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iOS Development Tips TableView Remove extra empty line splits and customize cell splitter lines

How do I get rid of TableView extra blank line split line?We often encounter the following problem, TableView table view above the content is not many, but tableView to help the entire screen with a blank line split line is full:Such as:The code is

Quickly remove extra blank lines in Word

First, paste the downloaded data directly into Notepad and copy/paste it from Notepad to the Word document. This process automatically deletes some blank lines, and it also converts the newline characters in the document into carriage returns

IOS 8: Remove extra split lines UITableView in plain style

UITableView in the Uitableviewstyleplain style, if the number of rows is not enough to fill the entire screen, the cell with no data will have a split line. According to the network data, there are several processing methods, here to record a

How to delete extra blank lines in Word

First, paste the downloaded information on the Internet to the notepad, and then copy/paste it to the Word document. This process can automatically delete some blank lines and convert all line breaks in the document into carriage returns (paragraph

Cell removes extra table lines at the bottom

//Remove unnecessary table lines at the bottom [ tAbleviewSettablefooterview:[[UIViewAlloc]initWithFrame:Cgrectzero]];// last line divider head display //

Compress ASPX pages two ways to remove extra space

  This article mainly introduces two ways to compress ASPX pages to remove extra space, you can compress aspx before publishing the page, without wasting the CPU on the Web server, you need friends to refer to the following Two ways to implement: 1

Word downward arrow character replacement and printing, Remove extra line breaks

Down Arrow replacement and printing: To print the down arrow in word, you only need to press the SHIFT + enter key combination at the same time (the normal line break is to press the Enter key ). If the copied content on the Internet contains a

Remove extra line breaks in Visual Studio

I often find that I copied some files online.CodePasted into Visual Studio, there will be a lot of extra line breaks. I did not elaborate on the reason. It should be related to the HTML encode method of the webpage. Maybe it is because it encodes \

Starting from rebuilding 3000 lines of code into 15 lines of code

If you think this is a title party, I sincerely ask you to read the first part of the article and draw conclusions. If you think you can stamp your G point, click like.Refactor three thousand lines of code into 15 lines I just graduated from the

PHP closed label output extra empty exercise XML page display error handling

In the official PHP documentation, it has been noted that it is best not to end up adding?> end tags. But our programming habits and the use of the IDE will be for me We automatically set up PHP end tag?>. This tag is used under normal circumstances

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