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How to install Redmine on centos-install Redmine on CentOS

Redmine depends on several packages. Mysql-current 5.7.17 ruby-current 2.8.18 Redmine-3.3.2 1. How to install and setup MySQL if MySQL exist, remove and upgrade it. Rpm-qa | grep MySQL rpm-e create MySQL group and user groupadd MySQL useradd-r-g MySQL mysql (R bec Ause MySQL is a system user, not a login user

Install redmine on centos6

Author: JinData: 20140827System: centos release 6.5 (final) Refer:Http:// I. Preparations1. Update the systemYum updateReboot 2. Install the dependencies packagesYum-y install Vim zip unzi

Install Redmine 10.04 and Apache2 in Ubuntu 2.0

Ubuntu 10.04 installs Redmine 2.0 and Apache2 with zero integration configuration. Note 1. Use Ruby 1.9 + Redmine 2.0. Some plug-ins may encounter problems during installation, for example: a. Scrum plug-in scrum-pm (redmine_sprints) [html] Error message: no such file to load -- dispatcher Exception class: LoadError Application root: /usr/share/redmine third-part

Install Redmine under Windows Server2003

Original: Install Redmine under Windows Server2003References: installing RedMine2.2.3 underWindows using _ruby1.9.3Reference: Http:// # #符号处为重点操作first, software preparation RailsInstaller-2.1.0 , including Ruby 1.9.3 mysql5.5.x : Installation SQL front-line installation Dotnetfx40_client_setup.exe and

Install Redmine 2.3.3 on Scientific Linux 6.4 (64-bit)

DirectoryInstall DependenciesInstall Ruby 2.0Download and install RedmineCreate Database and database usersConfigure database connection informationInstall DependenciesSession storage key generationGenerate database structureFill in the default configuration dataSet File System Access PermissionsTest whether the installation is successfulLog on to RedmineFurther System ConfigurationIntegration into ApacheCopy to a dedicated Apache directoryConfigure f

Install and configure redmine in centos

The installation and configuration of redmine under centos-general Linux technology-Linux technology and application information. The following is a detailed description. 1. First install some related libraries Yum groupinstall "Development Tools" Yum install zlib-devel wget openssl-devel pcre-devel make gcc-c ++ curl-devel 2. Since it is written in ruby, rub

Install redmine+subversion on Ubuntu Server 11.04

Reference: Http:// The installation assumes the Web server and database are already in place, so you probably want to install the LAMP s Tack-I-if you don ' t already have it: $ sudo tasksel install Lamp-server Also, the default AppArmor configuration can get at the way, so you could need to set

Install redmine 2.1.4 on centos

Centos install redmine 2.1.4 Redmine 2.1.4 Group_id = 1850 Ruby 1.8.7-p371 1.8.24 software environment 01 # install OpenSSL support environment 02yum insta

Install redmine 2.5.2 in centos

Redmine is a Web-based project management software developed using Ruby. Therefore, you must first download and install Ruby, and then download the ruby Packaging System rubygems that packages Ruby components. Step 1: Download necessary software 1. Install dependency packages # Yum-y install zlib-devel curl-devel OpenS

Install redmine on Ubuntu 14.04

The company wants to install the Project Management System and adopt redmine. The new company will do this small task. There are also several problems in the middle. To build redmine, there are many dependent packages, so I suggest using apt. Let's get started. First, upgrade the source Apt-Get update Apt-Get upgrade Update complete PS: (if it saves time, you can

Install Redmine 3.2.0 on Ubuntu 14.04

To install Redmine 3.2.0 on Ubuntu 14.04, mainly follow the tutorial: HowTo Install Redmine 3.0.x on Ubuntu 14.04 with Apache2, phusion passenger, MySQL, Subversion and Git (Gitolite)During the install process, some problems is encountered. The rest page would explain these

Install the open-source project management software Redmine in Ubuntu

Recently, I want to configure a Trac on my machine to manage my own small projects, but the results are disappointing. Trac depends on countless Python libraries and must be outdated Python2.4, however, my default installation of javastugutsy is Python2.5. It is really uncomfortable to install two python programs. Fortunately, when looking for the Trac dependency library, I found Redmine, an open-source pro

Install RedMine + Subversion on Ubuntu Server 11.04

Reference: The installation assumes that the web server and database are already in place, so you probably want to install the LAMP stack first if you don't already have it: $ Sudo tasksel install lamp-server Also, the default AppArmor configuration can get in the way, so you may need

Install redmine in centos

Install redmine in centos 1 redmine Introduction Redmine is a cross-platform project management system developed based on the ROR framework. It is a rising star in the project management system. It is said that it comes from the ROR version of Basecamp and supports multiple databases, in addition to the functions of do

Build the ROR development environment in windows and install the open source project management software redmine

the following command in the pop-up command line to update RUBY: Gem update -- System 6. Run this command to update rails: Gem update. Now the environment is complete. Next we will install the project management software redmine: 1. Download redmine and decompress it. 2. Copy the redmine compressed folder to the rails

Install Redmine-2.5.3 under Windows

Installation PreparationServer operating system: Windows server R2 standard,64-bit operating system.Railsinstaller version: 2.2.4 ( file ( version: 2.5.3 ( version: 5.5.54-win32 (

CentOS Install Redmine (Project management tool)

/ $cfg [' Servers '] [$i] [' auth_type '] = ' cookie ' with $cfg [' Servers '] [$i] [' auth_type '] = ' http '; Recommended installation documentation for referenceHttp:// The follo

Install Redmine in Centos and integrate git

Install Redmine in Centos and integrate git First obtain the Installation File wget Add executable permissions chmod +x

Linux uses Bitnami to install Redmine

This is my first blog, if there is anything bad to write, please forgive meOnce I had a chance to get in touch with Redmine, I just started trying to install it manually, and the results were installed n days. It's not even loaded. Later saw the Bitnami installation is more convenient, but because the server memory is not enough, but also delayed a few days. But eventually it was installed, so I decided to

Install Redmine in CentOS Linux

CentOS Linux install Redmine install openssl environment 1yum install openssl-dev install Ruby environment 1tar zxf ruby-1.8.7.tar.gz2cd ruby-1.8.73. /configure4make5make install6ruby-v install rubygems environment 1t

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