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MySQL transaction isolation level and problematic reading (dirty reading, repeatable reading, phantom reading)

1. Problematic reads in transactions: dirty reads, non-repeated reads, Phantom reads The dirty read transaction T1 updates the content of a row of records, but does not commit the modifications. Transaction T2 reads the updated row, and T1 executes the rollback operation to cancel the modification. The row read by T2. Nonrepeatable read transaction T1 reads a row of records, and then transaction T2 modifies the row of records that T1 just read. Then T1 reads the record again and finds that it is

C Primer Plus after reading, primerplus after reading

C Primer Plus after reading, primerplus after reading C Primer Plus (Chinese version 6) I searched from my website that this book is suitable for beginners and is a C language book that I can read by myself. So I bought one online. It's really worth the money. I systematically learned the C language through this book,

Android uses caching to implement file download and asynchronous request picture plus level three cache _android

garbage data have been as a treasure one phase of storage, is a very SB's). c) Caching the data that is really needed. Do not feel the external memory is unlimited, so you can save anything, you know, many are complex, complex is chaotic. Once a colleague, save hundreds of MB of user data per day (all user's gender, age, contact information, etc.), and PM needs only a daily number of active data reports, and then finally cached daily user Analysis report data can (only 10 KB). D) To encrypt

2016-level algorithm the fourth time on the machine-d.alvinzh 1021 experiment Plus

in the int range, Miss may be more than int, in the group has said Int32_max+1 what will become, the answer is int32_min, so your while equivalent to Infinite loop, No, it's not tle.AnalysisThe greedy of the subject is to maximize the coverage every time, in order to get close to the target number M.Again greedy, greedy algorithms always make the best choice at the moment. That is to say, the greedy algorithm does not take the overall optimal consideration, it makes the choice is only in some s

C Primer Plus Reading notes the Nineth Chapter

operator can get the storage address of the variable. %p is the specifier for the output address.The concept of pointers is introduced below. A pointer is a variable whose value is an address. The indirect operator * is able to get the numeric value of the variable pointed to by the pointer. When you declare a pointer, you need the type of the variable that the pointer points to, such asint * PI;The value of pi is an address, in most systems, the value of pi is an address, in most systems it i

MariaDB 10.3 Instant Add column billion large table millisecond-level plus field

Add field is painful, need to rebuild the table, especially for the million-level table, although the online DDL can avoid the lock table, but if it takes 30 minutes to execute on the main library, then copy to the execution from the library, master-slave replication is delayed. With the Instant ADD column feature, you just have to bounce down the soot and the fields are up, and enjoy the flexibility and convenience of the unstructured storage like Mo

Ajax plus PHP for three-level linkage

JS CodePHP codePublic Function GetNext (){$next = $sql//Lookup database Pid=post The ID of the SQL$str = "foreach ($next as $val) {$str. = "}$msg ["str"] = $STR;echo Json_encode ($msg);Die ();}Can be called anywhere, but there is a small flaw that I choose to ignore. Hee HeeAjax plus PHP for three-level linkage

"iOS Dev-14" UIView Properties, parent view and child view level actions, child view adaptive mode, plus a timer

layer, we actually have 0, 1, 2 in the sub-view array. The allocation order also changes synchronously, this is known when using Exchangesubviewatindex, because it is directly the order of the array of exchanges, you can check Nsarray by the following methods: Subview2=self.view.subviewS UIView *view11=[subview2 Objectatindex:5]; View11.backgroundcolor=[uicolor Purplecolor]; [Super Viewdidload]; Do any additional setup after loading the view, typically from a nib.} We want to change th

JS plus asp two-level domain name to the code _javascript skills

Do the ASP's two-level domain name has been used in the use of, but the use of another method: the front desk JS plus ASP's steering program is not, the program debugging has passed but can not turn to do not know why please help point out why, thank you!!! Dim Whkdbq,whksql,whkrs,whkcount Set whkconn = Server.CreateObject ("ADODB. Connection ") WHKDBQ = Server.MapPath ("Sqltaofun.mdb") "Provid

C + + Primer Plus reading notes-1th Chapter Preparatory knowledge

1th Chapter Preparation of knowledge1. Ritchie hopes to have a language that combines the efficiency of low-level languages, the ability to access hardware, and the versatility and portability of high-level languages, so he developed the C language based on the old language.2. After a certain degree of success in C + +, Stroustrup added a template, which makes it possible to perform generic programming.3. T

Android implementation picture asynchronous request plus level three cache _android

. When a value was * added to a full cache, the value at the "end of" \ Evicted and may * become eligible for GA Rbage collection. * Cache saves a strong reference to limit the amount of content, and whenever item is accessed, the item is moved to the head of the queue. * When a new item is added when the cache is full, the item at the end of the queue is reclaimed. * The most important thing is probably the above: use it very simply to see the code: import

C Primer Plus Reading notes the fifth chapter

statements can be divided into 4 types: Declaration Statements, assignment statements (Assignment statements are special cases of expression statements), function statements, structured statements.4. Type conversionBasic rules for type conversions: 1. When the expression has char and short types, it is automatically converted to int and, if required, automatically converted to unsigned int. Under Kr C, float is automatically converted to double. 2. In any operation that contains two data types,

C ++ Primer Plus Reading Notes,

C ++ Primer Plus Reading Notes, This article aims to record some key knowledge points in the fifth edition of C ++ Primer Plus for future reference. This article will be updated constantly ...... Chapter I. III 1. unsigned integers cannot store negative values. The advantage is that they can increase the maximum value that a variable can store. For example, if th

High-performance MySQL Reading Notes-lock, transaction, isolation level, mysql transaction isolation level

High-performance MySQL Reading Notes-lock, transaction, isolation level, mysql transaction isolation level1. Why should I lock the lock? Because the database needs to solve the concurrency control problem. At the same time point, multiple clients may operate on the same row of records in the table. For example, some clients may read this row of data and others may try to delete it. To ensure data consistenc

C Primer Plus Reading notes the fourth chapter

the conversion is that it converts the numeric values stored in the computer's binary format into a series of characters for easy display. The "transformations" here can be understood as "translations".The 4.4.4 section focuses on mismatched conversions, which involve a lot of computer knowledge at the bottom. In particular, parameter passing works: The computer places the value of the variable on the stack, but reads it according to the conversion descriptor.In addition, the printf () return v

"C + + Primer Plus" Reading notes of the Ten-class and dynamic memory allocation

declarations in a class: A struct, class, or enumeration declared in a class declaration is referred to as being nested within a class and scoped to the entire class. This declaration does not create a data object, but simply specifies the type that can be used in the class. If the declaration is made in the private part of the class, the declared type can be used only in that class, and if the declaration is made in the public part, the declared type may be used from the outside of the class

C + + Primer Plus reading notes--6th branch statements and logical operators

6th branch statements and logical operators1. The precedence of logical operators is lower than the precedence of relational operators.2. priority is higher than | |.3. function P179 in Cctype.4. Switch (integer-expression) parentheses must be an integer expression, the most common being an int or char, or an enumerator.5. p190~p197 review Simple file input and outputInfile.is_open () to determine if the file opened successfully.Infile.good () returns False when the file cannot be opened or the

C + + Primer Plus reading notes--7th chapter of the programming module of function--c++

array of 4 int values, so the type of data is a pointer to an array of 4 sum (int (*AR2) [4], int size);int sum (int ar2[][4], int size);The code for sum does not use const when declaring parameter AR2, because this technique can only be used for pointers to basic types, and AR2 is a pointer to pointers.10. The address of the function is the start address of the memory where the machine language code is stored.Auto Automatic type inference can only be used for single-value initializatio

C + + Primer Plus reading notes--12th class and dynamic memory allocation

members are initialized in the same order as they appear in the class declaration, regardless of the order in which they are arranged in the initializer.In-class initialization of c++11.C++11 allows you to initialize in a more intuitive way:Class classy{int mem1 = 10;Cons tint mem2 = 20;...}This is equivalent to using the member initialization list in the constructor.If the constructor for the member initialization list is used at the same time, the list overrides these default initial values.2

C Primer Plus reading notes Chapter III

automatically converts the value of the short type to the int type. Because the int type is considered to be the most convenient and efficient type of integer that the computer handles.3.char typeOn a technical implementation, the char type is an integer type.4._bool typeC99 introduced to represent a Boolean value. It is actually an integral type that requires only 1 bits to store.5. Portable Type: Inttypes.hAn alias of an existing type. Provided by C99. For example, int16_t represents a 16-bit

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