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Using Codeblocks to implement the C language extension to Python under Windows

I am more lazy to stick to other people's configuration planFrom this start to the code excerpt from been interested in Python extensions, just saw the extending and embedding the

Python program extension and Zope server tutorial using C language, pythonzope

Python program extension and Zope server tutorial using C language, pythonzope There are several reasons you may want to extend Zope with C. Most likely, you have a ready-made C library that can help you do something, but you are not interested in

Python extension Implementation method--python and C mixed programming

Objective Reasons to extend the Python language: Steps to create a python extension 1. Create Application code 2. Use the template to package the code A. Header files that contain Python B. Add a

Python extension Implementation method--python and C mixed programming

Reference: header file is in the location:/usr/include/python2.7/usr/local/include/python2.7Preface (update: More convenient to use in Most of

Python C Extension

When processing Python objects in C/C ++, correct maintenance of the reference count is a key issue. If it is not handled properly, memory leakage may occur. Python's C language interface provides some macros to maintain the reference count. The

First knowledge of Python

1 Python Introduction 1.1 What is PythonPython is an object-oriented, interpreted computer programming language, invented by Dutchman Guido van Rossum (Guido van Rossum) in 1989, and the first public offering was released in 1991. The latest version

A python resource compiled by Daniel

From ~ Type = v5_one & label = rela_nextarticle a forum: A python Article Index Total number is: 102 Python basics: Python basics 31 [_ XXX _

Python Basics--windows using Python

Unlike most UNIX systems and services, Windows does not need Python locally, so a version of Python is not preinstalled. However, the CPython team has compiled the Windows Installer (MSI package) for each version for many years.As Python continues

Python learning "First" python introduction

Python Development history Origin   The author of Python, Guido von Rossum, the Dutchman. Guido received a master's degree in mathematics and computer Science from the University of Amsterdam in 1982. However, even though he is a

[turn]python Common class library!]

Python LearningOn this page ... (hide) 1.? Basic Installation 2.? Python documentation 2.1. Recommended Resources Site 2.2? Other references 2.3? code example 3.? Common tools 3.1? Python IDE

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