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URL SEO Tips & Protection Website _ website operation

Matching refers to matching user search keywords. The primary domain name match is better than the directory name or Web page name match. English keywords should be used between-or _ links. For Chinese keywords, Chinese directory names and Web

Yii Framework official guide series 43-topics: URL (creation, routing, beautification and customization)

The complete URL management of Web applications includes two aspects. First, when a user requests a specified URL, the application needs to parse it into understandable parameters. Second, the application needs to provide a method to create a URL

Website Design Planning book

1. General principles of Enterprise Network Construction(1) Systemic principles. The design scheme is also provided. The design implementation unit should fully understand the enterprise culture, enterprise institutions, management information, and

Mysql primary key selection

Recent studies on uuid have collected some data:   Http:// (For the InnoDB engine) in our actual production environment, four types of attributes may be used as the primary key: (1).

Website planning-Suggestions on website Revision

After reading a lot of website revision plans, I found that most websites are currently focusing on website design, functions, and content management system investment, while retaining existing traffic is ignored, there is almost no such concept of

Yii Framework Official Guide Series 43--topic: URL (Create, route, beautify, and customize)

The full URL management of a Web application consists of two facets. First, when the user requests the URL of the contract, the application needs to parse it into an understandable parameter. Second, application requirements provide a way to create

UUID as the primary key

The only database that I am still familiar with is mysql. Probably mysql users, more than 9% will use autoincrement ID as the primary key. This is understandable, because the auto-increment ID of MySQL is very efficient and convenient to use. So

Use the Django framework to build a game website.

Use the Django framework to build a game website. Click the open link for the complete Project Link In the previous article, we used Javascript and Html5 to implement a fl game. In this article, we hope to implement a game website based on it to

What will happen when you enter a URL? , Actual website

What will happen when you enter a URL? (Transfer), actual website1. First, you have to enter the URL in your browser: 2. Search for the IP address of the domain name in the browser The first step in the navigation is to find the IP address of the

Seo suggestions for website revision traffic!

How can I change the website version? If there is only a slight change in design, functions, and columns, these are simple and technically difficult. However, it does not play a major role in the development of the website itself. In particular,

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