UTF-8, gb18030, UTF-16, big5Do you want to see the reason for this

View the languages supported by Java and the corresponding version information _java

/* The *java language, as the first language to support internationalization, has the essential characteristics of international internationalization from the outset in other languages:* Write all strings in Unicode. But theory and practice can

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