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UbuntuEdge mobile fundraising project was blocked. The next day, the fundraising speed slowed down.

Canonical originally planned to raise $32 million to create the UbuntuEdge smartphone project seems to have encountered some problems, because on the first day of fundraising, the amount of money raised reached $3.4 million, it has exceeded 10% of the target amount, but the growth has slowed down significantly from the next day. Currently, UbuntuEdge only raised $3.9 million for the Indiegogo website, that is, only $0.5 million for the past 21 hours o

$10.6 million, UbuntuEdge surpassing Pebble's largest fundraising project in history

Today, the Canonical mobile phone brand UbuntuEdge, on the page of the crowdfunding platform Indiegogo, shows that the fundraising for this project has already exceeded $10.6 million. This broke the $10.26 million fundraising record previously created by Pebble smart watches on KickStarter and became the most frequently-raised product in the current fixed fundraising

Interview with Ice-pick Lodge: If successful on the public fundraising website Kickstarter

Xsolla was delighted to interview the studio from Moscow .Ice-pick Lodge the Golubeva. A few days ago, the company has successfully raised funds on the Kickstarter to create the most well-known game "pathologic" . It's a huge and complex project, with a budget well over $250,000. Alexander told us about the technology used in the remake and disclosed some tips for effective fundraising. Tell us about your studio. After the game The Void is released,

Results of the first fundraising campaign for 2017 announced

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The promotion of the UbuntuEdge fundraising project prize-winning activities will end in three days.

Four days ago, the UbuntuEdge fundraising project launched a prize-winning promotion activity, which is now completed in three days. Whether you have donated $20 or $2000, you can participate in this activity. Participating in this activity will have the opportunity to win enough money to buy the UbuntuEdge service with enough text lettering for your UbuntuEdge mobile phone. The activities are as follows: 1. You must first register and log on to the I

The failure of the mobile phone fundraising project in UbuntuEdge is far from the target

On the evening of July 22, August 22, Beijing time, Canonical, a developer of the pivotulinux system, launched a crowdfunding campaign for the UbuntuEdge smartphone on the crowdfunding website Indiegogo last month to raise $32 million. This week,

Data Flow Graph creation-test (2)

. The main functions of the system are described as follows. (1) manage volunteers. Send the invitation, follow-up, and work task to volunteers based on the fundraising task; manage the invitation response, volunteer information, working hours, and work results provided by volunteers. (2) determine the demand for donations and collect the donated gifts (funds and items ). Propose fundraising tasks, send act

[Post] a hacker's investor guide

fundraising [1]. series A round is the first round of financing after angel investment)Angel Investors prefer to invest more in risky projects than VC, because some angel investors are also innovative and sometimes give valuable suggestions than VC. Google's story shows the key role of angel investment. many people know that Google has raised funds from Sequoia and Perkins, but they do not know that it is something that will happen later. this was th

Broken Bridge: A discussion of the contributions to OpenSSL

the use of your free software, I have contributed to you, because you gain market share AH." "Oh ah, I reserve the opinion of this." Because debating this is boring. 4. Why is OpenSSL receiving only $ thousands of a year for this project? The answer is simple, because they have never had a fundraising campaign. ...... Wikipedia has a fixed period of time each year, will be placed on the site very obvious funding announcements, set the annual budget g

Canonical explicitly lists uptuedge tiered prices

Canonical (Ubuntu parent company) announced at the beginning that the donation price for UbuntuEdge fundraising was $600, but soon rose to $625, $675 and $725, however, you do not know exactly how the price is customized, and the factors that determine the price you can buy UbuntuEdge. But now Canonical has decided to publish its strategy to let everyone know exactly what is going on. More opportunities for fans At the beginning, Canonical (parent com

Bill Gates's first bucket of Gold insider-----------have to spell dad everywhere.

. People are getting used to using the backslash (\) key.The point is, why did IBM put the order of the operating system to a smaller software company, albeit a success? In the process, Bill Gates ' mother should play a key role in it.Mary Maxwell Getz (English: Mary Maxwell gates,1929 July 5 – June 10, 1994) is an American business person. She was a director of the Washington University School from 1975 to 1993. She is the first female president of the Jin County Union

What is the function of micro-letter AA? How to use micro-letter AA Receivables

We open the micro-letter account on the phone, then we click on the lower right corner of the micro-mail click me, and then we click on the "wallet" details as follows: After the micro-letter "wallet" we found the "AA receivables" details are as follows: On the top of my wallet window, click on AA receivables to enter into a AA collection window, which can be clicked on the AA collection window to select a party AA or general fundraising

[to] a recovery after a failed startup: How startups has set about, technology, sell products, find financing

, at least one skill that is relevant to the business they are good at, and very productive and pragmatic. Everyone should have a common understanding of the meaning and vision of the product and the company.8, you set the standard should be you can accept the standard. Select a set of rules that are most important to you and are not negotiable and enforce them.9, the decisive dismissal of those difficult, low productivity, unreliable, no product concept, non-pragmatic staff.10, there are some m

Where will the founder of UbuntuEdge fail to raise funds?

the project fails, "There is no doubt that it will still create the highest fundraising record so far, of course, it will also be the project that is farthest from the target fund-raising amount." Previously, the highest crowdfunding amount was recorded by the smart watch Pebble on the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter, and the total fundraising amount of Ubuntu Edge was $2 million higher than that of the

Website analysis: five rules for designing responsive navigation menus

Facebook connections were removed, the Join connections were upgraded. It is not a common text connection, but a color button that attracts people's attention.   2. display high-priority content on the top      Place the most important content on the top The Barack Obama website focuses on fundraising and the Obama Election. The home page of the Computer edition displays three items on the top, two of which are news about the campaign. In the mobil

Insider? For the remaining 34 hours of the UbuntuEdge project, someone buys a $ seven thousand package.

The UbuntuEdge mobile fundraising project ended in over 30 hours, nearly $20 million less than the target amount. We can determine that this project has become an unfinished project. At this time, however, someone purchased a seven thousand USD 10 mobile phone enterprise package. The price for a single mobile phone is now $695. Of course, if the express delivery fee is also calculated, it is cheaper to buy a suit. However, no one has purchased a $ sev

Team work One

The team's workbooks are responsible for the research section, taking videos and summarizing user feedback.Demand Research Methods: Interview (VIDEO)Target Users: Non-class students, computer College Love Federation Chairman (experienced)Research: After the search, not yet found in the mobile app store such software, so the interview recorded video of the way to investigate, the video is as follows:If the video is not viewable, please click on the video link: http://v.youku.com/v_show/id_XMTgwNz

"Tokengazer Depth Study" Aergo: Enterprise-level public chain is not clear, the project information disclosure is not fully recommended follow-up observation

investment target. It should be stated that not all projects in the public chain focus on the same Aergo, Aergo focus on enterprise-level infrastructure construction, the goal of the public chain projects is relatively broad, if the project is progressing smoothly, the theoretical investment prospects are good. Because of the fierce competition in the public-link project, there may be only a handful of winners, so the investment needs to be closely monitored for project progress. 2. Fund- rais

UbuntuEdge mobile phone funding fails to meet expectations

After more than a week, UbuntuEdge received only $7.42 million in funding on Indiegogo, far from its target of funding $32 million a month, even if funding continues at the current rate, there will still be millions of dollars in the end of a month, not to mention the more difficult it will be to raise funds later. The UbuntuEdge mobile fundraising plan raised $3.4 million on the first day of its release, setting the highest record for Indiegogo. Alth

The dream of UbuntuEdge has been inherited by iPhone 5S

MarkShuttleworth, founder of Canonical, used this interesting statement to associate UbuntuEdge smartphones with iPhone5S. UbuntuEdge is ideal for Canonical integration of mobile and desktop. Edge's high-price fundraising eventually ended in failure, but Canonical founder MarkShuttleworth believes that the iPhone 5S ldquo; Table-level processor rdquo; is a continuation of this dream. Mark Shuttleworth, founder of Canonical, used this interesting sta

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