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VMware PowerCLI required for Windows System Administrators

If you are a Windows administrator and have recently taken over VMware vSphere 4, it is a pleasure to know that you are familiar with and love the PowerShell platform to manage the VMware environment. In contrast to the general view, VMware is used to help administrators complete their work, although Microsoft's technology is involved in theft when necessary. Go to PowerCLI and set PowerCLI for ease of use.

POWERCLI: "Warning:there were one or more problems with the server certificate"

Use VMware VSphere powercli to connect to Vcenter Server, which is joined to the domain, and uses the default certificate to execute theConnect-viserver 1:57:08 AM connecting to VI Server Warning:there were one or more problems with the server certificate: * A certification chain processed correctly, but terminated in A root Certificate which isn ' t trusted by the trust provider. Certificate: [Subject] [email protected], cn=foo.e

VMware vsphere POWERCLI because scripting is forbidden in this system

Open VMware VSphere powercli appearsUnable to load file C:\Program files (x86) \vmware\infrastructure\vsphere powercli\scripts\ INITIALIZE-POWERCLIENVIRONMENT.PS1, because scripting is forbidden in this system. For more information, see "Get-help about_signing". Location Line: 1 characters: 2+ . S\initialize-powerclienvironment.ps1 "+ categoryinfo:notspecified: (

Add PortGroup to all hosts in cluster with POWERCLI

http://discoposse.com/2013/02/14/powercli-add-multiple-vlan-port-groups-to-vsphere-cluster-standard-switches/Limitations of standard VswitchesOne of the negative points of the standard vswitches was that there was as many of them as there was ESX hosts and each must be Separately created and managed. Add to this, multiple port groups on multiple uplinks and you have a growing administrative challenge.While we don't make these types of changes often, i

Configure the vmotion capabilities of specified hosts within a cluster via VMware's POWERCLI

powercli is a VMware -developed command line management VSphere implementation based on Microsoft (MSFT) PowerShell , Therefore, in the bulk operation of the CLI will alleviate many of the tedious repetitive work in the GUI environment.Existing scenarios have a large number of physical hosts already installed ESXi, and can be managed by VCenter , because the default is to manage the Manage Management network card is not turned on VMotion , so we need

Powercli batch create and delete VM snapshots

Powercli batch create and delete VM snapshotsNote: 1. The client needs to install vmware powercli client 2. users connected to vcenter or esxi hosts must have the permission to connect to and create and delete snapshots 1. Create a VM snapshot # Add a vmware module commandAdd-PSSnapin-Name * vmware * # Fill in connection information, enter the vcenter/esxi Server ip address username and password as required

Vmware:deploy multiple VM ' s from template with Powercli

= Target host;-name = Name of the new VM;-template:from wich Template you want to deploy the new VM;-datastore:target Datastore to place the new VM;-oscustomizationspec = wich "prep" template you want to deploy the new VM;? 12345 New-vm -vmhost esx04.vmpros.local -Name FS-SVR01 -Template WIN2008R2_Template -Datastore datastore2 -OSCustomizationspec WIN2008R2_TemplateNew-vm -vmhost esx04.vmpros.local -Name FS-SVR02 -Template WIN2008R2_Template -Datastore datastore2 -OSCustomizat

POWERCLI batch creation of virtual machines

650) this.width=650; "Src=" Http://s4.51cto.com/wyfs02/M00/8C/23/wKioL1hjbuyy5SP3AABl_f85foI625.png-wh_500x0-wm_3 -wmp_4-s_2406915884.png "title=" Qq20161228155048.png "alt=" Wkiol1hjbuyy5sp3aabl_f85foi625.png-wh_50 "/>add-pssnapin*vmware* $passwd =Read-Host "Inputyourvcenterpassword: "-AsSecureStringConnect-VIServer-Server10.10.10.10-User[email protected]-password $passwd $vms =Import-CSVE:\NewVMs.csvforeach ( $VM in $vms) { $Template =get-template$ vm.template $VMHost =Get-VMHost $VM. host $

Update VMware Tools with POWERCLI without rebooting the system

1. Upgrade VMware Tools for all VMs in cluster:Get-cluster "Cluster_Name" | GET-VM | Update-tools-noreboot2. Upgrade VMware Tools for VMS under the specified folder:Get-cluster "Cluster_Name" | Get-folder "Folder_name" | GET-VM | Update-tools-noreboot3. Upgrade VMware Tools for selected virtual machines:Get-cluster "Cluster_Name" | GET-VM "Vm_name" | Update-tools-noreboot4. View the VMware Tools version of the virtual machine:Get-view-viewtype Virtualmachine | Select Vm_name,@{name= "ToolsVersio

vsphere powercli Installation and command

This Monday evening the new company part of the staff dinner, round table nine people sit around, the eight, all five years of it age, eldest brother for the elderly. Play a game during the dinner and find the common ground, One person Yue, there are white-haired people drink, the public will all toast, all. First go to the official website to download the VMware vsphere POWERCLI package, Install the software to this machine, Prompt after run

Linux POWERCLI and Connect-viserver connectivity issues

1. Reference documentationHttp://fdo-workspace.blogspot.hk/2017/07/powershell-powercli-for-linux-server.html2. The PowerShell version needs to be alpha not betapowershell-6.0.0_alpha.18-1.el7.centos.x86_64.rpm3. Check the document below trobleshooting need to solve the problem of landing4.The difference is: the password is single quotation marks can pass, if the double quotation marks will be an error.The password contains special characters that appe

Shell scripts fall into three categories: logon scripts, interactive scripts, non-interactive scripts

Shell scripts fall into three categories: logon scripts, interactive scripts, non-interactive scriptsOneThe logon script is similar to the logon script in the computer settings under Windows and the collection of logon scripts under Account settings (I understand that well).The keyword for its profile is Prefile, which

User Scripts: Video Download by User Scripts

Video download from video site such as youtube.com has release methods, there are allready release software downloader, online url conversion utility to do the job, however, using userscript is a better way is you have already installed browser-addons.There are basically two browser addons are recommended here, GreaseMonkey for FireFox and IE7Pro for Internet Explorer. Each of them has correspondent user script site, http://userscripts.org/for GreaseMonkey and http://iescripts.org/for IE7Pro.1.

Although usually used,. net + client scripts insert client scripts from ASP. NET Server controls

Insert client scripts from ASP. NET Server controlsScott Mitchell August 2003 Applicable:Microsoft? ASP. NET Prerequisites: This document assumes that you are familiar with ASP. NET. Difficulty: 2 Abstract: although all the functions of ASP. NET Server controls can be executed on the server, adding client scripts can greatly enhance the availability of server controls. This article will explore two ways for

Interaction between CS scripts and JS scripts in Unity

Interaction between CS scripts and JS scripts in Unity Note that the called scripts must be placed in any of the three folders, Standard Assets, Pro Standard Assets, and Plugins. The scripts called cannot be in one directory folder, otherwise, the compilation will fail because Unity will first compile these three folde

Automating deployment scripts--linux executing SH scripts

Tags: tee self-boot file break scripts EMC automatic with send refusedAutomation deployment Script file directory:Run the main program:./install.sh#!/bin/bashscriptpath=$ (CD "$ (dirname") "; pwd)install_log= $SCRIPTPATH/install_log.txtecho "***start install***" > $Install _logecho "Workspace is $SCRIPTPATH" | Tee-a "$Install _log"Show_license () {ClearConfirm= ' Do you agree with this license? [y/n]: 'More License.txtLic_agreed= "While Read-p ' does

About server scripts and browser scripts

About server scripts and browser scripts nbsp; nbsp; web nbsp; I know this is a problem 2. please do not give me any further advice. Nbsp; I think browser scripts, such as javascript, are interpreted and executed by the browser. Server Scripts are Server Scripts and brow

Design and Development of game scripts-Chapter 6 buttons, pause and tag of scripts

Button The button is essential in any program. This time, let's take a look at how to implement various functions of the button. Several scripts to be implemented in this article are as follows. /* Chapter 6 of game script design and development * // Add a button. add (layer01, button01, null, 50, 50, OK _button_up, OK _button_over, null); function function_test01 (); // Remove button. remove (button01); endfunction; // remove the display layer. remo

[Shell] How Shell scripts are executed, and how shell scripts are executed

[Shell] How Shell scripts are executed, and how shell scripts are executed Bytes ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Command to complete most output tasks: echo Echo helloworld; # correct Echo "hello world"; # correct Echo "hello world! "; # A space must be enclosed in quotation marks! In Linux, double quotation marks are not allowed, bu

Overview: writing scripts in C # use C # To write scripts

Apart from syntax, there are some differences when writing scripts in C # Or boo. Most notable are: In addition to syntax rules, there are some differences between using C # Or boo to write scripts. When you need to pay special attention: 1. inherit from monobehaviourInherited from monobehaviour All behaviour scripts must inherit from monobehaviour (directly or i

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