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Postscript (PS/EPS format)

Description of PostScript (PS/EPS format) by bobob I. Postscript overview postscript is both a page description language and a high-level interpreted scripting language. Because it has nothing to do with the device, it can faithfully reproduce the

Install the PDF Reader Okular in Ubuntu

Install the PDF Reader Okular in Ubuntu Okular is a common document reader developed by KDE and also a free software. It can run on Linux, Windows, Mac OSX, and other Unix-like systems. It supports various file formats including PDF, XPS, ePub, CHM,

Evince-Vim controller's favorite PDF Reader

For each keyboard control, you certainly want to use the keyboard to complete all the operations. For Vim control, we certainly hope to use Vim's mobile method to operate all the software. I am one step closer to this goal. Vimium can be used in

Various file extensions and open methods

Various file extensions and open methods ------ it's a little long, it's okay to spend more time ,:)Open extension file type. AIFF audio file Windows Media Player.!!! NetAnts temporary file NetAnts. Ani animated mouse. ARJ compressed File ARJ. AVI

How to open various types of documents and file types of detailed

Today we talk about "various formats of file opening and file type indisputable circumstantial" topic, I have been engaged in computer 10 years, from the early 286 computers to the current 6 nuclear computers, from the previous DOS system to the

Determine the file type using the file header

When uploading files, you often need to determine the file type, such as examples and documents. The common practice is to directly determine the file suffix, in order to prevent various attacks, literary and art youths also use the file header

Web and typographical font Problems

There are already many discussions about fonts both abroad and in China, but I find that most of the content is either biased or not comprehensive enough, next I will try to summarize my views over a period of time in order to propose a more

How to create a PDF document

Make PDF document Big exposure simple The PDF format, Portable Document format, is a document specification system that Adobe has created on the basis of its PostScript language, primarily for electronic publishing. PDF files can be used to

Linux File System Path

Author:North SouthFrom:Linuxsir. orgAbstract:In File Management of Linux operating systems, file or directory management in command line mode (in the console or terminal) involves the concept of path, this is the most basic foundation for Linux

Various file extensions and open methods

Various file extensions and open methods Open extension file type . AIFF audio file Windows Media Player .!!! NetAnts temporary file NetAnts . Ani animated mouse . ARJ compressed File ARJ . AVI Movie File Windows Media Player . AWD fax

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