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Python accesses PostGIS (Table creation, spatial index, partition table), pythonpostgis

Python accesses PostGIS (Table creation, spatial index, partition table), pythonpostgis # Encoding: UTF-8 _ author _ = 'admin' import psycopg2import ppygisimport datetimeimport stringimport sysimport loggingimport GeowayLoggerreload (sys) # Chinese error sys. setdefaultencoding ("UTF-8") vLog = GeowayLogger. geowayLogger ("c: // geoway2.log", logging. DEBUG) vLog

Spatial index-usage reports for each database spatial index

index is more flexible, GeoJSON objects are a bit, line, polygon, multiple line segments, multipoint, multiple polygons. Supports the inclusion, intersection, and proximity of queries, and it also solves the problem of multi-conditional queries for Redis. However, the test found that MONGO has the following problems: Performance can drop sharply when large amounts of data are being carried out, especially when the results are many, and the

Spatial Clustering of Introduction to postgis (Introduction to st_snaptogrid)

Clustering: Indicates clustering and classification. This word is involved in postgis. Although the two terms use the same term, they indicate different meanings. One is index clustering, and the other is spatial clustering. Spatial Clustering: This is usually used in the point type. It can aggregate some points throug

Import and export of common spatial data in PostGIS

This article briefly records how to import and export common data involved in PostGIS. Here you need to pay attention to a few parameters, whether to choose-c or-a depends on your application method,-S is in This article briefly records how to import and export common data involved in PostGIS. Here you need to pay attention to a few parameters, whether to choose-c or-a depends on your application method,-S

Import and export of common spatial data in PostGIS

This article briefly records how to import and export common data involved in PostGIS. 1. Import osm data to PostGIS Osm2pgsql-c-d osm-l-E 4326-S/usr/share/osm2pgsql/default. style xxxxx. osm Here, pay attention to a few parameters. Whether to choose-c or-a depends on your application method.-S is not used in the path of Ubuntu, and espg can no longer use 900913. Naturally, it is best to make the database a

Open source Webgis Implementation Program (VI): Spatial data (PostGIS) and GeoServer Service migration

When the development environment changes, or the development completes the project site implementation, the Operation dimension, often will face the data and the service migration, this includes the spatial data as well as the GeoServer service migration work.Here is a reminder: If you are using a similar open source Webgis technology solution, it is recommended that the software environment be consistent before and after the migration to avoid some u

Create a PostGIS spatial database

Label:dataddrcreatestandardalgo add geoprocessadd Open Psql (Search in the Start menu or go to Psql console under Pgadmin's plugin menu)After entering the database, use the following statement to create the database (this is still a normal database)Create DATABASE xx;Go to your new XX database:\c xx;Then enter the official website to add the extension statements (available on the official website):--Enable PostGIS (includes raster)CREATE EXTENSION

SQL Server 2008 Spatial Data Application Series II: Spatial Index Foundation

Original: SQL Server 2008 Spatial Data Application Series II: the Spatial Index FoundationIn the previous blog post, we learned some basic knowledge about geographic information, and also learned about the spatial reference system, including the Earth ellipsoid, Datum, Prime Meridian, measurement unit, projection and o

MySQL creates a high-performance index--spatial index (R-TREE)

Full-Text IndexingA full-text index is a special class-type index that looks for keywords in text instead of directly comparing the values in the index.A full-text index is more like what a search engine does, rather than a simple where condition match.Full-text search and several other types of indexes match in a completely different way. It has many details tha

Oracle Spatial Index learning Summary

1. Create a spatial index 1) before creating an index, you always need to insert metadata for the space layer. 2) if an index fails to be created, it must be deleted before it can be created. Drop index customers_sidx; Create an index

R-tree a dynamic index structure of spatial search

Forest: R-tree A dynamic index structure of spatial searchAntonm Guttman SummaryIn order to effectively process spatial data, as required in computer-aided design and geographic data applications,A database requires an indexing mechanism that can quickly obtain data items based on their spatial location.However, the tr

Building a spatial index

When publishing a map service, the result of the analysis is that some data sources have no spatial index. Advanced warning. Spatial indexes can speed up drawing. Index, you don't have to say much. So how do you build a spatial index

The spatial index grid size is invalid.

The spatial index Grid size is invalid Original Name lead to: When SHP data was previously imported into Geodatabase, the program run with the error message "the spatial index grid size is invalid ". Later, I checked ESRI and found the cause. It is a loadon

Spatial index-Geohash algorithm and its implementation optimization

ObjectiveThe use of spatial indexes and the support of multiple databases to spatial indexes are mentioned in the previous blog, so the learning partners should consider the principle of spatial index implementation below the application layer.At present, the implementation of spat

Arrangement of spatial Index ideas

requirements : Find restaurants within 1000 meters of the targetSolution: Index storage for all restaurants (point objects) in the city, speeding up the search speedPremise background: The POI space distribution is uneven, the city center is relatively concentrated, the suburbs are very few Solution:1, using the index, the data structure suitable for indexing is "Hash" and "Tree"2. Possible indexing schemes

Oracle creates spatial index __oracle

After a period of study, I will now share my experience on the establishment of spatial indexes as follows. If the data is imported from someone else's library, if a space index was previously built, then you need to delete it to establish your own spatial index (otherwise it will be easy to make an error), if it is en

MongoDB series five (geo-spatial Index and query).

[longitude, Latitude] ([longitude, Latitude]): {"Geometry": {"Type": "Point","Coordinates": [125.6, 10.1]}} A line can be represented by an array of dots: {"Geometry": {"Type": "LineString","Coordinates": [[125.6, 10.1],[125.6,10.2],[125.6,10.3]]}} Polygons are represented as lines (all arrays of dots), but "type" is different: {"Geometry": {"Type": "Polygon","Coordinates": [[125.6, 10.1],[125.5,10.2],[125.7,10.3]]}} The type is in addition to point, LineString (line), Polygon (Polygon), MultiP

Creation of an Oracle spatial index ____oracle

To create a space indexing step: Insert into User_sdo_geom_metadata (Table_name,column_name, Diminfo, SRID) Values ' T_city ', ' GEOMETRY ', Mdsys. Sdo_dim_array ( Mdsys. Sdo_dim_element (' X ', -180,180,0.005), Mdsys. Sdo_dim_element (' Y ', -90,90,0.005) ), 8307 ) CREATE INDEX t_city_sidx on t_city (GEOM) Indextype is Mdsys. Spatial_index; CREATE INDEX Roads_sidx on roads (ora_geometry) Indextype is Mdsys

MongoDB Geo-Spatial index

1. Index:Indexing is time-consuming and laborious, and requires a lot of resource consumption. Use the {"Bakckground": true} option to make the process complete in the background while processing the request normally. If you do not include backgroundThis option, the database blocks all requests that are established during indexing. Blocking practices can make the index faster, and it also means that the app cannot answer during this time. Even in the

Common issues with MongoDB's geo-spatial index

Tags: style http color io ar strong for SP problemConsiderations for creating geo-spatial indexesThe creation of the geospatial index failed with the following error message> Db.places.ensureIndex ({"loc": "2dsphere"}){"Createdcollectionautomatically": false,"Numindexesbefore": 1,"OK": 0,"ErrMsg": "Can ' t extract Geo keys from object, malformed geometry?: {_Id:objectid (' 5428bb224f26d9aa1af3d844 '), name:

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