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Install Redmine 10.04 and Apache2 in Ubuntu 2.0

Ubuntu 10.04 installs Redmine 2.0 and Apache2 with zero integration configuration. Note 1. Use Ruby 1.9 + Redmine 2.0. Some plug-ins may encounter problems during installation, for example: a. Scrum plug-in scrum-pm (redmine_sprints) [html] Error message: no such file to load -- dispatcher Exception class: LoadError Application root: /usr/share/

Install MySQL + redmine in Ubuntu

: redmine_testHOST: localhostUsername: redminePassword: 'redmine database password'Encoding: utf8#--------------------------------------# In fact, the test section can be completely cleared. For comparison with the original example, Camor is retained here. !! Note: The password in the password column must be enclosed in single quotes; otherwise, the rake DB: migrate rails_env = "production" command always reports an error:"

Install redmine+subversion on Ubuntu Server 11.04

Reference: Http:// The installation assumes the Web server and database are already in place, so you probably want to install the LAMP s Tack-I-if you don ' t already have it: $ sudo tasksel install Lamp-server Also, the default AppArmor configuration can get at the way, so you could need to set the mysqld profiles to complain: $ sudo aa-complain/usr/sbin/mysqld As of 10.04,

Redmine is installed on Ubuntu 11.04

information, see and ). First, we will introduce how to install redmine in Ubuntu 11.04. I have referenced the following two articles: Installing redmine and Ubuntu 10.04 redmine. Do not go as follows: 1. Install the basic Runtime Environment

Install Redmine 3.2.0 on Ubuntu 14.04

To install Redmine 3.2.0 on Ubuntu 14.04, mainly follow the tutorial: HowTo Install Redmine 3.0.x on Ubuntu 14.04 with Apache2, phusion passenger, MySQL, Subversion and Git (Gitolite)During the install process, some problems is encountered. The rest page would explain these problems and the related solutions.1) Set the

Install the open-source project management software Redmine in Ubuntu

Recently, I want to configure a Trac on my machine to manage my own small projects, but the results are disappointing. Trac depends on countless Python libraries and must be outdated Python2.4, however, my default installation of javastugutsy is Python2.5. It is really uncomfortable to install two python programs. Fortunately, when looking for the Trac dependency library, I found Redmine, an open-source project developed based on RubyOnRails. Recentl

Install RedMine + Subversion on Ubuntu Server 11.04

Reference: The installation assumes that the web server and database are already in place, so you probably want to install the LAMP stack first if you don't already have it: $ Sudo tasksel install lamp-server Also, the default AppArmor configuration can get in the way, so you may need to set the mysqld profile to complain: $ Sudo aa-complain/usr/sbin/mysqld As of 10.04,

2015 Ubuntu latest Redmine installation and configuration

Recently need to build a project management platform within the company Redmine, after groping for a day, finally configured successfully, here to share to everyone.The system of the company server is Ubuntu14.04, and the latest Redmine3.0 is to be installed.Since Redmine is installed on the Ruby on Rails, the first step is to install Ruby on rails. This section can refer to my previous post, "

Ubuntu 12.04 64-bit installation of Redmine + Git + ReviewBoard

Ubuntu 12.04 64-bit installation of Redmine + Git + ReviewBoard First, we will introduce these three things. Redmine is a web-based project management software developed using Ruby. It is a cross-platform project management system developed using the ROR framework. It is said that it comes from the ror version of Basecamp and supports multiple databases, it has m

Ubuntu Deployment Redmine

I am installing Ubuntu on a virtual machine, the reason is that it is too cumbersome to install dual system, the virtual machine has the problem of deleted easily.The preferred guarantee is that the virtual machine can be ping through the host. I was using the bridge to connect.1.ubuntu Install the necessary software:sudo apt-get install subversion apache2 mysql-server Libapache2-mod-passengersudo apt-get

Ubuntu 12.04 64-bit installation Redmine+git+reviewboard

the home page, then you succeed half, then visit the other sites you built on Apache Redmine, if the normal access, then you succeedFinally, an extra step, build a phpmyadmin on topInstall PHPsudo apt-get install php5 libapache2-mod-php5Installing phpMyAdminsudo apt-getinstall phpmyadminEstablish linkssudo ln-s/usr/share/phpmyadmin/var/wwwAccess to HTTP./Host ip/phpmyadmin See if the normal access, may be prompted missing somethingFor example, but th

Ubuntu Redmine Installation

/******************************************************************** * Ubuntu redmine Installation * Description: * As things get more and more, Charlie recommended Redmine as the Buglist control system, * trying to install successfully. * 2016-7-15 Shenzhen Nanshan Ping Shan village Zengjianfeng ************************************************************** ***

Ubuntu + Redmine + email--setup

The config file:sudo vim/usr/share/redmine/configRELATED links:Http:// Passenger_mysql_and_subversion//good Configurationhttp://www.

Install redmine on Ubuntu 14.04

The company wants to install the Project Management System and adopt redmine. The new company will do this small task. There are also several problems in the middle. To build redmine, there are many dependent packages, so I suggest using apt. Let's get started. First, upgrade the source Apt-Get update Apt-Get upgrade Update complete PS: (if it saves time, you can install the lamp suite. Here MySQL and Apach

Redmine 3.0.3 Ubuntu Virtual machine version of mail configuration

Installation and configuration, most of the content refer to this link:, can be done.But there is no mention of the setting of the external mail. Checked, and later found here there is a description: the new version, the external mail configuration file has been put here: install directory /apps/

Ubuntu 14.04 Installation Redmine

Company to install the project management system, the use of Redmine, the new I came to do this small task, midway also has several problems, build Redmine, his dependency pack a lot, so I suggest to use apt outfit, the following start.First upgrade the sourceApt-get UpdateUpdate completePS: (if the diagram is convenient, you can choose to install the lamp kit, this means that MySQL and Apache here do not i

Ubuntu + redmine + S + passenger + nginx environment setup

I. Runtime Environment OS: Ubuntu 10.10 DB: ipvs Server: nginx + passenger Red mine: 1.2 Ii. Installation Process Reference: 1. Install passenger + nginx Gem install passenger Passenger-install-nginx-Module # Install nginx 2. Install PostgreSQL Install database sudo apt-Get install PostgreSQL Modify the Linux User's Po

Ubuntu System Configuration Apache+redmine

Record the reason for the changeRecently, the Redmine service was architected on the intranet server with Redmine (/usr/bin/ruby/usr/share/redmine/script/rails server webrick-e production-d) But after operating a period of time to find the use of domain name access always appear redmine service for no reason stop, is t

REDMINE_DMSF Summary of installing plugins in Linux under Bitnami-redmine

unbearable. To find a plugin dmsf to solve this problem, DMSF supports full-text search (fulltext search).Environment Linux System version# lsb_release-aNoLSBModules is available. Distributor ID:UbuntuDescription:Ubuntu12.04Ltsrelease:12.04Codename:precise## cat/proc/versionLinux version3.2. 0- at-GENERIC-PAE ([email protected]) (GCC version4.6. 3(Ubuntu/linaro4.6. 3-1UBUNTU4)) # $-ubuntuSMPTue APRTen A: +: theUTC -#

One-click installation of Redmine in RHEL6.4

Install Redmine with one click under RHEL6.4. One-click installation of redmine saves a lot of unnecessary time. Download: Bytes Install Redmine with one click under RHEL6.4. One-click installation of redmine saves a lot of un

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